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  1. The best idea imo. It would be slow at first but eventually it would have a monopoly on top strikers in the game, it would be a slow process but definitely worth it.
  2. Chaelmir? Did we used to be friends? I vaguely remember so
  3. The GBU is pretty good for beginners
  4. You really are the mongolorian. Hey Mongo
  5. Nonsensical ramblings of a deluded maniac trying to maintain an image
  6. The forums knows he's full of it, we don't have to prove anything to anyone. Camara has to do all the proving, thats why he posts so much self hype BS because he knows deep down in his pathetic and shallow life how truly unimportant and worthless he is.
  7. *everyone* was laughing at you on *buzz* That is the hilarious. Everyone? All 3 people and their fighter accounts that use it? Brilliant accidental humour there
  8. There should be a universal Camara filter. Might go to Dragons Den or "Shark Tank" with that idea. Walk out with a cool milli
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