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  1. I could use 1.5 million plus 6 months VIP if anyone can hook me up. Thank you.
  2. For over ten years I have only ever been a memeber of the less then active Steel Penn Alliance. I want to make a fresh start and be apart of an active alliance where I can grow and learn. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, I want to get into the game again and was hoping a few of the members that I have worked with or who know of me could donate some game cash to my managers account. Looking to get the Steel Penn alliance back if anyone is interested. I also have a wealth of red belts and elite fighters for sparring if anyone is interested. Thanks in advance, I look forward to some good write ups and seeing new IQs on new fighters.
  4. I accepted your contract then got a fight offer, I though being signed with you it was the event fight so accepted the offer when it came in. Mike can cancel this fight, np.
  5. Wooden Pencil is out with http://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=219983 now in.
  6. My guys 135 - 145 http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=238837 135 - 145 http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=238840 170 http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=241592 205 http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=251310 205 http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=300443 155 http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=309955 145 http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=309956 155 http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=311268 185 http://www.
  7. I can enter any fighter needed. I can join up or just take the last team, whatever is needed.
  8. We have two threads to cover this already.
  9. I can not respect someone who lies to me more then every other person I have ever known, combined. I believe his fact checker is up to 9000+ lies in two years. TALK ABOUT FAKE NEW. I will not respect someone who make fun of the disabled. Fucking ever. I do not have respect for anyone who cheats on their wife, he has cheated on 3 wife's in a row. We must not respect someone who has made a living off of screwing contractors out of final payments. His record of this is openly disgusting. We can never respect someone who refers to other humans as Animals. We should never
  10. I am up for anyone voting as long as it leads to the end of Trump. Would love to wipe the smug look off of his supporters faces. Slap, no more Smug smiles. Haha, soon we will take our country back. 2020 can not come soon enough.
  11. Chris, you never use - Is a popular fighter?
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