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  1. He’s actually a strong underdog with the bookies lol
  2. Awesome job man - love how you picked up on the "Master" similarity!
  3. Apologies for the delay guys - we’re gonna have a chat shortly and then announce our selection.
  4. Yeah I guess you’re right - it’s all gonna average out in the end. I feel for whoever signed Chimaev as #1 also
  5. Also for those interested I have merged last week's camp value rankings with the rest as of now: Overall standings (Camp value as of 18/02/21 ; others as of 21/02/21) Rank Name Record Finishes Funds Camp value Total 1 Runt 4.25 6.5 5 6 21.75 2 Popart 4.75 5 6 3.5 19.25 3 MasterLeade
  6. Congrats to Runt and Fallen Angel for another great event and to The1rstSaint for breaking a bad streak of luck. Overall standings (excl camp values) (as of 21/02/21) Rank Name Record Finishes Funds Total 1 Popart 4.75 5 6 15.75 1 Runt 4.25 6.5 5 15.75 3 F
  7. Robbery of the year candidate for Vieira Kunitskaya. My fighter had mount/the back for most of the final round and half guard for the rest (apart from maybe 30 seconds), constantly getting close with submissions and yet she lost because of ground strikes from the bottom 🥴 Really fucked me off because Stamann was robbed last week and I was looking at signing Spivak who had an excellent performance and now Vieira is robbed. I should be 7-1 right now not 4-2 I also can’t afford to sign anyone as a result of this bullshit While we’re here I may as well also mention I’m annoyed that
  8. How are fighters matched? Can I get an idea who my fighter might be matched against or hard to tell?
  9. Etimoni Founuku It's an honour to feature as a late addition. What were you thinking missing out on my talent? Whoever is unlucky enough to match against me better not let me get my hands on you or it's night night.
  10. We've got enough US cities - plenty of more interesting areas across the world. Could have our first ever African city or maybe tap into the Chinese or Korean market.
  11. Overall standings (excl camp values) (as of 15/02/21) Rank Name Record Finishes Funds Total 1 Popart 5.25 6 5 16.25 2 Gonzasco 5.5 3.5 7 16 3 FallenAngel 5.75 6 3 14.75 4 Runt
  12. Keep grinding man! I once went like 1-3 in my first 4 fights and still finished 2nd. And I won the last season (or at least by my calculations) with a pretty bad start also EDIT - Just looked into it: In 2018 (two seasons ago) I did indeed go 1-3 and in fact became 1-4 before I started bouncing back. My final record was 29-20 and I finished 2nd overall. In 2019 (last season) I started out 2-2 then 3-3 so pretty average and finished with a record of 35-21 and won it (by my calculations). The joy of this game is you’re never really fully out until the last couple of mont
  13. @Gator001 would’ve got show money for Miranda Maverick if we agreed on my new rule. Shame we didn’t. I feel this is going to become a regular pattern
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