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  1. HimSc

    I love...

    Watching Mamado fail....like always
  2. Prime GSP, 50-45 Will Brooks V Cerrone
  3. HimSc

    Five letters

    Another Bitch Can't Decide, Ever..... B O N E R
  4. Universal Tranquility, But
  5. Porn Is...possibly the greatest thing ever invented....
  6. Screw: Kelly Kelly Marry: Torrie Wilson Kill: Maria Prison Break Edition: Sarah Wayne Callies, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Holly Valance
  7. Screw:Maria K. Marry:Maria S. Kill: Ana I. Porn Star Battle: Angelia Valentine, Lisa Ann, Julia Bond
  8. Screw:Alice Goodwin Marry: Abi Ratchford Kill:Utgaard Battle of the Ring Card Girls: Brittney Palmer, Ariyanny Celeste, Logan Stanton
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