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  1. I have been far too busy with work of late and with Igor also busy, we're struggling to keep HFC up to our standards. Also, with BH stepping down we had to find a placeholder to hold BBFC. With BBFC's placeholder not the most active of managers and the staff being inactive as well (which is what made BH step down in the first place) I am finding it very difficult to keep both orgs going properly. So instead of having a second rate 360k org (BBFC) I am considering selling off the org for the right offer. If you are interested, let me know. Our 370k org BKFC has a solid owner so this is onl
  2. Oh man.. it may be a few months, but I sure as hell hope these two get to face off again. I predict fireworks!
  3. Damn, I log in and see the message and already all but 1 are taken. Nice work, guess I'll wait for that next once in a while and see if I get the message before the good ones are gone. lol Cool idea man, like the dedication.
  4. I think I just peed a little bit Hare. lmao
  5. I'm thinking on it. Just seems a no win situation for Man at this point in his career with Logan's significant advantage on the ground. Just as Logan wiped the floor with his last opponent once he got on the ground.
  6. HFC 76 - Ford vs Miller 05 JUNE 2021 New York - Madison Garden Arena Sponsor - Hardcore Alchemy Nutrition We have a plethora of lightweight and light heavyweight action on top coming up Saturday as HFC 76 takes place at the Madison Garden Arena in New York. We'll get to see some of the first fighters who have made the jump to HFC after successful BBFC careers. The 155 title fight will happen as Ed Ford defends his belt against Josephus Miller for the 155 lightweight championship of the HFC. And just to give you an indication of how great some of these BBFC fighters a
  7. This fight was mentioned by Hare in the past. Just not sure I'm ready to put 360k vs 355k yet with the skill difference. They may be even standing, but huge difference on the ground. It will for sure come soon enough though. Perhaps Guy River should get a rematch from the split decision first?
  8. Tempting, but too busy and probably wouldn't go for the no test fight deal as I seem to have bad luck with those. lol But sounds fun and I hope it does well. Good luck to all participating, and curious to see who the other coach will be. Maybe somebody a rival alliance or something? Find something that has a back story to it so you can have some fun with write ups if you choose?
  9. Marka I didnt get no preview saying I was gonna take him down and pound him to a pulp. So I didnt get the chance to prove Donkey wrong but I think I gave something to talk about in the review. What you say Donkey? Hare? Had to change it up on you so you maybe would consider talking about the fight. Man III Good opponent much respect. But judge complete incompetent. Split decision is ass decision. No doubt who won this fight. But opponent hit hard. Cut make my lady friend think she can doctor me with sex and kisses. I let her though to make her fee
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, after 3 rounds of action, we go to the scorecards for a decision. Judge Francis DeMontford scores the fight 30:27 Judge Ron Honeybunn scores the fight 28:29 Judge John Mangel scores the fight 30:27 In favor of your winner, by split decision... Yip Man Iii! I would like to request that the SPPS powers investigate Ron Honeybunn. I have reason to believe he's accepting bribes in exchange for points in some fights. I'm pretty sure that his name is an alias also, unless I'm wrong and his mother was a red light district worker and just kept her call nam
  11. That was an unbelievable fight. Going to have to throw it up there with a few others for fight of the year nominations come end of year.
  12. Nofud vs Lachance Champion: Aingot Nofud MMA: 9-3-1 HFC: 8-0-1 KT: 2-1 Key Wins: Lucien Lachance, Malcom King, Sean Dickinson Key Losses: Hunger Manager: Dr. John Zoidberg Alliance: Naughtly Crew Challenger: Lucien Lachance MMA: 14-6 HFC: 8-2 TWGC: 2-1 Key Wins: Vasil Petrov, Ademaro Dos Anjos, Malcom King Key Losses: Aingot Nofud, Luke Glanton Manager: David Septim Alliance: Syndicate This fight is a title fight for the HARDCORE middleweight championship of the world. A rematch
  13. Drake said his family is from Belize and it's common there to get married between 14-16 years of age. But I told him in the states, we don't allow that unless you live in Alabama or South Carolina. (or some swamp parts of Louisiana and it's your own kin.) 🤣
  14. I love you too Nati! I'm not judgy, just defending my guy. It's what good managers do! We hype our guys up, put them in the best position to win, and then kiss their ass when they make the big bucks! lol Drake did tell me to say if you ever want to go on a date though, that he'd show you how a real man treats a lady. And promised me you'd change your mind about cheering for him should you take him up on that.. But if you do, make sure he showers first. He's got a tendency to enjoy "smelling like a man" as he puts it.
  15. Sorry I've been busy guys, but I'll get a review for this done in a couple of days. What an event, both titles change hands. DBGA is back on top, Krylov goes down to the cut again, the 205 vs 265 super fight is off the table (for now). Just a crazy event so plenty to write about. Any post fight comments for this event will go into my review if you wish to post them. Not sure how entertaining the pancakes bit will be since we're not talking about an ass... but we'll see! Great event guys, thank you all!
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