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  1. Lol all jokes aside it doesn't make any sense mon ami. The division is stacked and I am already in discussions for my next challenge. You also don't have any MMA hype, this would be like Dustin Poirier fighting some regional dude after a callout. I'm not gonna comment on your observations above because it would give away important data about my game plan.
  2. Lol go make about 400 Tycoon Times interviews so that you can build some hype Bjorn. I’m sure Skenoj can hook you up.
  3. Here we gooooooo ladies and gents ! The Tri-Champ rises again, after our amazing 2020 run we have started 2021 on fire ! Tonight we have a very special fight, we are headlining SYN 773: Gusmao vs Turner in front of 93,000 fans in the Tokyo Bowl ! vs I know I say this a lot, but fight is very special to our camp. If we take a look at the stats Camp Camara has never beaten Camp Lucky, we sit at 0-3 which is extremely rare for us as we fight and often beat the best of the best. The first thing I noticed while preparing for this fight is lucky is methodical, h
  4. Why would he agree to fight to win what he already won? rules were set beforehand and we all agreed to it. If you wanna fight just for pride or a BIG BET, come to Blaze 205 Division, the owner is very happy with all the Dons that have landed and will setup your grudge match easily. League of Handome Guys and Curix is also a really good choice, he is very easy to work with if your avatars fit his profile.
  5. Hey bruv, the man from Riga pops in Discord from time to time. He can be found there.
  6. Yeah I have a spot open in my roster and would love to team up w Freako and 2 others to wreck lives like it is already tradition in creation tourneys. Alfred do you know if anyone not in a team has expressed their interest in this? Maybe some chicks if it's not too much to axe? It's just that these sauna photo shoots with the Convicted camp are getting kinda weird. There is some strange movement underwater and I'm afraid to check wtf it is.
  7. Island eats fast around 2K IDs because you can sack faster. Instead of focusing on a date I think it would be better to look at ID turn. I would launch the next one either at (or around) 374k or 377k Either one would be good imo Regardless thanks for listening Mike
  8. Just an update, Panda will be fielding their own team now that a 4th member has joined :) Good luck to Pika Choo and crew !!
  9. Huge congrats to Louie and Latka once again !
  10. Panda Alliance is being dissolved and the 3 members are joining GBU. Unlike last year that we had 2 LOD's and 2 GBU's this year all 4 (me x2 most possibly) will be full fledged GBU's Hope that answers your question.
  11. Congrats ! Big after-party at 205 Blaze division, BYOB
  12. Tycoon Thongs: Fresh from captaining the Gangs of New York Tournament we welcome Vlad "The Impaler" Dracula https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=367753 and his manager Ibrahim "Dishonest as Fuck" Camara ! https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=324523 Ibby ! Vlad ! Welcome to Tycoon Thongs studios ! Since you have been IMPEACHED from the Tycoon Times by Hype farming Romanian sensation Skenoj friends of Mike Tycoon have decided to make an alternate newspaper. No fake news, No farming manager Hype via editorials ! No bullshit and Andy is STILL ON
  13. SAM BAE DEE Theksit :) On behalf of Camp Camara, GBU and POWERFUL FRENZ we would like to sincerely congratulation on achieving the highest honor ! #1 baby ! Amazing run ! Whatta 2020 finish and 2021 start, it is an absolute honor fighting you and always a tough tough challenge. Everybody congratulate the pride of Thailand ! Buakaw approves this thread !
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