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  1. PBR

    It sucks...

    Damn bro so sorry for your loss
  2. For some reason I cannot login using chrome but can using firefox --- seems to be running really slow in firefox
  3. Thierry Paulin is renewed and ready to put in another run at a new org -- After winning his last fight with gamma wasn't able to come to new terms and left for greener pastures to Syn -- His first fight went well and showed his heart and his determination to again become a champion -- hoping he can step up rankings and get next fight with Rick Piano or Iain Tower whoever can get him next shot at the title -- The end goal is Kilo Maluga and the gold around his waist
  4. this thread has potential to take over the gun ban thread -- entertaining for sure but then so our our political elections
  5. torn neck muscle -- will be fine though -- they giving him a fight at 170 with full camp next fight ------ knew would be unlikely win moving up to 185 and on less than 48hr notice -- two good stand up fighters he has faced and both took him down instead of standing with him, page and holland
  6. Kevin Holland vs Charlie Ontiveros only fight going to pick due to knowing charlie his whole life and watching him grow up -- me and his dad were best friends growing up -- big step up for him (stepping up in weight also) but wish him the best
  7. I'm waiting for the shit show after the election --- as too who will win I have no clue really, I know around here it's Trump country strong
  8. Trump train rolls on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. im thinking so also -- losing dad who meant so much to him - hard weight cut - gaethje with a game plan and the ability to stick with it is a dangerous fighter for anyone period -- tony was first fight ever seen him with a gameplan and stuck to it
  10. PBR


    no real way of checking other than seeing if pops heart in tott --- yes on self confidence
  11. done with sports period but mma and fishing -- lol -- fawk blm and their burn loot murder crap -- when will folks take responsibility for their actions? -- you commit a crime be prepared to be arrested and do the time -- quit fucking crying for mommy when you get caught for crimes
  12. ummmmmmmmm -- guess i should watch more kid shows -- dont even know who that is
  13. a real chance now that jons moving to hw
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