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  1. 3 fights makes sense, yeah I also don't like having fighters just come in and challenge for belts. ooooooh I'm excited about my 18 year olds Everything is falling nicely into place this season.
  2. Alright so I rerolled my Island grappler again. Went with a similar build , slightly lighter heavyweight. Gonna test his hiddens now. Camp Camara also has a second 18 year old for the season, I gotta say this season is looking the most promising since I have been playing and succesfully ran Island Fights for Jay Tycooner. Old friend if you are out there still watching and reading from time to time I will once again try to win the Island this season Alfred I did not know you were a mod, happy to have you onboard let's just delete all these posts above so that we can cle
  3. Paddy thread Karter challenged me to a real life fight and a POWERFUL FREN Floridian stepped up to the plate and Karter's tiny dick went inwards lol I'm just downplaying it because I feel bad for Chris, he is after all 5'2
  4. I'm still testing , my guys join orgs usually 4-0 on week 3 we coming, gotta test properly stuff like cuts, morale and hiddens.
  5. 7-0 Would you guys keep or release this Granite Chin guy that was left bleeding for 16 days after 2 hits? https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=373013
  6. told you guys, Mike takes the Island very serious because its the doorway for new long term players
  7. It's gonna be HARD not to sell $AMC asa it opens today ! Decision Decisions ... $$$$$$$
  8. To DA MOON then ! Will send you a nice postcard HAHAHA
  9. Man that Hyliion $tonk got pounded again today like a $2 hooker lol hold this Karter lolol 👜
  10. I would honestly focus on the now and fill all divisions before 375k hits Island already brought the ID to 373k and we gonna hit 374k pretty soon too. No reason to make any 370k division Island only imo, Island fighters are on their prime after the 6 month season, they only become under trained a year or 2 later.
  11. $AMC closed at $9++. and AH almost at $12 $$$$ HAHAHA THE RICH GET RICHER $$$$ TO DA MOOOOON !!!!!! 🌝
  12. Not sure why you are so triggered since I posted my car lol then again I have no idea how the mind and insecurities of a 5'2 grown man 10-20 years older than me works HAHAHA $AMC TO DA MOON TODAY !
  13. so you have lost the ability to "buy me" today? HAHAHAHA , well shit that lasted less than a week lolol , at least last time you lost all your money over 5 fights and 4 months of running after your fighters accross the Tycoon globe lol My only long term investments (and the bulk of my stuff) are on airline stonk$, have been holding AC (Air Canada) from $11 and AAL (American Airlines) from under $17 (I think) ,both flagship companies that will always get the support of their given countries. They will climb back to the $40-$50 range in 1 - 1.5 years as we restart to travel. A nice
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