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  1. It used to do that on cardio when you got over 150. Can't remember it going to actual zero but maybe showed a comma (,) not sure if that's the same thing or it makes it read the skill as zero but with cardio it was fine and read 150+
  2. Ethan too me was one of the best managers EVER.
  3. If you have something else wanted let me know and I'll see if it's possible. No idea how all this new forum works and what can be done so I'm learning. Also I assume everyone is able to see these changes and not just on my end? Can someone confirm, those items show for you?
  4. I got the who's online to show at the bottom of every page now, was just the main page. However it's who's online not who's looking at each page or section, not sure how to fix that. In the past it was that way.
  5. I added that, but wasn't sure if it was just for me or for everyone? I take it everyone can see "who's online now"?
  6. same as TJ, couldn't the other day just waited it out and tried it and worked fine
  7. YOU JELLY? You would need to be old school to remember, but those simple 2 words could turn a post into 15 pages
  8. I also check known multi's every week/ to couple of weeks, at no point has Camara/miss accounts haven't been logged into by the same IP for more then 2 days. So to say it was an old account is BS, he log's into it every 1 to 2 days SO sure it was an inactive account
  9. It's all about energy. Notice 3 of your 5 total attempts on a TD was in the first minute of the fight. You where so far behind on energy at that point, that your fighter couldn't do a move. Never did find the one of the last 2 moves, but one was at the start of the last round when you recouped some energy on the round break.
  10. They create account and log out about 1 to 2 hours later and a new account does the same thing again within 2 to 6 minutes.
  11. http://www.mmatycoon.com/latestfighters.php Scroll thru the last 400 or so fighters made and tons of new managers making 4 fighters is St Petersburg Now it looks like Hilo is the new one happening
  12. Last Logins Adel (109904) Basic Last Login:1 Alwy (110082) Basic Last Login:1 khaled (113217) Basic Last Login:3 Dulla (113309) VIP Last Login:0 Roben (116860) Basic Last Login:1 Ronny (124508) Basic Last Login:2 Chabobo (125686) Basic Last Login:3 Usman (130528) Basic Last Login:2 Combo (130529) Basic Last Login:1 Falla (130530) Basic Last Login:2 Frenzy (130531) Basic Last Login:2 Paku (130536) Basic Last Login:2
  13. Fighters of the same age, yes. They do slow with age but physicals are not tied to individual learning speed
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