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  1. - California MMA - Hardcore - Stoner Fight League
  2. bazzypants

    GONY 4

    Ned Kelly Choo Choo chooses Thomas O Farrelly
  3. bazzypants

    GONY 4

    My bad. Ned Kelly vs chizzled abs please
  4. bazzypants

    GONY 4

    Right he said to choose for him so Larry Day vs Constantin Constantin Niculescu I think that's alright but if not let me know.
  5. Some dudes like movie references, some dudes like getting sweaty together in a sauna. I'm not here to judge
  6. I've just given the lads a rousing Remember the Titans type speech.
  7. Is the punishment over for this non testing fool? Great tournament by the way. The organisation and write-ups have been excellent!
  8. Anti gun thread 2.0 Very enjoyable 🙂
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