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  1. I am proud to announce that GAMMA is introducing a new ID 370k+ organization. If you have any new fighters you can contact Clifton Barnes, here is the link to the org: https://www.mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=5665 We also have an 355k-370k ID restricted org if you have fighters in that range, you can contact Luke Skyjabber, here is the link to the org: https://www.mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=3873
  2. It is funny how Mayweather is cherry picking these celebrity types who never had a pro Boxing fight. He probably made more in fighting them than he did from most of his Boxing fights back in the day.
  3. Offer made: Scotty Bapp (325413) v Joosep L�hmus (325071) PFC vs GAMMA
  4. Latka Gravas vs Julio Regueiro being discussed (assuming Julio wins)
  5. Updated after the Syn vs PFC fight Season 3 Final Table Synchronicity = 3 Points Pulse Fighting Championship = 1 Points Global Association of MMA™ = 0 Points
  6. GAMMA: Diarmuid Curry (290234) HOF Induction Managed by Action Jackson. Upon retirement he was ranked #30 among all GAMMA fighters with 159 points. A former #4 ranked fighter and GAMMA #2 fighter of the year in 2019. He was involved in 10 Title + Super fights in his career and was competing in the 265lbs division at the time when it was arguably the most deep, with wins over Bubba Gumption, Closet Case Conservative, Sunray Spike among others. This is the first fighter Action Jackson has inducted into the GAMMA HOF, taking his own career points to 229 and in contenti
  7. after a while things become a habit, you are at that stage now with Tycoon, lol
  8. This is what i always saw this award as being.
  9. GAMMA Fighter of the year It was another fantastic year for GAMMA with plenty of memorable fights and events, however when it comes down to who was the best fighter, it was an easy decision. Here are the fighters who accumulated 70 or more points over 2020. Thomas Bolleke (323315) 126 Joy Rones (305095) 90 Farboleous Ricard (285507) 84 Joosep L�hmus (325071) 80 Crotch Grabber (310041) 78 William Spud (317412) 76 Hiro Manowaru (325430) 73 Damagon Ench�rya (326581) 71 The rating system is the same used for the fighter hall of fame calculations we have fo
  10. Season 3 ended, this is the final table: Season 3 Final Table Synchronicity = 16 Points Inferno Combat Series = 11 Points Pulse Fighting Championship = 9 Points Global Association of MMA™ = 4 Points Season 4 starts now and ends last day of June. I updated the total all time listings as well on page 1.
  11. LOD has a confirmed 4 member team: Runt . (108617) Mike Hunt (39215) Corey Mcgraugh (123019) Power Shark (94407)
  12. LOD could be interested, i will ask our guys.
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