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  1. GBK16

    GONY 4

    http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/14260808608133.gif "The Iron Sheik" Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri
  2. I've gone through 4 different age categories since I started playing this game ... Jesus fucking christ
  3. I appreciate you signing him up to QFC ... I was waiting to test that guy for like 2 weeks by that point lol
  4. Orpheus Boagrius - Hiddens Report. Intelligence: 9/150. Heart: 65/150. Chin: 113/150. Injury Proneness: 53/150. Self Confidence: 132/150. Cuts: 124/150. Fast Learner: 133/150. Natural KO: 145/150. Average: 96.8/150. Rank: 33,564 out of 198,989 (top 17%) Not surprised at all by his KO Power and Intelligence. The Int score massively hurts his average
  5. If I had actually been active and kept up with setting training to avoid depops and set sliders for each fight - He might have gone down as the SHW GOAT. Alas , too many losses and not enough attention paid to the game. One of the all time great brands with Boagrius part of it? That's up there with HOF inductions honestly - More than happy to have a collaboration if you think he's worthy! MMA Gods certainly paved the way for Boagrius to climb the ranks and get his name out there. Gotta say , Altair did an incredible job training him and building him up. Speaking of hiddens
  6. GBK16

    GONY 4

    Consider it a trifecta - I'd also take that bet
  7. GBK16

    GONY 4

    Camara telling people to read and respect rules lmfao
  8. GBK16

    GONY 4

    Sign. Me. The. Fuck. Up.
  9. On April 8th 2015 , in the first round of a QFC Tournament where nobody took much notice of anything , an unknown fighter would have his debut , and subsequently his first loss in MMA ... Fast forward over 5 years , and 65 fights later ..... That man's name is Orpheus "Big Guy" Boagrius http://mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/14292497323689.gif Boagrius has been a mainstay of the top 10 SHW list for almost 3 years , including a run inside of it during his initial run in the sport under his previous management. Even now , he would rank inside the Top 10 if he w
  10. https://youtu.be/msDuNZyYAIQ This is what I imagine Alika was like when writing that out
  11. Been waiting for QFC's for like 2 days now so fuck it I'm just gonna throw these names here and any org that can facilitate a test fight for them , and any other manager looking for someone to test against can have a look. I'd prefer same weight class but don't mind matching them one W/C either side. Tio Huffman - 170lbs Johan Malkovic - 205lbs Sterling Chester - 185lbs Qui Non Son - 155lbs Alejandro Diaz - 205lbs Boris Bogorovic - 265lbs Project Alpha - 265lbs Project Beta - 265lbs Project Charlie - 265lbs Project Epsilon - 265lbs
  12. Nice to know you have been keeping an eye on me even when I played sparingly and didn't care for you <3 On the original post , the rules are pretty clear. Obviously banning multis hurts Mike's bottom line , but really if he does take action from the thread then it ain't difficult to know how it should happen. If there are multiple accounts on the same IP , and they did not clarify any interaction with Mike beforehand , then they should be given the option of 1 account to keep , rest are deleted. If possible , put a block on the account kept from picking up the fighters from the alt
  13. I'll give Camara credit - His fantasy world / Tycoon persona he's crafted makes me chuckle sometimes. These Aussie Poker people are people he knows from an MMA forum , mostly Americans , where he revives a thread nobody posts on anymore to beg people to log in and vote for him. At this point , if you just realise Camara is acting out a persona (Like plenty of people have done) then people will be better off.
  14. As a heads up in the future - The title fight unchecking bug happens if you book a title fight on the same day the belt was defended. Frankels vs Tower is gonna be a hell of a fight
  15. Overpriced? Nah Additional / Alternative pay system? Maybe I understand Mike's reasoning for why he has some companies affect the VIP cost per week more than others , so would like his thoughts on something else. Sure, in terms of income , Orgs are higher than other companies , and Private Gyms have a substantial benefit to a managers roster. But what about the factor of Higher Profit companies (i.e. Orgs) bring more to the game than the other company types by providing more outlets for Managers to participate in the games primary function and require a LOT more work as a resu
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