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  1. Im up for this, but i must say i feel like your going to have to do a lot of reaching out for this one. #2 may be a little more realistic. 64 fighters though would be sweet! Count me in.
  2. Cheers. and no worries at all. I would probably have a head explosion trying to keep up with all these #'s.
  3. Although it wont change anything Points wise, my camp value should be 245000
  4. Pretty sure Aylib is going to be wondering what the F$$K your talking about if he ever comes back. Jeesh Fins!
  5. While are fearless Leader finishes his unjustified incarceration. Team Gwad has confirmed Aydan The Wandering Spirit will be are replacement.
  6. You will get a PM yes, it may be a few more days.
  7. That should have been an point for sure, man you got shit luck.
  8. Since when did i need permission to book my own fuckin test fights?
  9. Get active, in here on this Forums, you can rack them up like that.
  10. You using a PC or Mobile? If PC you can just save to your computer then load on this screen>MMA Tycoon :: Custom Avatar
  11. Avatar Sale 50k a piece 1. SOLD 2. SOLD 3 . SOLD 4. SOLD 5. SOLD
  12. Yes it is, if you want it submit it and pay upon approval.
  13. The Shit Captain is here, and i see the BKFC has brought in some shitty wrestler's to try and beat the Greatest Trailer Park Supervisor of all-time. News flash though boys, you cant out wrestle a Shit Hawk!, I'm coming down with my Shit claws and im gonna swoop ya up, and bring ya to my shitty nest in the sky. Then bye bye to all those shitty wrestlers, and there lil shit show.
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