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  1. Just for Karter A pic of Troy Nguyen's Tourny record finish of a 19 seconds, a Head Kick KO. My apologies for missing out on the recap of week 2
  2. League of Madness week 4 recap with Host Captain Chaos "Well Madness Fans you got to give Mister Madness some credit he nailed it with this card, by far the most competitive fights. The final 8 Welterweights gave it there all last night in Vegas, but only 4 would advance to the Quarter finals. I was on hand for the show, and even though all the drunk hippies at Paddy O'Malleys where getting on my damn nerves, i thoroughly enjoyed the event. Lets take a look at the action!" Mike Nara def Cheeto Bean KO(Punch) Round 2 3:54 With Team Marky still looking to advance there first
  3. I will have a review tomorrow, and then i will get a early start on the Quarter finals perviews. Good luck to the winners. And if you feel short i surely hope you consider keeping at it, there is always time to create champions!
  4. I feel your pain and im sure he will be looking to shine after a tough team outcome. Going to be a fun quarter finals though.
  5. To Avoid Team fighters from facing each other it will continue to be a random draw for LW and WW. For instance If Team Hardman has two WW and Team King and Team Hardman both have two LW's. So if both of the respected team members make it to the semi finals they will not face each other. Middleweight is the 8 team coaches so as the seedings state the winner of 1 vs 8 will face the winner of 4 vs 5 next round, etc... Team Action i was hopping to get one of you gents in the Quarter finals and Bloody guts surely gave JLP a good fight as well as Xyel the previous round. Just the way she g
  6. Welterweight Quarter Finals Random Draw Team Hardman Julius Lew vs Team Alfred Madness Fighter Team Hardman Diego Armando vs Team Marky Mike Nara Team McSweeney Coronnie James Dio vs Team Clubber Agansing Rai Team Billy Troy Nguyen vs Team King Derk Voorheis Team Results for round 1 1. Team Hardman 4-0 2 Dec wins, 2 Finish wins 2. Team King 3-1 1 Dec win, 2 Finish wins 3. Team Clubber 2-2 Finish Time 4:59 4. Team McSweeney 2-2 Finish Time 11:55 5. Team Alfred 2-2 Finish Time 17:36 6. Team Billy 1-3 Finish Time 0:19 7. Team Ma
  7. half and hour and i will send out offers. Middleweights are calculated off of overall team results.
  8. I want to pick up Manon Firorot for 10K Wish i would have picked her up before her last fight.
  9. My Dagestani boys coming through for me. I was worried about Islam but he looked real good tonight for sure.
  10. League of Madness week 4 Preview "The Welterweights" with Host Mister Madness Are final opening Round, week of fights is now just a day away. As Team King and Team Hardman both look for a quad-fecta of wins, and Team Marky and Team Action look for there first. We almost forget that there is a whole different batch of fighters still waiting in the wings as 8 Hand selected fighters will be making there Madness debut's on April 4th along with the remaining Welterweight Quarter finalist. This
  11. If he is just valued for 10K im gonna keep him. He is still ranked so there is that, just who knows what to expect right now with him and his mind set. He went from a boss to a toss, real quick. FU COVID!!!
  12. I said the same thing 3 years ago, only it grew into Herpes!
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