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  1. Klitschko 3 please. how much do I owe you before this? pm me lol
  2. Wow, what a fight. I feel Pekka is gonna end the undefeated streak.
  3. Great work, lol these downvotes are comical. Someone has serious time on their hands.
  4. That sumo and the other Lomachenko
  5. Can I get Loma 1 and Sumo 2?
  6. These are great. can I have Ngannou?
  7. Manny Puno will go down statistically as the 2nd Greatest Syn’ Featherweight Of All Time, behind only the great mentor of Puno, and father of Hiroshi, Hakuin "Zen" Ekaku. And just above Puno’s great friend and trilogy opponent Nick Shamrock. Initially, post fight Puno called for a rematch but soon after at the press conference he retired, stating he felt robbed by the referee who kept standing them up. “I’m almost 42, my camp wanted me to retire many fights ago but I just couldn’t turn down a challenge. I’ll go down as an all time great, and 2020 FW Of The Year Winner.” Puno a
  8. Can I get Spence? edit: damn you Gator lol
  9. Are the two McGregor ones still available?
  10. Confirmed Ryan Dinu (302783) MMA Record - 41-12(37 KO’s) KT Record - 0-0 Fighting out of - Amsterdam. Current Gym : None. Manager - Sonny Muchacho Romania ————————————————————————— Sortek Redfist (306344) MMA Record - 21-11-1 KT Record - 12-5-1(8 KO’s) Fighting out of - Las Vegas. Current Gym : The Sparring Cages Manager - Antonio Savage Sweden
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