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  1. Doesn’t interest me as much as proving my win was not a fluke.
  2. Latrobe "Blast" Arundel (332123) Everyone is claiming my win against you was a fluke and an upset, I beg to differ on that train of thought and am here to offer you the chance to prove me wrong. Come meet me at Syn 772 on January 10th, 2021 to take a crack at reclaiming your crown. I know you want it, I want it and the Tycoon Community will soon be clamoring to witness this epic rematch! Time to blow the roof off the LA Memorial Colossuseum and lay early claim to what will certainly be a 2021 Fight of the Year candidate. Let's do this!
  3. Do you believe everything you read on the internet?
  4. Hey Cherry Picker what were you saying? You must have been my good luck charm tonight!
  5. The result was never in question in some camps. Latka has a message though... he says SAY MY NAME because u got it wrong son
  6. Well today is the day, David vs Goliath and I am coming for that chin. The run is over, and that cherry is mine! Are you afraid of the dark? Hope not because tonight the lights will go out! I will succeed where many before me have failed! See you tonight Blast!
  7. Got nothing to say to you cheater. Wasn’t a gun I needed to worry about, it was that bag of cash you dropped at the judges table...
  8. As I mentioned previously, you are a liar and a blatant cheater! I can now tell you plan to bring an illegal foreign object to the cage today as thats the only way you see yourself winning. How do I know this you ask... how else does one explain the apparent fetish you have with my beard and long hair?? Did you shave it off and cut my hair so you can spend quality time with it later?? Ded Kelly be ready with whatever you have to bring, I will be one step ahead and will cut out your heart with your own damn blade!!
  9. Ded Kelly I am coming for revenge today, you wont even know what hit you! You did my boss man dirty AND you cheated your way to victory against my training partner. Normally I am not the talkative type but you did us wrong and have to pay for your bad choices in life. See you in a few hours for the beating of your life!
  10. Thank you, with 370k coming I may be looking for more lol
  11. Just posted $5M for 12 months I am sure someone out there wants to help me out
  12. Just confirm this is all scripts correct (Firefox & Chrome?) Anyone here knowledgeable enough and have the time to dig into this to see if they can figure out a fix?
  13. Yeah looking over quite a few fights right now can only find examples of counter punches. This definitely could have a negative effect on upcoming fights and will hopefully be correct quickly
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