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  1. Thanks, yes hope to see you around next time. Thanks, keep working the grappling skills in the meantime You better get back into it and make top 10 before I'm back or it will be spanking with a rolled up tycoon times. Lol, I know where that ends. "I'll just add a sparbot or two", "just a few fights for the sparbot to keep him from depopping too badly", and so on. This game sucks you in. Thanks, enjoyed our fights so far. Calling it a break so not in violation of the 11th commandment 👼 Sorry, been a bit busy and didn't get around to replying to t
  2. 2020 was a pretty great tycoon year for me in many ways and it has been lots of fun. But at the same time I haven't been able to properly keep up with the game lately even after shrinking my roster some. Setting all the trainings and scouting properly does take its time and I got a lot of irl stuff happening right now. Alliance also pretty much dead since a while and finally disbanded now. Most people who leave tend to come back eventually so I'm not calling it leaving, I'm calling it a break. I'll be back one day and kick all your asses again
  3. Got 3.5M to launder if someone is interested.
  4. Thanks, I don't think you should be too hard on the poor guy, he did well for you. And yes, I also enjoyed the slidering challenge here, good work with Hirst.
  5. Date is a better measuring stick for training time since the amount of new id:s generated per time period varies.
  6. Had exactly the same thought. Or putting together a real "clash of giants".
  7. People who quit tend to come back eventually, but I think you got the record on quick comebacks now.
  8. Congrats, this game is a lot about setting personal goals for yourself. So time to set the next one I'll make you work for that sweet Tower hype you are hunting for on the 31st.
  9. What we try to measure: The training time a fighter had What we do measure: How many fighters were created before this one A 369K fighting a 371K is not the same as a 370K fighting a 372K. Make fighter creation date visible on the profile, searchable etc. and you can run Island whenever you want. Yes it would hurt 370K orgs as Island always does by reducing the finite pool of recruitable fighters for the id range. Only way to not do that would be to wait until late in the current id range.. but going down that route would mean irregular timing for Island seasons with someti
  10. Wanderson Machado: My coach doesn't know what he is talking about, like he would have anything to do with it once the fight is on. Only reason I let McGuire make this a grappling fight is I knew a loss here was the only way I was going to get matched up against Hirst again. Yeah I know I said I wanted the belt back.. and I do of course, but I expected to fight Hirst for it. That decision has been bothering me a lot. And after thinking about it I wanted to set things straight with Hirst first. I feel I need that settled before I can fully focus on the title again.
  11. Believe me or not, but I had scouted your fighter and put in my notes you would be trying both clinching & takedowns.. but somehow never set the opp prediction. Not sure it made much difference, knew it would be a tough fight. Congrats on the win. Looks like Machado will have to spend some more time in the gym.
  12. If I'm cheating I'm pretty bad at it going 50/50 W/L with that guy for the last year. Could use a few tips from the tri-champ I guess
  13. Sorry for biting on the trollbait here but cannot let it go unanswered when someone is calling me a cheater. Full fight quoted above is here, in case anyone wants to research it and form their own opinion on my "cheating": https://www.mmatycoon.com/fightcommentary.php?FTID=1030729
  14. I simply see it as someone who came up from the lower ranks and made it to the point where they regularly compete with top managers during the year. I've been trying to mostly disregard hype as a measuring stick since I learned how much cheating there is around here.
  15. vs Feared on the high seas and in the octagon Maluga himself fears nothing but the doctor. Stealing gold and hype wherever he goes. Tournament winner and the one to finally end the 12 fight win streak and reign of Iain Tower for the Syn HW belt. Convicted for piracy based on overwhelming DNA evidence from the many blood samples he left in his path. Convicted in his absence that is, but never caught. Until now. In one of the biggest HW fights of the year we saw the third matchup of pirate vs barbarian this time for the Syn HW title. It was a short but brutal affair. There was blood,
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