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  1. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/fight/sub.jpg Dos Anjos goes for an armbar! This could be all over! Wait, no, Battle rolls with the submission and now he's on top in Dos Anjos's guard! Nice work there by Battle! n favor of your winner, by unanimous decision... Dre Battle! Dre Battle is the new middleweight champion! How mentor? How? 😱, Battle has Useless transitions! https://www.mmatycoon.com/fightcommentary.php?FTID=1029488 A.D.A vs Battle!
  2. Theksit Ruengruong has many elite level prospects that he built from the ground up in his stable.
  3. Really? you maen uploading to the forums not getting them approved right? I just do copy and paste from avatar profiles and it works. I did that with Bizi & Rex yesterday.
  4. The only way Boxing (BA) would work is if it was affiliated as a huge feeder to a prestigious MMA org that wants future fresh talent. Like what happened with PULSE and PULSE Tribal Combat. That way strikers can develop there game before transferring over, and a big roster with future talent could help with the constant turnover.
  5. As a manager I cannot allow to put A.D.A in that kind of danger 🤣 This is how that fight will look.
  6. (A.D.A) (HARDCORE Middleweight Champion) (#Undefeated at Middleweight) We don't claim that juicehead in Rio. Paulo Costa and Sabotage Rex have something in common though. Both are juicehead monkeys with hands but no ground game.
  7. "When I demolish Battle N ya'll get done with the slugfest let me know so I can get that hype," - (#A.D.A Undefeated at Middleweight) (#Middlweight Thanos) (#HARDCORE 5x Champ)
  8. Creative as always Butch. That shirt design would look sick with a fully body clothing style avatar
  9. Hopefully the committee comes up with a clear criteria for 2021. Me personally I see the "breakthrough manager of the year" as a manager that is top 20 that has the potential in the next 3-9 months to challenge for the #1 spot for a significant period of time. Which means they have a lot of "breakthrough" prospects that are in the top 100 rankings and have at least a 2:1 ratio for fights in pay per view organizations. Then again though that is just my opinion. And I am not on the committee ATM.
  10. transitions help escapes *bump
  11. Ademaro Dos Anjos (HARDCORE MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMP 14-1) (9 fight win streak) https://www.mmatycoon.com/fightcommentary.php?FTID=1028095 (Rex vs Bakar) Congrats on the win against the best sleeper prospect in my division. You cracked a granite chin with elite Muay Thai Defense which is no easy feat. But this isn't rock n sockem robots caralho! You better get some intelligence in that dumb dumb head or you will get destroyed by all of the top 3 middleweight contenders. Let's see if you if you can reach the top of the mountain and become #1 contender. #Hespect
  12. I don't say this too often but Camara has a point. Nevertheless, one top 100 fighter on a win streak is good. But not enough for me to win Breakthrough Manager Of the Year. If I had 5 fighters on A.D.A's level then perhaps I would have an argument. In my opinion JW is more deserving. He has active fighters in unrestricted organizations. I don't.
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