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  1. We have a winner! Thanks, please don't pay till Mike approves!
  2. New Auction Item: Mitrione Min Bid: 100k (please increment in 25k or more for raises) Both images included in the single sale. Will likely leave up for about 24 hours or so after final bid before closing. Enjoy and happy bidding!
  3. SUCKER PUNCH PREVIEW Sucker Punch Pro Series 75 Good evening Sucker Punch fans, Hare Rumpler here along with Donkey “Dan”, and it’s time to look at what’s coming tonight over at the Bondi Outdoor Arena with SPPS 75. I wish I had better news for everybody out there, but quite frankly our fans are not going to get their money’s worth this evening over at the Bondi. As such, we’ve lowered ticket prices, refunded half the prior sales prices and given vouchers for future events to most fans as well as having dished out a ton of free tickets as we treat this evening as more of a “preview” of future SPPS fights. Why do I say all of this? Well, because close to half our fights on this card, four of them to be exact, had to be cancelled due to managers going MIA and their fighters not signing their fights. And yes, as you might guess, I am not in a good mood about it! And that’s why I went on a headhunting spree over the past several days cutting about a dozen or so fighters from our organization and that process isn’t over yet as I’ll continue doing that as guys come off fights but have absent managers. Granted, our fans will be treated to a few fantastic fights this evening including the Main Event which features Michael Aalto in his first title defense since regaining the Featherweight belt. He’ll be tested by a fearsome little monster in the Magnificent Chulalongkorn! We also have Wilfred Ainsworth who always brings everything he’s got to the cage as he goes at it in a Middleweight contest with Derek Patterson. There’s more, but let’s get a quick word in about our sponsor and merchandise partner and then have a closer look at each of our six fights this evening! Do you find that you’re resting your fighters too often? Two, three, maybe even 4 times a week sometimes? If that’s the case, you’re probably not supplementing their training, and if you are I’m thinking you’re not doing it with Shadow Warrior Tea 160Q, which is Shadow Warrior Nutrition’s outstanding energy loss reduction supplement. It’s the best money can buy and will keep your fighter in the gym training rather than sitting days out resting! Stop on over there today, you will NOT be disappointed! Now, let's get to it! *********************** Fight #1: Welterweights Nils Norling (6-3-0) v Pete Dunham (2-3-0) And of course, in what seems to be somewhat poetic for the way this night and card is set to go, we have two Welterweights opening up the evening with both coming in at least somewhat, if not much more than somewhat in the case of Norling, unprepared. Norling’s manager, Valentina Luvana, has been missing for over three weeks now and as such Norling comes into this fight ready to give it away at only about 60% morale. I say “ready” to give it away because there’s no guarantee he’ll actually do that given Dunham is also coming in somewhat low at 10% off on his morale, with his manager having not logged in in the past two days and making it appear he hasn’t properly primed his fighter either for this one. Not exactly the way to make your Sucker Punch debut, to be sure. And certainly not in a division that is already hurting for quality fighters. So you probably expected me to discuss how this fight might go and strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, I won’t do that out of plain disgust for the way these two are coming to the cage. As I said, this is a division already light on fighters and yet here we are with two more I may very well be cutting after the fights tonight. That would leave us with only 16 in the division and dangerously close to my needing to just shut the division down. Donkey’s Pick: Dunham via whatever. Dunham is less unprepared than Norling so there’s the simple reason to pick him. *********************** Fight #2: Light Heavyweights Victor Veidt (5-1-0) v Morioka Shigemasa (4-5-0) Well folks, here we go again. In this Light Heavyweight matchup we have a relatively unprepared Shigemasa taking on Victor Veidt this evening. You’d think having gone 1-2 over his past three fights under current management that Cian Coggins would have Shigemasa primed and ready to get in there and try to turn things around. Instead, he comes in with his boy 20% off on morale. We know that Shigemasa plans to drop down a weight class to Middleweight after this fight but unless he starts coming prepared to his fights he may not see the end of that new contract. Veidt and Shigemasa are just about even in all primary areas of skill with the exception that Shigemasa has the edge in Jiu Jitsu. Veidt is 1-0 with us under current management and looks to make it a double dip this evening. He won’t care whether Shigemasa came prepared or not and will look to use his solid striking skills to end this one early, although he’s shown he can take it the distance as well as he did against ground specialist Wille Thai last month. Shigemasa, despite having the edge in Jiu Jitsu, typically tries to utilize a diverse kickboxing attack mixed with some Muay Thai. Given that history, I don’t expect the BJJ advantage to factor in this evening so this fight becomes much more even than it would appear on paper. Donkey’s Pick: Veidt via TKO (Strikes) Veidt gets the nod here due to his better preparation as well as his history of finding a way to capture the ‘W’. *********************** Main Card Bout #1: Middleweights Zhao versus Beam II Longsun Zhao (8-7-0) v Jim Beam (5-10-0) On paper Beam will have the advantage in most areas tonight except the one that counts most…wins. His victory over Nyah Hirst to close out the 2020 year in December was probably the best moment of his career…and possibly the worst as well. Yes, he won the championship. But it also set in motion the loss of the belt in his first defense, a loss that he has never seemed to be able to bounce back from. Was it the loss that did it, or the expectations that came with being the champ? Nobody knows for sure, but what we do know is that he’s now lost an unbelievable six fights in a row after having been on a 5-1 roll when he won the belt. Zhao is currently 4-2 in his last six fights and there’d likely be one less loss on the record there if not for his obsession with Psiris Fuhren! Earlier this month he was smacked around by Fuhren yet again for the third time in his career which put a big damper on his two fight roll he’d been on with beautiful KO performances against Sean Smith and Joseph DeAngelo. Expect manager Slick Gunderson to have Zhao primed and ready to get in here tonight and let em rip while trying to protect against the takedowns and potential submission game from Beam! Donkey’s Pick: Beam via Submission (Armbar) These two have met once before very early in their careers during the Cockshot Sorter Series (Round 2) that established the Middleweight division here at SPPS. In that meeting Zhao got the better of Beam with a KO punch to end the evening