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  1. Looking to pick up a full card preview or review in the next couple weeks. Pay whatever you feel is worth, but I'd say my floor is probably 20k. Unless you want the bare bones version I havent written anything on here in a while, but I have editing and writing experience outside of here, so I'm capable. All I need is a due date and any style things you'd like included. Please message me in game Cheers,
  2. I have one that I kept open for 15 people that's been hemorrhaging money while I've been gone, but maybe I'll look into expanding. I don't supposed Mike made it possible to open multiple gyms recently hey?
  3. Looks like I missed the big 370k changeover, but I'm looking to come back and start a company in the new year. Are there any companies in need right now? Public gym? Fight org? Writer/Editor? Avatar creator?
  4. http://mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/14381355214152.jpg Antonio "El Ninja" De Toro "As the actual champ of this division, I guess it's my duty to participate in this grab-assery. Me watching you two compete tomorrow:"
  5. http://mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1594153055Untitled-2-Recovered.png I'm making an attempt to resurrect my old org, King of the Beach, as most of the 340k orgs are dead or dying Reserving this space in case it actually comes to fruition Old thread: http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50721&hl= I promise some degree of writeups/posters etc. If I get some help with either matchmaking or contracts, even better chance I come through long term
  6. Not as many 340k FAs as I expected, but I'm making an attempt to resurrect my old org King of the Beach as a 340 org. If there's a better org in the works, I'll drop it. I can run a fun org but I've never run a top org
  7. Hopefully this goes better than my last two ideas, but I'm going to try and revive this org for 340k now that there is a gap
  8. This dude has beaten two of my good young fighters along the way. Congrats on the top 5
  9. Paddy hasnt even fought yet and you already got his balls in your mouth. You're lucky you got to my guy early, they'll both smash you in a couple months. .
  10. "La Messiah" Jesus St Pierre (16-5 TWGC) "I was impressed by your performance."
  11. Nice to see a former character live on through a new manager. Cheers,
  12. Well, I tried. I was excited for this org and I'm sorry I couldn't convince you the same. With that said, I'll be closing the org after the first event. I've sent over a hundred contracts and messages and received maybe 4 total replies. I was hoping I could build this org and show you I could repeat the success of KOTB with something new and fun, but for some reason people don't respect my ability of that side of the game. Maybe it's because I'm not in an alliance or participating in chat rooms or something, I dunno. I'll go back to checki
  13. No worries, I didn't take it as negative. Maybe critical wasn't the right word. You're the first person to give any feedback lol. I want to have an org people wanna partake in, so I appreciate it
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