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  1. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty Your latest modus operandi: when you can't confirm what you think you can, you settle for second best and still fail hard. How low the 'mighty' can sink, depressing.
  2. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty Let me take the liberty to quote the org owner, a.k.a. your guy his previous org owner: "in my dealings Paddy/Bjorn has actually been extremely easy to work with"
  3. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty Chicken vs demanding coward with fuck your org-principles, well that should be a blockbuster event in 41 days. 🤐
  4. Do you currently accept custom requests? If so, send me a PM please in the game, I have a project for you.
  5. Wilson "Dub Dub" Wills Jr 7-0-0 KT 13-4-0 MMA 6-2-0 TWGC And another one bites, another one bites, another one bites the dust 🎼 Love it when a perfect plan comes together.
  6. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty Seems like you are the one not knowing what it means, as you fail to show where I contradicted the org owner. Give me a little yell when you found out what you did mean with your words and check with the org owner what is true and what is not. Happy to help, my little ray of sunshine.
  7. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty Let me rephrase it for you: Be a peach and tell me what I contradicted. Then check with the org owner and enlighten us all, I'm curious.
  8. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty Be a peach and tell me what I contradicted. Then check with the org owner and enlighten us all, I'm curious.
  9. Hoooooollllly shit, what a sick poster!!!!!! Fuck yeah, this is my 'poster of the year' nomination for 2021, message me if I would forget at that time please. Badass stuff man.
  10. I knew that normally I shouldn't be buying avatars as I can make them myself, but sometimes I really love a certain avatar or I realise that I wouldn't be able to make such one myself. So when I put a bid on avatar, it is sorta my 'seal of approval', for what that is worth 😛
  11. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty My manager never asked for anything, apart from training time (before a fight offer was sent). He never asked for anything during the contract negotiations, nor at any other point. I was offered the deal that my third fight would be for the belt, that wasn't a request on my side, as I did not have any requests. I have nothing but respect for the org owner and never put my foot down. Rest assured that we talked and that I explained how irritating I found it that you didn't accept the fight offer, no matter what side-deals you got offered to help convin
  12. Well that's a fight that I would be happy to see! 🤞
  13. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty Small correction, I did accept the offer for a TUF-style coach vs coach tournament with me and Panic as coaches right away without any type of reward mentioned. It was our little friend Panic who refused and who the owner offered multiple things to accept an already great concept anyway. But no luck.
  14. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty Next year I won't forget our wedding anniversary, I 100% pinkyswear.
  15. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty You will be glad to read that I was successful in getting two awesome sponsorships thanks to this (and have a long waiting list of guys who want to sponsor me if a space frees up)👍 Shoutout to Carnage and Urban Fighter, big love from team Paddy! I'll be reordering stock soon again for my entire team, including my fanboys.
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