in the first round. That very well could happen again given Zhao’s striking has continued to be a strong point right up to his most recent fights. I have a sneaky feeling that Beam may be due for a win finally tonight though. He didn’t win the belt for no reason, that same Beam is lurking in there somewhere. *********************** Main Card Bout #2: Light Heavyweights Wille Thai (9-5-0) v Abraham Barnes (4-7-0) Unfortunately another fight this evening where one of our fighters, Barnes in this case, comes to the cage less than prepared. His morale is off by close to 20% which is not going to make trying to break free from a three fight losing streak any easier. I wish I could hype Barnes up a bit here, but truly he’s been struggling. He comes into this fight the favorite going strictly by skills as he has a 4.0* skill estimate and matches or exceeds Thai’s skills in all areas. Yet, he fell to Shigemasa two fights back and Shigemasa has flat out been struggling to find wins. Last month, he was submitted by Sacrificial Lamb, a fighter who was on his way out of the org and ready to quit fighting and had never pulled off a submission in his career. The lack of preparation can be a killer at times and combined with whatever intangible is holding Barnes back it’s been an absolutely showstopper for him. Thai typically comes focused these days when it’s time to step into the ring and that’s no exception this evening. He’s been struggling himself over the past four fights with only a single win three fights back over Titus Fury. He proved himself the more capable ground specialist in that bout but has struggled since against quality standup strikers. Barnes is typically a ground and pounder so the move for Thai tonight will be to catch him with a counter submission if Barnes gets top position, or better yet, never let Barnes have the top to begin with! Donkey’s Pick: Thai via Submission (Guillotine) Going with the more prepared fighter again here in this one. That lack of morale may prevent Barnes from being able to impose his will and dictate position in the fight. *********************** Co-Main Event: Featured Middleweight Bout Wilfred Ainsworth (8-3-1) v Derek Patterson (2-1-0) Alright, finally here in our Co-Main Event we’ll have the type of fight that fans showed up and tailgated all afternoon to see! Derek Patterson will step into the cage tonight in this Middleweight battle with P J Jones in his corner. Across the cage will be big time brawler, Wilfred Ainsworth, with Runt guiding him for the evening! These two are very evenly matched outside Patterson’s Jiu Jitsu abilities where he’ll claim the advantage with his black belt over Ainsworth’s brown. Patterson did start out his career as a grappler so the danger on the ground there against him is real. He hasn’t pulled off a submission for the win yet in MMA but it may just be a matter of time. He’s gone for them in both of his most recent wins when the fight did end up on the mat. He comes in with a 2-1 record in MMA but it should be noted that those wins were in the QFC which is a totally different animal than org competition. That said, Jones is not one to have his boys be caught off-guard or unprepared, so Ainsworth should be taking this fight very seriously. Ainsworth has had two trips to the title fight in his career and unfortunately has come up short both times against first Machado and then Landon McGuire three months back. Since then he’s bounced around with a win over Gotaro but a loss to Blikstein. That loss to Blikstein set him back some rather than catapulting him back into the title picture but a win over a solid competitor like Patterson this evening could give him a big shove upward again. Ainsworth loves to hit em hard and watch em fall, but has won via decision as well. Jones’ boys are known for being able to push a fight the distance for decision victories but tonight a big worry should also be the ground game from Jones’ side of things. Patterson brings a big test for Ainsworth. Donkey’s Pick: Patterson via Unanimous Decision I’ve been told that threats have been received at the office here at SPPS headquarters regarding my picks and a certain manager’s fighter. Now, I’m not saying that I’m picking Patterson instead for that reason…but it’s been made clear to me that should I pick for the other side my general health could be of concern. I’ve contacted the local authorities but here in Oz they seem to think that working at a joint named Sucker Punch brings its own risks and it’s on me. Bah! *********************** Main Event: Featherweight Championship Bout Michael Aalto (11-1-0) v Magnificent Chulalongkorn (11-4-0) Our Main Event of the evening is definitely one that makes the admission price worthwhile despite the disappointment of only six fights on the card tonight! We have two Featherweights here who are ridiculously closely matched, with Chulalongkorn actually having the slightest of edges in boxing and Muay Thai over the defending champ, Michael Aalto! Chulalongkorn is a former champ from Checkmate and after that, BBFC, and those credentials along with his convincing victory over Jaxon Bremner in his Sucker Punch debut last month are what put him in position to get this title shot. I’m very disappointed that Greg Connor’s manager, Andrew Wittig, has gone mostly MIA these days as Connor is now with us and is the owner of the last two wins over Chulalongkorn, something that could have been a HUGE potential future matchup to look for. In the meantime we have other things to attend to here! Chulalongkorn has a history of using brutal boxing and power to win his fights via TKO and KO. Despite Bremner’s concerns going into the fight last month Chulalongkorn does not have a big recent history with the clinch as a go to move. Aalto, who also defeated Bremner two months ago, something that he has in common with Chulalongkorn, is back in the driver’s seat in this Featherweight division again after defeating Baptiste earlier this month to reclaim the belt! That had to be especially satisfying for him given his loss of the belt originally came to Baptiste in his fifth title defense during his initial championship run. Aalto’s last four victories have all come via submission and given Chulalongkorn’s heavy hands there’s no reason to expect that Aalto won’t try to take this fight to the ground as well. Chulalongkorn has never fallen to a submission so far in his career though, so if Aalto is going to pull it off with a finish he’s going to have to do it with a first here! Donkey’s Pick: Aalto via Submission (Armbar) I’m giving the two time champ the respect he deserves here. And this could very well turn out to be a great pick! But, at the same time, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if this ends in favor of Chulalongkorn via TKO or, more likely, Unanimous Decision. This will be one of the most dangerous fights of the Champ’s career tonight! *********************** So there we have it Sucker Punch fans! Well, not a full card but still a lot of fun on tap this evening folks! It all kicks off in just a few hours now and we hope to see you there! Till then, have fun and don’t forget… Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ style!
