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  1. At least Paddy thread had some roleplay and some Tycoon related content This is just a shit festival. No wonder why forum is dead.
  2. Am I seeing Sosa vs Ford superfight in the future?
  3. Or maybe just some random pic he found at google
  4. This has been discussed already andnhebsaid "it wasnt a prioriry fix" at the time
  5. I already asked Scotty/Dieselnoi, they are open for superfights, either at Cali or lend me. Its just PM them and make it happen.
  6. When you decide to stop running your mouth and fight the real fights, just PM California MMA. Until then, keep yappin'
  7. Sorry I don't speak Fugly, I can't understand you. Say what, put your fists where your mouth at. I smash that face and maybe, just maybe, you can start looking like a Homo sapiens again.
  8. What where you saying, Paddy McUgglyasfuck?
  9. Zai druggs is Hall Of Fame material or what?
  10. "temporary but now permanent" new forum didnt help as well. Forum dead cause game activity dropping like dead pidgets
  11. The Doo This win was a nice way to celebrate my brand new brown belt in jiu jitsu. Can't beat me standing, too afraid to take me down as well. Morrison hits like a truck, but my fists hit like the whole bad trip band wagon back and forth and back again. The world ain't ready for this kind of power. LIL BWOIS WORLD CHAMP, BAM.
  12. Because 10 credits = 1 spin so 6 credits = 0 spin
  13. The Doo LOL shit is stirring at Mediocre Fighters League
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