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  1. Homer Simpson Doohh. I checked everything but that. Thanks appreciate it.
  2. Where is the page located in game to show how many rest sessions the Fighter needs to get back to what percentage with rest days.
  3. Any one figure out a way to fix around the Free spin and win credits not appearing
  4. When u cancel does it instantly teleport u right then or certain time right before the fight ? I cancelled 2 flights recently but never teleported me .
  5. Its one week wait. I did it on accident when i started back playing. Had to wait all week no training. In future just change training in the Gym on the days doesnt need to train.
  6. Just wanted to reintroduce my self.Manager -(Lincoln Hawks-3061) I started 2010 sometime and played heavily in that time. I would say i took more than a break away from the game.I really enjoyed the game, But i am back and look forward to playing again and meeting great people. Things have changed and trying to familiarize my self with everything again .
  7. Oh crap. I know i should of read up before changing anything. Been so long since i played.Seems like i forgotten everything . And i just changed gyms as well. Now this is gonna be a waste of a week. Thanks for info
  8. Australian "Wanker" RooMan (349125) Is New and looking for Sponsers,To help with training. With his Debut fight in the QFC.In 2 punches he wins in stunnings fashion with a TKO. https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=349125
  9. I just had first fight with a fighter. I turned off training day before fight to make sure was rested. Now day after fight i cant resume his training it wont budge. Is there a time table they can resume after a fight? i didnt think there was. I played years ago but been away for years. So i forgot so much. Almost like playing as new again. Thanks for any help
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