  4. Give us a looksie or two! https://mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=5611 SPPS 355k+: Desperately Seeking Susan...and 155 pound Lightweights...and more! That's right folks, we're not shy about saying it. Our Lightweight division with 355k+ fighters is much more shallow than we'd like at this point over here at Sucker Punch Pro Series! Partly just due to the way it's always been, but also due to the number of managers going AWOL of late. Still holding out and looking for the right opportunity? Already considering a change in the future? Give us a look! And let's talk compensation...we'll work to make it work for you! While we're at it, let's talk about Heavyweights also, the other division we want to beef up quite a bit...and Light Heavyweights. Let's bump these numbers up and really make it a great mix and match scenario for future matchups! Reach out to me and we can discuss. Hare
  5. SUCKER PUNCH PREVIEW Sucker Punch Pro Series 74 Hey Sucker Punch fans, Hare Rumpler here and we’re going to get into this with a quickness tonight! I’m currently down in North Carolina at a National swim meet with Nati Batti and she’s over at the pool rooting on her teammates who made finals this evening. In the meantime, I’m going to give you guys the quick low down on SPPS 74 and the NINE, yeah…not ten, nine…fights we have on tap tonight over at the Bondi Outdoor Arena! As I said, I’m out of town, working directly on a laptop, no additional display…bah, I cannot work in these conditions, I’m entirely too much of a diva for this! Ha. So skip the big intro other than for me to say we’re one fight short as I mentioned due to yet more folks going MIA on us and we have no title fights on the line tonight. But, we do have a bunch of fights that mean a ton to those involved and their chances to climb up the rankings, so…with that, let’s get a quick word in about our sponsor and merchandise partner and move on to the good stuff! Do you find that you’re resting your fighters too often? Two, three, maybe even 4 times a week sometimes? If that’s the case, you’re probably not supplementing their training, and if you are I’m thinking you’re not doing it with Shadow Warrior Tea 160Q, which is Shadow Warrior Nutrition’s outstanding energy loss reduction supplement. It’s the best money can buy and will keep your fighter in the gym training rather than sitting days out resting! Stop on over there today, you will NOT be disappointed! Now, let's get to it! *********************** Undercard Bout #1: Welterweights Ryo Hamada (6-2-0) v Justin Kulina (3-3-0) Two Welterweights both primed and ready to go this evening here with Kulina and Hamada! Kulina was on a run with two wins in a row until last month when he fell to Dennis Dalborg via KO Punch. Hamada, previously with HFC and BFC until his SPPS debut this evening, was on a three fight winning streak until he fell in August to Matsuzaka. Yes, our very own Matsuzaka…and yes, almost an entire year ago. That’s how long he’s been out of action and in between he also changed managers as he’s now being led by Johnny Tirado. It’s hard to say what we should expect from Hamada tonight. He has a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and previously pulled off more than a couple wins via submission. But, there’s been a big gap in between, his standup skills would appear to be much improved, and his wrestling isn’t as strong as you’d expect for a guy who wants to focus on getting wins on the ground. So yes, he’s an enigma until we see this first fight back. Kulina has a nasty boxing game and lands a good portion of the shots he offers up. But can he defend on the ground? Tonight we might find out. He’s got the better boxing tonight and slightly better Muay Thai. I expect him to want this fight to stay standing, despite his brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. Donkey’s Pick: Hamada via Submission (Armbar) I’m going to go with the enigma, as Hare puts it, and say he pulls off the surprise ground win tonight. Although the lack or wrestling focus does worry me and Kulina has KO ability. If Hamada catches one the wrong way this could go sideways fast! *********************** Undercard Bout #2: Featherweights Carlos Villarreal (11-8-0) v Yellow Belt Casey (6-7-0) Featherweights Casey and Villarreal both come to the cage fired up, gas tanks full and ready to get at it this evening in a fight that could set one of them back on the path towards contention again. Both were previously in the discussion at one point or another but the inability to keep the winning alive had both take a few steps back. Casey got back to winning last month after four losses in a row. All it took was finding his way back to his good ole submission ways. He’ll have the advantage in Jiu Jitsu this evening against Villarreal and you have to figure he’s going with the same approach. “The Checkmate Gatekeeper” hasn’t been with Checkmate since January but doesn’t seem to realize that a) he left that org and is fighting in Australia now and b) his manager ditched him, and he’s been picked up by Jim Gold now…and still isn’t with Checkmate! With three losses over his past four fights, all under his old management, Carlos really needs this change of direction that new management could bring. We’ll see if the Gold Team gets him rolling with a boxing approach or some Muay Thai up close and personal. He has the advantage in MT and wrestling tonight, so that certainly lends itself to some slow dancing and dirty stuff. But that also sets him up for takedowns from the clinch which he’ll want to avoid. Donkey’s Pick: Casey via Submission (Kimura) I’ve said it many times before and it’ll guide my choice tonight. Sometimes it takes a fight or so for a new manager and his boy to get on the same page and work things out. That might be the case here for Villarreal and Gold, so I’m leaning towards Casey getting the ‘W’ this evening. *********************** Undercard Bout #3: Heavyweights Petter Persson (6-2-0) v Jeppe Bjoergen (6-7-0) Our third fight of the evening was one I was hoping would be a huge, well fought fight between two big boys in the Heavyweight division! Instead, one of these two is coming to the cage unprepared with low morale and we know what that means for Donkey’s picks! Persson’s manager has been MIA now for most of July and that is not just affecting him but quite a few of his teammates that are fighting here at Sucker Punch with him. Needless to say we’ll be addressing that soon as these fighters finish up their currently scheduled fights. Bjoergen was desperate for wins as he crossed over from WPFA and then finished up at GC. With one win at GC coming into Sucker Punch he managed to split his first two fights here with us, showing that he could get back to winning via his strikes after his prior win at GC came via submission. He’s got superb boxing, exceptional MT and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. His wrestling also isn’t half bad! So he really can swing this any way he wants tonight against an opponent with poor morale. Donkey’s Pick: Bjoergen via Submission (Armbar) I’ll never, ever pick a fighter with 50% morale to win. I expect Bjoergen to try to capitalize on his better wrestling and Persson probably won’t have the heart or desire to keep this from going to the ground. From there, it should just be a matter of time. *********************** Undercard Bout #4: Light Heavyweights Andrei Averyanov v Artyom Meyer (5-5-0) Back to some boys who are fully ready to get at it here after that last fight where Persson was just a shell of the fighter he should be heading into the cage tonight. Not these two though, as both have full energy and morale! Averyanov could very well be getting a Top Contender battle soon as he continues to move up the ladder, taking on tougher and tougher competition as he builds his skills and develops. He’s got an impressive run going with a perfect 5-0 record and his win over Joe Junior most recently shows he’s ready for some of the tough stuff! That’s what he’ll get tonight with Meyer who would love nothing more but to be the “stopper” that keeps Averyanov from moving forward and makes it two wins in a row for himself in that process! Averyanov has exceptional boxing and Muay Thai. Meyer has sensational in both, just a notch ahead. Both love