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  1. Awesome. Should of posted this in SFL thread 😉 if need a writing gig hmu. can put you on salary or pay independently.
  2. 😆 Bjorning your way to the top!
  3. @Bleakardor I don't think anybody is saying to remove the feature. Most are saying turn the +10 hype boost to a +10 popularity boost. In a fighting sim you should fight to climb the p4p rankings.
  4. I'm not even saying the articles shouldn't be published, I'm pointing out they were published as Fighter Profiles, to receive +10 fighter hype, instead of editorials. There is a difference. You still receive spin & win credits and small in game cash for editorials (all articles) you just don't receive +10 fighter hype. For event previews/reviews the org is supposed to receive a small bonus. He knows this. Has known it for years. Hence, "abusing the system" when he does it 23+ times and takes an inactive fighter up to 250 P4P. It's pretty simple really.
  5. Baby Bjorn abused the system by selecting fighter profile instead of editorial to exploit +10 hype gains. 23 times. Not once, not twice, 23. When you basically make the statement: "the system that is open to anyone so it's not bjorns fault", you're deflecting responsibility from bjorn to the programmer who lacked the foresight when he programmed it and/or the editor that continued to allow it to happen.
  6. Where's the image of Troy Nyugen head kicking a Panda and then kicking @Monsieur.Camara off his team? surely the highlight of the season is Camara's dejection after I gave him the double boot.
  7. it's the island. I have a fighter named Gingerbeard, Redbeard, and I'm sure the other two are ridiculous. Undoubtedly they will all walk the plank sooner than later. Enjoy the battles of the cannon fodder. @rjs2442 you're welcome! Maui voice
  8. Bong Ji Woo would like Khabob to know he's a duck and vacated the belt to avoid a beat down. Literally running to another division to avoid getting slapped up. Shoutout to current opponent fighting The Kung Fu Zombie for the title, and not being a pussy like the former can crushing chump. GL. End of story.
  9. Rambo

    Arena owner

    Suggested this a loooong time ago.
  10. That camel toe reminds me of bjorns mom.
  11. Baby Bjorn needs to learn to take it on a chin like a man. Just like Paddy's mother does. You're choosing to ignore the difference between 1 article and 23 articles. 10 Hype vs 230 Hype. A fighter profile and intentional hype boost spam. No articles should give fighter hype bonuses, they should be popularity bonuses. We can thank @bjornmma1 for making this transparently clear. I reply to your questions and statements and you just reiterate the same sentiments. Justify this. In fact, justify 18 of the 23 articles he posted as "fighter profiles". At best most of those are edi
  12. Obviously the elevated medical pricing in America is how a 3rd world doctor like @barney still has a job. you could sell your kidney in America, and take the money to China to get one for half-price.
  13. STDs are all fun and games until you really get the HIV and a 3rd world doctor like @barney misdiagnoses you and gives you Valtrex. there's a reason why all the Mexicans from South America go to USA for all things medical.
  14. Doesn't matter who wins, they all getting aids. Especially Sabotage Rex. After Dre pummels Rex, he's tapping @barneyass next. Hope you like BBC boiiii. Dre gon get up in it.
  15. Explain how Bjorn is being "punished". This isn't writing tycoon. This is mmatycoon where you fight other users to climb p4p rank charts. It's ridiculous you can move up the fighter ranks simply by typing a sentence, selecting fighter profile, and inserting fighter ID. A lot of places on the planet haven't deemed it necessary to write into law that having sexual intercourse with farm animals is illegal. By your logic, since it isn't written in stone and not illegal by law, they shouldn't be punished for it or held accountable? For the record, Bjorn isn't bei
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