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  1. so tight, might as well start it feb 1st Mike. I change my vote and thus Feb 1st wins
  2. Udo REKT Emilianegro’s world. Not only did he KO him but he completely changed the trajectory of a future top 10 P4P. His KO’s don’t just affect the fight in question, they affect entire careers.
  3. Did the ghost of Rocket beat me this week? Wtf mang
  4. ROFL Huge fan of Udo :) About time this happened lolol
  5. https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=330425 Time for "The Shiv" Stanley Steele to finally make his debut at SYN !! First of all we want to thank Chuck for giving us so much time to try to fix Steele's build/training. Man took a lot of tweaking but this is as good as it's gonna get I think. This 185 Division is absolutely STACKED. Nothing but elite managers with some really good fighters. We were actually offered a very interesting fight but I really need to see how Scotty's fighter does under my management so young Alcala it is. This is a really tric
  6. that's because you are probably newer UFc fan and don''t know the McGregor of old. you probably started watching him around the 1st Diiaz fight. he is actually really like this but he also found a way to talk himself into bigger fights and build hype, he used it to his advantage and is now a billionaire. but every now and then you see the real McGregor. he is actually very dedicated. I want Poirier to win this fight but McG is a proper -200 favorite. gonna be a great fight.
  7. I seriosuly can't believe the Skenoj Tycoon Time mafia is still giving you editorials. Honestly 10 Hype points every week adds up fast, specially when you don't fight You got called out when Paddy was 2-0 and ranked 600th via Tycoon Times articles, he is now top 350 and still 2-0 Even I used to joke around in this very thread but at some point it stopped being funny, it is 100% cheating. Worst part is what it does to the culture, the people that at first called you out on it took advantage and a select group of managers started double dipping even because if you write for an o
  8. actually the way we launder money from fighters in this game supports an entire different economy so in a weird , by chance way, it works
  9. this is why living life to the fullest each and every day is so important. #heritaage #rideordiie
  10. but you don't even have an offer up in the market. buying outside the market is against the rules.
  11. Looks like I drew Blake you should take on Action. The other top 5 I believe declined our title fight, cannot say for sure but it was changed vs Blake and he accepted. Good luck !
  12. This is a new edition of Tycoon Thongs ! We welcome to our studios "Machete" Danny Trejo and once again "The Impaler" Vlad Dracula !!! The Impaler: Yo Machete ! Sup broham ! You headlining the Blaze 11 card homie ! Man this Aquiles dude is undefeated ! Machete: Yeah so ? Fuck you want Dracula ? I put a ton of garlic in my "menudo" bitch don't even try to suck me ! The Impaler: Suck your blood? Nigga I'd make you suck MY ^&%$ ! Machete: Machete don't fellatio ! The Impaler: Bro I don't even want to interview your broke arse, you should be interviewing ME !
  13. Doyle Brunson once said: "If you cannot get in through the door then do it through the window" Congrats Bjorn, took enough Tycoon editorials and micro managing but you did it lol
  14. Counter Punching is super useful in 2021. But like I think Action (or the young King) said it first you gotta have the right fighter with the right game plan in order to implement it properly. It took me many months, tests and sacks to understand and implement that phrase but I can definitely say this is now part of my strategy. It wasn't just adjusting primaries or secondaries like most people will say. It was completely re-structuring slider sets and training regiments. The game has truly evolved in the past 8 months, just one look at the top 10 it's for the most
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