to box and strike in a serious way. Averyanov’s advantage tonight is with the better wrestling so we’ll see if he changes things up and goes for the clinch in an attempt to pair his MT and wrestling for the win! Donkey’s Pick: Meyer via TKO (Strikes) Really not easy to pick this one here tonight but I’m going with that tingle on the back of the neck again and calling for the “upset” so to speak, which really wouldn’t be given the skill of these two fighters. I have no good reason other than a hunch here and that everybody has to lose one eventually. Or so they say. *********************** Main Card Bout #1: Heavyweights Bobo Brazil (7-3-0) v Peter Beardsley (6-2-0) Our second Heavyweight battle of the evening will kick off the Main Card here. Beardsley comes in with the better boxing tonight while Brazil will hold the advantage in both MT and wrestling. Both have brown belts in Jiu Jitsu! Brazil dropped his debut at SPPS last month to Rock Silva which made it a pair of losses in a row dating back to his stay with BBFC. Manager Craven will hope to see his boy win tonight to even up the record under his management at 2-2. Brazil can work both the boxing game as well as the up close and personal stuff but given his advantages in MT and wrestling tonight you’d think he’ll try to work that clinch a bit. Beardsley has an impressive five win streak going that dates back to his Pride HW tournament days. He loves to swing those hands and swing em hard! With another win he could move himself directly into the Contender conversation. At the same time, Brazil could start working towards that himself if he can start a streak of wins by defeating Beardsley tonight! Donkey’s Pick: Beardsley via KO (Strikes) This should be a slugfest this evening. It’s going to come down to strategy, defense potentially and who can land the key shot at the right time. Big stuff on the line and I expect a big finish. I may not have the pick right, but I don’t expect this to go to decision. *********************** Main Card Bout #2: Heavyweights Patrick Murphy (8-4-0) v Rock Silva (2-3-0) These two Heavyweights, our third battle of the behemoths this evening, will see two guys who like to strike go at it. Silva has the boxing and MT advantage while Murphy has the advantage in Jiu Jitsu, but given Murphy has typically used that ground skill for defense I don’t know that it’s going to tip that area in his favor from an offensive perspective. Murphy has faced tough competition of late and Silva is no departure from that. Considered a Contender recently and given a shot to earn a title opportunity, Murphy is trying to find his way back into the win column. Silva, at 2-2 but with a couple wins in a row, is looking to move himself up the ladder and this battle will certainly show us which of these two is closer to rising to the top. Who wins may very well come down to strategy tonight. Actually, it will heavily come down to that. And I’m curious to see which of these two departs from their normal approach and goes after it by putting it on the line! Donkey’s Pick: Murphy via TKO (Strikes) I’m picking Murphy but I’m not sure HOW it’s going to happen. On the feet? On the ground? Has Murphy perhaps been working on the ground game in preparation for this one? This should be one of the best fights of the night I believe! *********************** Main Card Bout #3: Lightweights Repus Revorg (5-3-0) v Ramon Rabbit (10-8-0) I’m going to have to admit to some bias here this evening! Revorg is my own boy as he heads into this Lightweight contest against Rabbit tonight. Rabbit will have every advantage on the feet. Not a huge one in each area, but enough, and also a bit on the ground in wrestling as well. Revorg’s only advantage is with his Jiu Jitsu, but there’s no guarantee he’ll attempt to utilize that as he was originally built to throw hands as evidenced by his string of TKO victories early in his career. Revorg has lost via decisions on the feet with two such losses in his past three. Rabbit has a habit of winning via decision after mixing it up with some solid kickboxing. Expect him to attempt to do the same this evening while Revorg leans on any advantage he can gain, even if it means having to work the ground. Donkey’s Pick: Rabbit via Unanimous Decision Rabbit has a considerable MMAT ID and training time advantage over Revorg and I expect that to show up in his secondary skillsets and physicals. Those are what would allow him to control this fight and win the points he needs. I think that’s why we have to lean in his direction tonight. Sorry Hare. *********************** Co-Main Event: Featured Lightweight Bout Kurt Cobain (10-5-0) v Montesh Dominguez (4-7-0) Two almost identically skilled Lightweights will be featured in our Co-Main Event this evening with Cobain having only the slightest advantage in wrestling. Otherwise these two are mirrors in primaries. However, one thing we have to factor in here is that Cobain’s manager has pretty much walked away from things at this point and that’s demonstrated by his energy being low coming into this fight. Something that will absolutely factor into Donkey’s pick! Dominguez is a striker as well but typically wins via decision. Given Cobain’s seriously heavy hands we should expect Dominguez to take this into the clinch tonight in an attempt to bleed Cobain of what little energy he brings to the cage tonight. Donkey’s Pick: Dominguez via TKO (Strikes) The game plan should be very similar to what Hare suggested. Maybe it won’t go into the clinch heavily, but it should involve wearing down Cobain and then going for the TKO. But Dominguez better watch out for Cobain’s hands before that as Cobain can end things in an instant!!! *********************** Main Event: Featured Welterweight Bout Rick Segura (5-1-0) v Dennis Dalborg (5-2-0) Our Main Event of the evening features Rick Segura who is a fast riser in the Welterweight division. He’s been running through opponents left and right as he builds a resume. Tonight was supposed to be a heck of a battle to see if he was ready for the Top Contender shot in the next couple months. Unfortunately, Dalborg’s manager has been MIA and he comes to the cage unprepared with low morale and likely a lack of direction and plan. Dalborg will have the boxing advantage while Segura has the MT and Jiu Jitsu advantage. But it’s the wrestling and those nasty fists Dalborg has to worry about tonight. Expect Segura to take it to the ground and Dalborg to lack the care to stop it due to the lack of morale. With FIVE wins in a row already, Segura will be licking his chops to add yet another here and won’t care one bit if his opponent is prepared or not, a win is a win! Donkey’s Pick: Segura via TKO (Strikes) Hare said it all. With low morale, Dalborg won’t stop whatever Segura wants to do and that’ll likely involve some abuse on the ground! *********************** So there we have it Sucker Punch fans! Well, there we go folks! Get on over to the Bondi and let’s have a blast tonight! We kick things off in just about 7 hours now…so be there! Till then, have fun and don’t forget… Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ style!
  6. LMFAO, I have to admit I just friggin' love the trash and mud-slinging when it gets going, especially from the perspective of the fighters! Let's have it out, and then have it out again in the cage! Get it!
  7. We have yet another open fight on our card coming up this weekend on the 24th (fight would need to be set on the 23rd, Friday) due to yet another manager going MIA on us. Anybody have a couple fighters they want to test fight? Got a grudge you want to pull off with somebody on short notice? Have an equivalent test fighter to take on this guy that is looking to test in a 1 round, 3 min bout? Madkhao Sitsongrit (Lightweight) - https://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilepublic.php?FID=373813
  8. Everybody will have to forgive me for not producing some reviews this past weekend. After working almost two weeks straight of crazy ass days I frankly just needed to get out of the house, so I played disc golf most of the weekend. I won't lie, it was great and I don't regret it! Haha. I will however try to at least get something out tonight for you folks from this past weekend's event. No promises...the disc golf is still calling... hahahah!
