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  1. You left out Butch always a tough fight for anyone who fights with a fighter that loves pizza.
  2. Sweet Jesus Gwad ~ Dunes , he’s about as charismatic as Camara taking a dump in doorless public toilet
  3. Chris Karter Mannetosen Action Jackson Butch Harris
  4. Ife Edwards - 185lb Superstar - Dunes has fought no one , hurt no one , and he’s fucking dull. A slug master my arse more the tickle fairy. Another cheese chump. Release him SFL and sign real fighters.
  5. Lomax remains in Medically Induced Coma after Brutal KO Loss In a short brief and brutal fight - In what many termed 'execution style' - Vincent 'The Golden One' Lomax relinquished his World Title once again to Valentin Tanyev. It was a shocking performance from the Golden One, who left the arena without having regained consciousness. Enigmatic Convicted Superstar Manager Marcus 'Steel' Crassus commented:- "Vincent was taken to hospital and is yet to regain consciousness. It was fucking diabolical display, shameful and I am almost speechless. Vincent has brought disgrace to my
  6. Edison Atunes “ been asked about Latrobe Arundel. My opinion is I want the fight New Years Eve so I can crown my year with the ultimate win and the P4P Crown. Arundel offers the greatest test but he has a chin, and I will crack it, it’s a formality.”
  7. There was once a Tycoon manager on the run for multiple felonies across all 54 US states - he ingeniously used a tycoon account to source ammunition, hardware, sophisticated anti surveillance equipment and donuts from his contacts in the community. This man is still to be Convicted.... Dont fuck with our guy on purge night.
  8. Lomax vs Tanyev is the biggest fight in SFL history The Golden One is seeking revenge over his respected foe. Victory and he is the GOAT Edison - if he beats Jones - bring Latrobe Arundel
  9. Vincent Lomax claims SFL World 205lb Title after 3 rounds of cheese, The Golden One obliterated the Champ. Not a Finn victim - but another dominant Convicted performance.
  10. Edison Atunes KO2 Jake Bird - Retains Undisputed World Middleweight Championship. Another Finnfighter downed by Convicted.
  11. Nice -Lomax will deliver a stream of golden violence later today.
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