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  1. Bets still pending 2 weeks to 3+ years after the event happened: TUF 26 Finale 2017-12-01 $10,000.00 -426 $12,345.68 Andrew Sanchez Ryan Janes UFC 258 2021-02-13 $10,000.00 -278 $13,602.76 Kamaru Usman Gilbert Burns UFC 258 2021-02-13 $1,000.00 +117 $2,174.94 Maycee Barber Alexa Grasso I can please haz my Usma
  2. Shits and giggles - I make more $$ than that cost me in 1 night of playing poker. I'll keep an eye on HYLN. Do you own any? If so, what price did you get in at? Taxes irrelevant as I'm trading in a ROTH IRA.
  3. my profile correctly says I can create 2 fighters, but when I try to create a fighter, it says I Can't. I fucking PAID for extra slots. LEt me use them please.
  4. I am just a poor noob retard, but I just bought 9 shares of GME @ $93.50. 💎🙌🚀🚀🚀🚀
  5. Alfred, can Drax Bautista (371728) get a test fight ASAP please? Thanks.
  6. Randall McSweeney, Ibrahim Camara, Chris Karter, Mentor
  7. Roberto Congo's cut is absolute horrible now. This looks like something out of a horror film with blood covering both fighters. Obama lands with a right to the head. Obama creates a bit of distance and cracks Congo with a massive left hook! Congo crumples out of camera shot, completely unconscious! He's been Nelmarked! Obama stares at him for a moment then struts over to his corner, victorious. Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:50 of round 5, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Tom Obama!
  8. Unsubscribe. Hack journalism at it's worst. Fake News.
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