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  1. Exactly why all funds should be sent to the manager instead of fighters why is money sent to fighters again?
  2. The real problem is your stuck on another human will if a fellow manager decides he doesn’t want to pay you then boom all your money is gone and can’t be received when you need it to be received, I believe the manager role should include all fighters funds and you manage the fund like you all we need to do is switch the funds going into fighters accounts from contracts and fight of the night prizes to managers accounts.
  3. We have full access to fighters funds. In the financial section there should be a Fighter to manager fund transaction slot or better yet all funds should be put into the manager account and we give what we have to the fighters. This is the most annoying part of the game having to go to another manager to transfer money from fighter to manager and getting charged like that manager had any input on the money that being exchanged. It’s my money and I need it now.
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