  9. SUCKER PUNCH PREVIEW Sucker Punch Pro Series 73 Hello out there folks! We’re back for our second big event over at the Bondi Outdoor Arena this week as eighteen kids get ready to go out there and put on a hell of a show for our Sucker Punch fans worldwide! Yes, now, I said eighteen because we had one fella go MIA a while back and the date on the card was too soon to get anybody else who was ready to go, so we’ll be one fight short tonight. Overall, it shouldn’t affect things much and just gives us more time to focus on the rest of em, am I right? So let’s get things rolling here. As usual, I’m Hare Rumpler and I will be joined again this evening by my colleague and analyst, Donkey “Dan”. Now, Donkey could be a little gun shy tonight I think, as he’s been taking it on the chin pretty hard of late by one or two of our managers who have it in for him now, haha. Most of that abuse has been coming through me as a middleman, but it’s been coming regardless. Honestly folks, he deserves it. Again, am I right? Of course I am! Tonight we’ll kick off the four fight Undercard with Apophis Kalmisto and Akara Kongsangchai as they, along with Sitsongrit and Bremner, will represent the Featherweight division this evening as bookends on the Undercard. In between, we step up the beef factor just a bit with Light Heavyweights Jedi Rebel and Devin Ecker in the second fight of the evening and the big boys Teixeira and Ryker filling in the rest of the middle there. For the Main Card we’ve got a ton of great action! Fury and Lindgren mix it up at Light Heavyweight with possible Top Contender implications on the line for Fury. Then, with even more Top Contender considerations on the line, Queen and Barbosa get things going in the Welterweight class as our first and only showing from the WW’s on the evening. Both of these kids have been lingering around the top trying to make good on opportunities to move forward for title opportunities but just barely falling short a few times between them of late. A win for either tonight puts them one step closer to separating themselves from the pack and potentially working towards the chance once again, so you know they’ll both be bringing their ‘A’ games! Then there’s the final matchup of the “big boys” before the Main Events kick in…with Tyson and Meshkov both attempting to make it three in a row and set themselves apart from the rest of the division that’s chasing along. Both have been giving it their best go to claw to the top and despite knowing what lies ahead you know that should they win a couple more they won’t back down from the biggest opportunity of their careers! Our Main Events are shocking in that we do have a Title Fight on the line tonight in the Light Heavyweight division between challenger Rogerio Duarte and reigning champ Jacob Parker. But, that fight, believe it or not, is slightly out-hyped by the Lightweight battle between Yip Man lii and Maximus Furioto! Furioto is on the hunt for a shot at the title and a win here would secure it. Man lii has been offered the opportunity several times but hasn’t felt he was quite ready for that step. Will he take it this time if he wins here? Or will he remain the ultimate gatekeeper? Can’t wait to find out! With that, let’s get a quick word in about our sponsor and merchandise partner and move on to the good stuff! Do you find that you’re resting your fighters too often? Two, three, maybe even 4 times a week sometimes? If that’s the case, you’re probably not supplementing their training, and if you are I’m thinking you’re not doing it with Shadow Warrior Tea 160Q, which is Shadow Warrior Nutrition’s outstanding energy loss reduction supplement. It’s the best money can buy and will keep your fighter in the gym training rather than sitting days out resting! Stop on over there today, you will NOT be disappointed! Now, let's get to it! *********************** Undercard Bout #1: Featherweights Apophis Kalmisto (0-2-0) v Akara Kongsangchai (2-10-0) We get things warmed up this evening with this Featherweight battle between Kongsangchai and Kalmisto. Two fighters who very much both want…nay…need…to get some wins under their belt! Kongsangchai, despite having what even his manager describes as ‘all the tools in the world’ cannot seem to buy himself a win of late. He’s now gone a staggering seven fights in a row with losses being the result each and every time. Hell, if not for a single win against Yellow Belt Casey breaking things up, he’d be 0-11. Instead, he’s 1-10 over his past eleven and bless his heart, that’s not really all that much better now is it? Kalmisto isn’t in quite the same dire straits. Yes, he’d really like to get a win, but his record consists solely of two losses so far that both came in QFC test fights. Now, under new management and having had time to get himself sorted out and molded into something closer to the vision that manager Marky Mark has for him, he’s ready to get into the cage ‘for real’. These two are about as even as you can get. Kongsangchai has the slightest advantage in Muay Thai while Kalmisto has an even smaller edge in wrestling. Kongsangchai came out heavy with the clinch and Muay Thai usage against Dismantle two fights back and you have to wonder, given that’s his one area of advantage this evening, will he do the same here and hope for a better result? The real wild card in all of this is what Kalmisto’s intentions might be and what he’s been working on with his camp! Without any recent activity to go by it’s anybody’s guess where this thing goes! Donkey’s Pick: Kongsangchai via TKO (Strikes) I always feel that the first fight or two under a new manager can be trying ones where the manager and fighter need to still get on the same page some. Now, that said, Marky Mark is a hell of a manager and that normal adjustment period may not come into play here! However, with not much else to go on, I’m going to say that it’s about time Kongsangchai breaks god awful losing streak! *********************** Undercard Bout #2: Light Heavyweights Jedi Rebel (5-2-0) v Devin Ecker (4-6-0) Although Jedi Rebel comes into this Light Heavyweight contest with the overall better record he’ll face a tough test against Ecker who technically has the better skillset, at least on paper in primaries. Rebel’s morale also isn’t quite topped off for this one, although it’s not so low that Donkey would normally use it as a deciding factor unless it was a very close and tough decision. Which this might be. Both contestants come in off two fight losing streaks and a chance to restart the engines and get things rolling with a win is just what the doctor ordered. Barring some freak draw type situation, one of these two will certainly have his spirits raised at the end of this one. Ecker has the standup striking advantage in both boxing and Muay Thai which will suit him just fine as all of his wins have come via KO or TKO. Although, it’s important to note that his most recent win came via a brutal ground and pound attack. That makes things extremely interesting as Rebel, while not having a win yet under current management, has won most of his prior fights in the QFC via the ground game and strikes from there as well. Knowing that, will Ecker back off the ground attack this evening and try to work standup more or does this turn into a battle for position on the ground, with or without Ecker’s cooperation? Donkey’s Pick: Rebel via TKO (Strikes) I’m going with the upset here and still going against my normal move to defer to preparedness this time around. