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  1. Revenge was what he wanted and that is surely what he got! Ladies and Gentlemen say hello to just the second ever Lightweight champion in Checkmate history, dethroning the longest reigning champion in the org! Stay tuned for their trilogy fight that will take place at Checkmate Championship 20 to see who will remain or retake the belt in a world class matchup for the finale event under the Checkmate banner before becoming BFFC alongside BFC!
  2. 100%! It is gonna be something amazing with great roots to grow even more!
  3. Love to hear it was a blast! I always genuinely enjoyed seeing and booking Carlos Villarreal's fights, he is such a scrapper and was always down for a fight, and a true vet for the org! I will try to keep an eye on him in his new journey, wish nothing but the best! Thank you for being apart of it all!
  4. I appreciate it truly, you have always been an amazing manager to work with, and your fighters always brought it and still do, and I am excited to work with your fighters under the new banner!
  5. Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well, I know I have been hinting at some big news coming soon but had not released it yet, well now is the time! We have been working on this behind the curtains for a while so I am very happy to be able to let you all in on it! It is an extreme honor and privilege to announce the combination of BloodBath Fighting Championship and Checkmate Fighting Championship. Together we will become Blood Brothers Fighting Championship. BBFC will stay 355+ and keep the Open I.D. Division active. 2021 will be amazing for BBFC. We are combining two great organi
  6. Ayee thank you very much PJ! This card had some great fights, they had to fight hard for those bonuses!! Everyone as always make sure to show our Sponsor some love! (Photo has a link)
  7. - Checkmate Championship 17 Preview - Let's get this year started off right with an awesome night full of top ranked fighters facing off against each other for all the glory! Kicking off the card we will see two Heavyweights that want so badly to get back into the win column when we see Jingky Bacolod (5-6)(1-6 in CC) take on Maris Lakis (3-6)(1-4 in CC) Both have what it takes to turn their careers around, but who will start that journey first?! Up next will be a Welterweight tilt that's sure to keep the fans on edge when #7 Pedro Vela (6-5)
  8. - Checkmate P4P Rankings Update! -
  9. Could very well see him sky rocket soon if he keeps winning, excited for his next fight!
  10. I also heard if he wins his next fight it could lead to a huge fight against a top 5 contender after in which case he could definitely showcase his fresh ink with a smile!
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