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  1. You can change the order at any time. I think the new designs will automatically go the bottom of the list. Click on two red arrows....
  2. Yeh, I hear that's all everyone has been talking about.
  3. Don't worry. We picked the guys we thought most likely to do well in this set-up. Besides, beating any of us is a tall order right now....😘
  4. Representing Yabai: Psycho Psych (124676) Esiah Xavier (130168) Jack King (124211) Carlos Castenada (84794)
  5. The one to kiss the most butts wins this award by default
  6. My guy https://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=370618
  7. If you invest in PH I could make a tutorial I guess, but it would kill the fun and let everyone in on my tricks. I might still do it though. It would be a nice think to do for the tycoon community, especially as I don't do them for the public anymore.
  8. The poll at the top is ambiguous. Yes train...why wait? I'm ready. Let's go!
  9. If you're a photographer, designer or artist I would definitely opt for Photoshop. I paid for my first year so I could learn the craft (somewhat cos that that shit is deep). I decided the costs were too dear just in order to funnel my time and energy into works of art that most the time ended up on Mike's reject pile. That is after he changed the parameters to get an avatar accepted. After which, my brother said I could share his. I think you can log on with more than one device, so it is worth looking into sharing if you're serious. Hare is right to a degree with moving images, but phot
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