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s Rebel’s history of wins on the ground and my belief that this one will end up down there? This could very easily end with a nasty KO long before it gets to the ground or frankly, just go Ecker’s way if he can control and gain top position! *********************** Undercard Bout #3: Heavyweights Jairzinho Teixeira (9-6-0) v Brutus Ryker (3-7-0) Alright folks, a small standing clap of appreciation please and all, as this I believe is probably scheduled to be Ryker’s last fight with us. His manager, Kyle F, made it pretty clear that he agrees there’s some things unfortunately lacking but in the good way that he is decided to let him fight out his contract for the fun of it. Tonight, he’ll have the Muay Thai advantage in this Heavyweight showdown with Teixeira and attempt to go out on a winning note after bouncing back and forth between wins and losses here at SPPS. Teixeira will likely respect his opponent for stepping into the cage one more time to see his contract out but at the same time have no intention of handing over a ‘W’ for free! Coming off a loss himself to Anton Meshkov this will be another day at the office for Teixeira as he tries to get the ‘W’ for himself and make it three out of the last four. Teixeira hits and hits hard. He doesn’t throw tons of shots but those he does are bombs. Ryker, who has had a bit of a tendency to show a suspect chin, is going to need to stay far away from those and avoid letting one land just right! The issue? Ryker likes to toss some hands himself, so it’s live and die b the sword and tonight one of these boys is probably getting dropped before we’re three minutes into the first! Donkey’s Pick: Teixeira via KO (Punch) If I were Ryker I’d probably have been working on an alternate approach for this fight, maybe even taking it to the ground and working an angle there. Standing and striking with Teixeira probably won’t go well so we’ll have to see how it turns out. Going on the assumption that they do stand and throw, as Hare said, I’d have to say Teixeira is the favorite. *********************** Undercard Bout #4: Featherweights Petsuwan Sitsongrit (6-1-0) v Jaxon Bremner (5-5-0) Our last fight of the Undercard will see these two talented Featherweights face off in your classic striker versus grappler scenario! Bremner, while extremely skilled with submissions, was unable to pull off the win over Aalto in his Sucker Punch debut and fell victim to his own devices, losing via triangle. Last month saw him fall via KO in the much talked about showdown with Chulalongkorn. Tonight he gets to truly put his skills to the test against a solid striker who can win via points and wear you down but could be susceptible to the ground game. Sitsongrit has won five in a row, the most recent four via decision, with only a loss to Emiliano Blackburn in a test fight marring his record. He’s well on his way to a potential Top Contender battle and an opportunity to take a shot at the title, but first he has to prove he can step up to a solid ground specialist like Bremner. Bremner is going to be laser focused on NOT being a stepping stone here and will be looking to put a notch in his own belt, so I expect this to be an extremely hard fought one this evening! Donkey’s Pick: Bremner via Submission (Armbar) Sitsongrit has all the tools to win and win and win on the feet. But if it goes to the ground, Bremner is seriously skilled and I do feel that in a fight like this, where Sitsongrit will look to drag it out and wear Bremner down for points, the opportunities will be there to get the fight to the mat. And then it’s time for Bremner to step it up if he wants this ‘W’! *********************** Main Card Bout #1: Light Heavyweights John Fury (7-2-0) v Dolph Lindgren (7-6-0) So, I called the Kongsangchai/Kalmisto fight that opened the night for us a fight that was “about as close as you can get” in terms of skills. Well, I stand corrected as this this Light Heavyweight bout to open the Main Card up is truly just about as closely matched as you get! Lindgren and Fury are even across the board with the possible exception of just the smallest smidge of an advantage for Fury in boxing. It’s friggin’ negligible though! The sparks will fly in this one as Lindgren attempts to shake off three losses in a row in a big way if he can win over Fury. The same goes for Fury as he’ll come out with an extra dose of energy as a win here would make it four of his last five and earn him a Top Contender battle with Wieczorek, leaving him just one hop away from a title shot. And that’s something that I know new manager Mac Little is looking for as he returns to the cage with his new charge in tow! What can we expect from these two tonight? To quote the infamous Clubber Lang…PAIN! Fury has KO power from head to toe and loves to dish it out. He’s only lost two fights in his career and both were to elite strikers, current champ Parker in his first go round with the belt and his most recent fight against Lampi. Lindgren loves to throw down as well, but is also ok with taking things into the clinch if he thinks he has the advantage there. One thing that could put a twist into things this evening though…Lindgren has won a fight via submission and Fury has never truly been tested on the ground by a talented Jiu Jitsu artist. Could Lindgren take that approach??? I’ll tell you what, I can’t wait to find out! Donkey’s Pick: Fury via TKO (Strikes) My pick is solely because I’m being told by Hare that I am contractually obligated to provide one! Honestly, I can’t call this one. Lindgren has so many angles he could choose to come at Fury with that it’s all going to come down to strategy, skill and a little luck and his manager has the ability to pull this out, that’s for sure. At the same time, Fury is being driven by one of the best managers in the game now as well and could make this “Lights out!” before the opposing team realizes what happened if Lindgren isn’t careful! *********************** Main Card Bout #2: Welterweights Baldomir Barbosa (9-5-0) v Ceedee Queen (6-3-0) One thing I can say for certain tonight is that the guys we’re bringing to the cage over at the Bondi are ready to GO! And I love that! This is what I’m talking about, this is what the fans at Sucker Punch want to see and this is what we absolutely friggin’ love when our fighters come prepared and ready to rock! Queen and Barbosa both know that they are sitting right at the top of the big “pack” in the Welterweight division and they also know they’re primed to make a break from it and run back up into the Contender ranks again with a big win or two! And each of them knows that the man they face tonight definitely qualifies as one of those “big wins” if they can find the right answers in the cage this evening! Queen will have a slight edge in both boxing and wrestling and a tad bit more than that in Jiu Jitsu tonight. Barbosa brings the better Muay Thai to the table as well as a nasty attitude, a “been there, had those chances, knows what it takes” level of experience and a hunger to get back. But Queen has had a small taste in the past as well, even as recently as his fight last month against Bass. That one could have propelled him into a title fight but he fell just short in a decision loss. Know that that’s not something he’s easily forgotten and he’s going to come into the cage tonight with an intensity to match Barbosa’s, no doubt! Queen loves the ground and pound but has significant skills on his feet as well, using a heavy dose of head shots mixed with some looks to the body and low kicks to keep his opponents off balance. Barbosa is an “in your face” brawler who doesn’t try to punch your head…he tries to punch through your head to hit what’s behind it! That said, he’s also not opposed to taking the fight into the clinch if it looks like that’s the path to victory and once there you can expect him to dish out some serious work to the head and body. He’s not the dirty elbows and knees type, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt folks! I expect Queen to take this to the ground at some point. And then the entire fight may come down to…can he do enough with it once there? Donkey’s Pick: Queen via Split Decision Neither of these men have EVER been stopped via TKO or KO. Despite putting it all on the line and coming with some of the nasty stuff in all of their fights. That’s amazing quite frankly. Aside from one submission loss by Queen early in his career the only losses these two have ever suffered have been via decision. And you know, despite how hard they’re going to bring it tonight I don’t know that I see that changing. This pick is a shot in the dark! A hard shot. From one of them. That may prove me wrong and put the other in the dark! I just don’t know which! *********************** Main Card Bout #3: Heavyweights Ashwin Tyson (8-2-0) v Anton Meshkov (7-4-0) Our last fight before