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  1. Ian Reilly: Sorry for my performance tonight guys. I was outclassed and out matched. The better man won tonight.
  2. Comment if you want in. Creation date will be set after 32 competitors.
  3. Big Wave MMA will be holding a 32 man 25 year old creation tournament at 155. Fighter must weigh 150-160. Winner gets 100k and 1 year of VIP. Sponsors: Contestants: Gonzasco
  4. Jason Stillwell Twitter: Well I won via unanimous decision tonight. I rocked him at the very end of the fight. I was tired and tried to rest but if I knew I rocked him so hard he didn't know who he was fighting maybe I would have tried to finish. Lol. Stone is a hell of a fighter. Who the f is Stone?
  5. Given that we are less than 50 away from 370 and we don't have anywhere near enough for even one class for the tournament it looks as though the tournament won't be happening.
  6. 150 until 370 hits. So people need to start signing up.
  7. Will do after I get home from work guys. Oh and Therobbsmith have a question will it be each card of the tournament or submission of the round. With a total of 16 fights just for the first round same as second round really with it being double elimination that means in those two rounds there are 2 cards a piece.
  8. Come join Big Wave MMA (370k+). We will be doing 2 creation tournaments. It will be 16 man double elimination tournaments. 1 at 170 and the other at 265. Sponsorships are welcomed but sponsorships will only be in addition to the prizes. The winner of the 170 pound tournament will receive 10% of the org's profits to that manager for life. The winner of the 265 pound tournament will receive 10% of the org's profits to the manager for life. Yes you can enter both tournaments with two different fighters. If you win both you get 20% of the profits for life. Keep in mind it is double eli
  9. None of your fighters are eligible. It's a creation tournament. Creation date hasn't been set yet.
  10. Old School Training: Ikki Takeda: Owner of Old School Training. It is a privilege to get to see the work that Jacob Grayson puts in. His dad definitely has instilled a good sense of work ethic in him. Right now we are pushing and punishing his body to get it in top form and he just comes right back and says what's next coach? We haven't seen any of that famed striking of the youngster's yet, but if he has put in half the work in his striking growing up as he is in our training his body than I have no doubt the kid is good. Jacob Grayson(walking by):Hey coach can you get the cameras o
  11. Paul Goldwin twitter: I told you all I was going to win. Never any doubt. Was a tough guy though. I beat him for 15 minutes straight. All judges scored every round 10-8. He's not going to be able to walk around for a week.
  12. Brian White twitter: Yeah 1-0 on the actual circuit. Now training out in Hawaii. After the submission win my bjj coach awarded me my blue belt. Been a long time coming. Next match is against Lozano a 2-0 brown belt.
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