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  1. Note: Syn has a tourney coming up, if any of the fighters are both ranked inside the top 100, those also count as super fights (if they are confirmed/referred to here).
  2. Roli Poli vs Santino Lombardo (#1 vs #4) PFC vs GAMMA in the works
  3. This is my opinion as well. Frankly speaking, i did not even know there was another way climb fighter rankings.
  4. The MMA Tycoon community has went away from the usual voting for the year awards, instead they have replaced that with an award committee this year. After a lengthy process, the committee has made a decision regarding the best in each category and these are the awards our fighter/managers have won: 205lbs Fighter of the Year - Joosep Lohmus (Billy Arseworth) 265lbs+ Fighter of the Year - Roar Horse (Bear Stevenson) Submission of the Year - Farboleous Ricard vs Hans Hermann Hoppe (Carlos Castenada) Manager of the Year - Bwang Jong Sr Fight of the Year - Thomas Bolle
  5. This is the easy solution, i think #1 and #2 is 100% necessary
  6. Michael Cole HOF Induction Managed by Rodrigo Rojas, Record inside GAMMA 41-28-1, he is a former 2x GAMMA affiliate champ and 205lbs contender. His 70 fights in GAMMA (many in our affiliates) is joint first all time. He was also the only fighter to spend his whole career in GAMMA upon induction to our HOF. He had big wins over former champs such as Joosep L�hmus, Matt Quin, Dao Sonnen, Rufus McTearson. Upon retirement he was ranked as 15th best fighter ever in GAMMA. He did it mostly due to the volume of his fights, although he was a consistent top tier fighter in both 20
  7. Welcome back Brocc, i remember you from back in the day.
  8. yeah, Carwin was a beast, had a very early retirement.
  9. I am proud to announce that GAMMA is introducing a new ID 370k+ organization. If you have any new fighters you can contact Clifton Barnes, here is the link to the org: https://www.mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=5665 We also have an 355k-370k ID restricted org if you have fighters in that range, you can contact Luke Skyjabber, here is the link to the org: https://www.mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=3873
  10. It is funny how Mayweather is cherry picking these celebrity types who never had a pro Boxing fight. He probably made more in fighting them than he did from most of his Boxing fights back in the day.
  11. Offer made: Scotty Bapp (325413) v Joosep L�hmus (325071) PFC vs GAMMA
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