the Main Events and boy, you don’t get much bigger than these two! Literally. They’re Heavyweights and not only that they’re both on two fight win streaks coming into the event this evening. They’re not quite on the cusp yet of contention given relative skill but the winner of this one will certainly earn a much closer look and an opportunity to earn his way into contention over the next couple months! So there’s a lot on the line for both of these fighters as they’re working their way towards the ultimate goal! Meshkov had a rough start at Sucker Punch here with two losses in a row to Sefina and then Porter. After that, he pulled things together, settled in and got things rolling as he’s won all but one of this last six fights! Now, many of those fights were level relative in the division but you can only beat who’s put in front of you. Given the chance to step up last month against Teixeira, Meshkov came through with flying colors not only continuing his trend of finishing via (T)KO but earning ‘KO of the Night’ honors with his performance. Tonight, he gets the chance to step it up one more notch yet again and it’s a big one! Tyson joined Sucker Punch two fights back after starting over under new management with Andreas Johansson’s team. The change did wonders for him as he came out of the gate with two back to back wins here at SPPS over solid competition in Conchobhar and Powell. He brings an extremely exciting kickboxing display to the cage, even winning his fight against Conchobhar via a highlight reel head kick KO that earned him ‘KO of the Night’ honors there to match Meshkov’s recent accolades in that department! SO I think it’s fair to say that tonight this is the fight to watch if you’re looking for some serious fireworks from the big boys! Donkey’s Pick: Tyson via TKO (Strikes) I’m picking Tyson here for one reason only. And it could be a flawed reason. But I’m going to give him the edge due to the varied attack he brings to the fight with his kickboxing. I think that may keep Meshkov slightly off-balance and create some opportunities to land a big one. That said, Meshkov’s pure focus on strong striking may serve to dial him in and allow him to capitalize. I don’t know folks, you guess! *********************** Co-Main Event: Light Heavyweight Championship Bout Jacob Parker (9-2-0) v Rogerio Duarte (12-7-0) Here we go folks! The title fight you’ve all been waiting for…but no, it’s not quite the Main Event this evening! Is it really? Sure, it’s right there, but believe it or not we have a more hyped one coming up after this! That said, this fight should prove to be every bit worth the price of the tickets tonight folks! Duarte comes into this fight as the challenger and brings with him a great resume with four back to back wins, two here at Sucker Punch since joining us, and a very, very impressive set of skills to work with! He’s proven he can get past a striker in Veidt and handle one of the better submission specialists in this division in Akerfeldt last month. He brings sensational wresting and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu to the cage but given his past performances we have to assume there’s no submission looming on the horizon from him. Instead, in order to avoid Parker’s impressive striking ability tonight I’d say the most likely scenario is for Duarte to take this fight into the clinch, if he can, and use his sensational wrestling combined with exceptional Muay Thai to try to wear down Parker and win it up close and personal, just as he did against Victor Veidt two fights back. Doing that against Veidt may prove a bit of a different scenario that doing it against the champ tonight with Parker in the cage. Parker is now a 2x Light Heavyweight Champion here at Sucker Punch after winning his belt back last month against John Doe, the same Doe who took the belt to begin with back in February from Parker. With Doe moving down to Middleweight, a move he’d been talking about for a while prior to losing the belt, there will be a whole new string of challengers for this belt at Light Heavyweight. Before Parker needs to worry about that though he first needs to focus on this first title defense! Parker has only lost once in his career if you look past his first test fight in the QFC. That was to Doe as we discussed, and it was via decision. Every other opponent has fallen to his strikes. Can Duarte follow Doe’s lead and manage to outlast in this one or will he become another victim? Donkey’s Pick: Parker via TKO (Strikes) I wanted to pick Duarte in this one. I really did. And I almost did anyways. I just have a sneaky suspicion that perhaps the clinch game could be an Achilles heel for Parker this evening. And, quite frankly, it would be a heck of a lot of fun to make the pick just to get under Andy Down’s skin! Haha. But, here’s what held me back. Parker’s never been downed (get it, some Hare style bad humor there!) in a fight, losing his only true loss via decision. So if Duarte was going to pull this off, it’d have to be via a crushing inside game in the clinch or outlasting Parker. Duarte has, however, fallen via TKO and KO before. Several times. And that’s what Parker’s drooling over tonight without t a doubt. But hey, prove me wrong Duarte, and get the fans into a frenzy! *********************** Main Event: Featured Lightweight Bout Yip Man Iii (11-2-0) v Maximus Furioto (14-5-0) Our Main Event of the evening and there is a ton on the line here. For Furioto, this is his chance to make his way to a Lightweight Title Fight! If he can get past Yip Man! For Yip Man, there’s still a pending title shot on the line if he continues to win, plus, a ton of personal pride on the line as well. Yip Man lii has never truly been tested on the ground to date. Some (ahem, Logan…) have insinuated that Man has avoided and moved around those fights, specifically avoiding him when he was champ up till this past month. Others, such as manager J. W. Hardman himself, have stated it’s simply a matter of knowing your skills and knowing what you are and are not ready for yet. Tonight we put all that to bed. Furioto is more than a formidable test on the ground. Win or lose, nobody will ever be able to say that Man hasn’t faced a ground fighter yet and after tonight we’ll know just where he stands! Yip Man gets the job done with a vicious combination of boxing and clinchwork. He’ll move between the two using whatever is working wear down an opponent. Eventually to the point where either he grabs the decision or gets the TKO. Furioto makes no qualms about his intentions. He has some standup, but not a lot, just enough to help protect himself on the way to the ground. But his real goal is just that, the ground. Where he’ll work like a damned octopus to maneuver around and eventually work for a submission…whether it be a triangle, kimura, armbar, whatever…whatever presents itself as an opportunity. He’s dangerous as hell on the ground and if it goes there we’re going to find out just what Yip Man’s made of. Or…we’re going to see Furioto ride off to a Title Fight. One or the other! Donkey’s Pick: Furioto via Submission (Armbar) All that said by Hare, here’s the thing. J. W. Hardman has himself admitted to stepping away from the game a bit. Granted, do I think he’s going to just let this fight go down without putting the proper focus on it? NO, because I think he’s taking this one as a personal challenge. He was logged on today, and no doubt it was partially to be sure Yip was ready for this fight. That said, I’m not sure if he gave just enough focus to the training this past month to ensure Yip was 100% ready for this challenge. Any other month that Hardman was focused on it, I’d have nodded the other way. *********************** So there we have it Sucker Punch fans! C’mon folks, it’s time to light this biatch up and get the party going! We’re heading over to the Bondi shortly, the tailgates are going already and it’s time for YOU to get your ass down there too! The night will be full of action despite only nine fights on the card, but I guarantee you’re gonna get your money’s worth folks! C’mon over, let’s do this! Till then, have fun and don’t forget… Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ style!
