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  1. "Sloppy" Kevin Mamar 9-1-0 "Light work and meditation" Mamar moves out of range of the leg kick from Granite . That's one minute gone in the round.Granite misses with a hook to the body and Mamar counters with a left hand that sends Granite to the canvas! Granite is rocked! Giveme Granite 's cut is getting worse. Mamar postures up, still in guard. A huge hammer fist lands that bounces Granite 's head off the mat! Granite is out! He's out! Mamar jumps to his feet and celebrates with his corner! Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:25 of round 2, we have a winner by way of KO (Strikes). Kevin Mamar! Kevin Mamar is the new heavyweight champion! Kevin Mamar was full of energy after the big win and talked about how he thinks he can do big things in this sport. The crowd were appreciative of his determination to succeed.
  2. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Convicted-style, they know.
  3. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p You seem to speak from experience. PS: how does that butplug feel that my manager planted up Convicted's ass and his team has kept hammering in harder all throughout 2021? Mamar just pushed it in even further, pjjjw, must be hurting.
  4. Magnificent Chulalongkorn Apparently some contenders have opted to go on holiday and don't want anything to do with my peachy Asian ass. Fine by me, I am facing the toughest guy the division has to offer, the guy that others opted not to fight. Bring it, looks like a fun challenge.
  5. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Someone better explains him the rules book before he steps in the cage with me. I don't mind him knocking me out, subbing me, or win a 25min dance battle, but the above mentioned stuff,... 🤮
  6. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Ok, fair enough, I can only respect that. Good luck and lets put on a show after our scheduled bouts. Win or loss, Paddy vs Panic is guaranteed fun.
  7. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Cool fight and pretty damn close. The clinch probably cost Demon the fight. Showed great fighter spirit in the fight, good good, he has my respect!
  8. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Just to be clear, win or loss in our booked fights, we fight eachother next after that?
  9. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Did we just both swipe right, are we a match? Cool, when is my date with Panic? I'll bring him a white rose. After the date, it will be red.
  10. Leif "The Stand And Pray Viking" Leifsson 15-3-0 I do not have any fighters and only go to the market for fresh vergatables on Sunday morning.
  11. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p I do realise that this must be a real strange concept to you, but I fight whoever I get sent the offer for. Is Pekka available to write a preview?
  12. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p I couldn't agree more. The guy is an ape, with his lame jokes all the time.
  13. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Well well, look who we have here. Welcome back to the party, always cool to see another fanboy show up!
  14. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Class act.
  15. Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty 5-1-0 335 p4p Class act.
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