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  1. I don't get why Stevenson is ranked so low, the guys has good ground game and is a veteran from the UFC.
  2. This is 2 weeks before the fight I remember perfectly months before I was the only one saying that Gregor is legit and everyone said he fought only cans.
  3. Check this exact forum then. Probably even you said so.
  4. I really like McGregor and was the first to give him credit when everyone said Dennis Silver would KO him, but there is a big difference between him and GSP. GSP fought the best in his division at their prime a lot of McGregor fight not the case. I'm way more hyped to see next GSP fight than any mcgregor possible fight.
  5. Would be a great fight too but it's a missmatch for McGregor GSP would just toy him.
  6. "Weak" champ that KO Luke in 1mn ?? You have to stop putting fighters lower than what they are, Bisping worked hard for this he increased his skills a lot vs the bisping from 6 years ago.
  7. Like he avoided people at 170 right ? He may fight Anderson Silva or McGregor for a fight that everyone would be interested to see.
  8. 11 times UFC champ is a bad fight ? that's smply retarded.
  9. Guys I'm not sure that you realise that we're talking about GSP the guy being champ 11th times in the UFC, beating the top at their time over and over. How can you count him out and neglect all his former fights, this is like if Mike Tyson took a lay off and came back of course he would get a title shot right away. There is really two options in this fight: -GSP is broke and need a fight so he took what he think the easier to him and doesn't give a fuck about the results but the money he get -GSP really want to win this fight and be a champ in MW. If the second is right I don't think
  10. Every quotes of James Toney, was priceless.
  11. Hi guys, Been a long time here, what you guys think of mousassi, i just have a hard time to figure his real potentiel, looks like some fight he come out very strong and on some he lose without showing too much. Example is both Hall fights. Do you think it's a lack of skills or something else, or he's too jack of all trades a la Bisping ??
  12. Nice slider settings. How long did you trained ? And how you felt in the fight, like you felt you were stronger going to the ground once the fight started, or he had weaker wrestling or just part of gameplan to pressure him like this ?
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