  10. POST EVENT CHEAP SHOTS (Nati Batti Style) Sucker Punch Pro Series 72 Folks, I'll be coming back to this tomorrow afternoon to add in Donkey's Takeaways after my middle daughter's swim meet. For now though, Nati finished her part below and I wanted to get it out there for everybody! Enjoy! Fight #1- Turner vs Barrett The first fight of the night was a featherweight fight between George Turner and BJ Barrett. This was a quick fight, with Turner winning via submission only 25 seconds into the fight. Despite the match not lasting very long, it did take 2 attempts to get Barrett to tap out. Barrett got out of it quickly the first time Turner tried for a kimura, but he couldn’t escape the second. The fans loved how quick the fight was, and the fight earned a 100% fight rating. Donkey chose Turner to win via submission, so 1 point to him. Fight #2- Thompson vs Nagashima The second fight was also a featherweight fight, and was also won by submission. Tyson Thompson and Kaoru Nagashima fought for a minute and 51 seconds before Thompson got Nagashima to tap out using an armbar submission. Even though this fight was longer than the previous fight, it only took Thompson one submission attempt opposed to Turner’s two. A bit of a surprise that Thompson managed to win this one, seeing as he didn’t seem to start off to such a great start. But he did it in the end, so good for him. Donkey started off well by guessing the first fight correctly but, alas, it didn’t continue as he chose Nagashima to win this one. Donkey is 1-1 now. Fight #3- McGuire vs Allen Fight number 3 was a middleweight fight between Landon McGuire and Oliver Allen. This was yet another fight that was won before the end of the first round, this time by KO. McGuire won just over halfway into round 1 by knocking out Allen with a punch. There was little action throughout the fight, just some jabs back and forth. The most interesting part was the brief advertisement 2 minutes in, which should tell you how I feel about this fight. Not very fun, nothing memorable, definitely wouldn’t want to see again. Donkey did choose McGuir to win this one, but he said it would be by submission, so perhaps a half point? Not sure he deserves a full point. Fight #4- Skywalker vs Dankula Fight number 4 had Luke Skywalker against Count Dankula in another featherweight fight. A wannabe jedi against a wannabe vampire. How interesting. This also happens to be the third featherweight fight of the night, and there’s only been 4 fights so far. That’s a lot of skinny boys. Unsurprisingly, these skinny boys failed to deliver an interesting ending, and the fight went to a decision where Skywalker was chosen by the judges unanimously. Sucks for Donkey, this is another wrong for him. Fight #5- DeAngelo vs Wellington The final fight of the undercard was a middleweight fight between Joseph DeAngelo and Humphrey Wellington. This was another fight that ended quickly, not that I’m complaining. I love good fights that end in the first round. DeAngelo won via TKO from punches 55 seconds in. He went on the offensive from the start, forcing Wellington to try to defend the jabs that he was taking. Alas, Wellington could only hold off DeAngelo for so long and eventually Wellington was out and the ref called the fight. Donkey’s not doing so hot tonight, as he’s now something like 1.5-3.5 if we take the halfpoint into consideration. He shouldn’t have chosen Wellington. Fight #6- Lee vs Perkele The first fight of the main card was a welterweight fight between Mister Lee (His first name is Mister? That doesn’t make sense) and Ispa Perkele (That’s a fun last name). These two fought well through all 3 rounds and when it came down to a decision, the judges unanimously chose Lee. That’s a shame, Perkele’s name is much more fun. Donkey chose Perkele. I can’t say I blame him, I probably would’ve too. But then, we would have both been wrong. Donkey’s picks are really sucking for the night. Like really really sucking. Maybe next time will be better for Donkey. Fight #7- Wieczorek vs Bard The seventh fight of the night was a light heavyweight fight between Lukasz Wieczorek (hard to spell, but very fun) and Mike Bard (not fun at all). Wieczorek knocked out Bard just short of the end of round two via strikes. A pretty good fight all around, with quite a bit of action. Even a few submission attempts in there. But, unfortunately for Bard, a big uppercut sent him down and he was out. Very happy with this one, I was rooting for Wieczorek anyways. Donkey foolishly chose Bard, which added another wrong pick to the night’s record for him. Fight #8- Matsuzaka vs Crow Fight number 8 was a welterweight fight between Keisuke Matsuzaka (Fun name, 10/10) and Res Crow (Not sure I’ve seen this one in a fight before). This one was a very close fight and, when it came down to a decision, some of the judges even disagreed. However, the majority chose Matsuzaka and, thus, he is the winner. There was a bit of action, but it was mostly just exchanging light hits back and forth for 3 long rounds. Donkey got this one wrong, too. I’ve lost count of how many he’s got wrong. Too many. Way too many. Donkey sucks at choosing. I guess he didn’t cheat this time. Fight #9- Kazuma vs Machado Fight number 9 was a championship fight between Kazuma (challenger) and Machado (defending) for the middleweight title. Despite this being a 5 round match, Kazuma decided to end it a minute and 26 seconds in by knocking out Machado with a punch. Kazuma cut Machado only a few seconds in, so it was pretty clear from the start that it would go Kazuma’s way. Unfortunately for Machado, he is no longer the champion. But I’m sure he will want a rematch sooner or later. Donkey was wrong again, choosing Machado over Kazuma. But that’s not really a surprise at this point, is it? Fight #10- Christiano vs Bass The final fight of the night was another championship fight, this time between Juan Christiana (defending) and Ronnie Bass (challenger) for the welterweight title. This fight lasted 5 long rounds, and it went to Christiano via majority decision. There was some good action throughout the fight, but I don't think anybody really wanted this to last all 5 rounds. That’s probably why it only got a 62% fight rating. Christiano and his manager should be pleased, since he gets to keep his title. At least Donkey got this one right.
  11. Appreciate both of your feedback. I've been doing this a long time at this point though, so this isn't a situation where I'm new to it and am trying to figure out what works best. Well done avatars are well worth their price and behind the scenes I could have sold this one for a mil if I'd reached out to the right buyers rather than auctioning. Sometimes it's fun to do an a auction and see where it goes though. You have to put everything in perspective though. VIP can be got for $30 for a year. A month of VIP costs about $2.50 at that rate. You can sell a month of VIP for about 300k in game $. 200k in game $ is then worth about $1.66 RL cash. So you think the time somebody puts into doing one of these avatars is worth less than $1.66? Hell, even doing it for fun as a hobby that's a flat out steal, hahah. Just trying to put that in perspective for you guys who want to buy on the dirt cheap. I'll stick one of these into my pocket and put it on my account every time if it doesn't sell for the min starting price, and even then I'd rather put it in my pocket for that price tbh. I'll never be one of those that sets out work for 40k in big batches and just lets it sit there. Again, no offense here, just the way it is and my perspective on it.
  12. Gonna pull this one off the market and submit myself folks! Will put another up in the near future (perhaps). This one either just didn't generate interest or the avatar market is a bit dried up at the moment!
  13. We have another fight open on our upcoming card for this Friday (July 16 but the fight is July 17 in Sydney) at Sucker Punch. Anybody have a couple fighters they want to test in that spot, or possibly even one that might match well with the two guys listed above as I believe Theksit may still be looking to test fight those two guys?
  14. New Auction Item: Thunder God Min Bid: 200k (please increment in 25k or more for raises) Haven't done one in a while now! Let's see how this goes! Both images, static and animated included in the single sale. Will likely leave up for about 24 hours or so after final bid before closing. Enjoy and happy bidding!
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