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  1. I think that the 5 sec win is the quickest possible.
  2. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/posters/1486837787007.jpg A Quick recap of 4Kings . Ceasar v Kolov: Hoooly hell what a fight card! I try to match fighters against each other as evenly as possible so I was a tad suprised to see that ALL 10 fights ended in the first round. All 10! Not one fight saw the second round. Just... wow! In the main event the former 170lbs king was dethroned when the challenger Dan Kolov imposed his will on Julius Ceasar. In the co-main event we crowned our first heavyweight king after James Ahearn brutally one punch KO'd his opponent. Congrats to
  3. yes bro hahaha bro yes hahaha bro.
  4. I added many many many words to this one so I hope it gets the approval of the ever more critical mmatycoon community. Aaand yes I know that the background is from the interwebz. BillyRose: just fyi this is not a PowerPoint presentation. http://i66.tinypic.com/157hilk.jpg
  5. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/posters/1486319254006.jpg A Quick recap of 4Kings . 006: There was no title fights this time and all-in-all it was a smaller event. Taking that into concideration we did well. OTN awards ($1000): - FOTN : Kane v Peruna - Kane got rocked early but the guy does not have quit in him so he went on and won the damn fight. Amazing display of heart here. - KOTN : Vang Poulsen - Poulsen cracked his opponent with a vicious left hook and sealed the deal with a couple more gnp shots. - SOTN : Luis Gonzales - The opponent pulled guard nicely and continued
  6. Now that's a poster! +1
  7. I don't understand where this hate stems from. Im just trying to explain myself and the stuff I do/create and you're constantly being a douchebag about it. Maybe me dropping few f words there got you and your minion confused that Im raging or something? Im just genuinely think that your bashing is uncalled for.
  8. I might have the .psd file laying around somewhere. Want to have it? I bet the powerpoint in your computer wont open it. Actually, do you even know what a .psd is?
  9. The only difference between my poster and yours is that I use different type of picture in the background. From there on out it's all the same. Except of course you have more text in there than I do which apparently is a problem (in my posters).
  10. Well I do. Plus the font art that you created starts to get quite blurry. For example see the "begins" -text there. I fucking hate to point these things out but I do it because you two came after me. What I do with my work - like I said before - I try to keep the proportions, dimensions, and all the GFX very sharp. I might have to start adding more words to these posters to make you guys satisfied... Yeah now this bothers me. You actually think that is a some sort of powerpoint word art whatever the f that is? The posters is 100% made with photoshop just fyi. The text has multiple
  11. Like I said I do these posters in my free time just for fun. In some cases for a little bit of mmatycoon money which the org owner pays me -after- they've seen and accepted the work. It's just weird as fuck to me that some special snowflake - who admittedly "suck at photososhop" - just waltzes in here and discredits work that he apparently has little knowledge of. Just like that.
  12. English is not my first language so try to bear with me. The original dimensions of that picture have been altered, the image is stretched and it shows. An online program? Mm'kay. The "total war" -text is kinda cool looking I give you that but still nothing you did there is that much different from what I did. I used someone else's art as a background, so did you. I played around with the fonts in the posters, so did you. I still don't understand what's the difference that makes you walk the high road here. I don't know who "Tom Bickle" is, sorry. ps. could you please resize the po
  13. Dude, what? The bottom layer you used there and the metal plates are all someone else's images that you've not touched. Also, the dimensions of the bottom layer are completely fucked from the original one. And what do you mean by custom fonts? You created those fonts yourself from the scratch? ..or just downloaded them from dafont.com or some other site like most of us do? I don't understand what you've done here is so much different from what I did with those couple posters. Please lemme know, thanks.
  14. I don't know what the hell I've done to you but okay. You disregarded my reply there just like that. I tried to explain to you why I've done these couple posters the way they are done but you just don't give a fuck and continue to be a cbomb for some unknown reason. Almost all posters here use someone else's images. Im a 100% self taught designer who does this just for fun. I used to have more time for this stuff before when some of my previous work was awarded in the "X of the year categories". I have previously created the fighter skin of the year, the logo of the year and something else
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