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  1. aren't you 1-0 when my 18 year old ran into your 25 year old? lol you have dodged me what? 4 times after that? your picks are all against my slow learners I am slowly sacking. Like members of your alliance already told you on these same forums "UNRESTRICTED ID IS WHERE THE BIG BOYS PLAY" lol so if (BIG IF) you have the balls of keeping your early sparring fighters we shall meet at some point. That early advantage high primaries give you in restricted is bad in unrestricted though so my bet is you are gonna keep sacking your fighters asa they lose their edge on the competitio
  2. I even got a new shiny for the belt cabinet Man that's a beautiful belt #heritaage
  3. never forget Ladies and gentlemen, after 5 rounds of action, we go to the scorecards for a decision. Judge James Atkins scores the fight 45:50 Judge Sam Margolis scores the fight 45:50 Judge Daniel Bishop scores the fight 45:50 In favor of your winner, by unanimous decision... Chris Steve! Chris Steve is the new middleweight champion!
  4. the thought of anyone putting any effort in order to "manage" to get close to CK is laughable I put effort in order to get close enough to do THIS to him: A quick uppercut on the inside from Trump. A shot in the inside from Trump. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/fight/rocked2.gif Archer is rocked! Trump lands a left hand that snaps the head of Archer backwards. Oh Archer is still all over the place! His legs are completely gone! Will he be able to recover?!! Trump has Archer pressed against the cage. He pushes Archer back and as he springs towards him off the cage, Trump throw
  5. Need the DETZ on this ! The only thing I saw was a post by CK on Buzz and something about "you gonna lose this war" directed at you. Was he basing himself on facts or just a rumor? He smokes a lot of weed and that can cause clouding of the brain and paranoia perhaps one of his roster left for Alpha 1 and he assumes some poaching shenanigans ???
  6. yay happy to at least see we get the same old Karter back and not some domesticated version lol I got an angry email from CK also about some unpaid debt or something super old lol it is 4/20 though so he might be intoxicated and on his 14th blunt he must be comatose at this point from so much weed and probably just drooling staring at his walls lol we are supposed to tag team the Naughtly Crew together and my POWERFUL FRENZ wrote me yesterday poking to see if I needed 10-20-30 MILLION to bet on it. I told them I doubt Naughtly Crew can put together that kind of scratch wi
  7. I haven't seen CK crying about his 30 day ban too much. He should be back by now I think I have seen him active in Buzz these past few days. Barney is a cuck, not sure if that is a ban-worthy offense but I believe CK got banned for his thoughts on Brazil and Brazilian culture and not for stating the facts on Barney sucking cack for a living. Again, I've gone hard on the paint often with other managers and never needed to report their posts when losing the argument. It makes the forums and the upcoming fights even more fun. Barney likes to piss CK off, then declines fight
  8. Great breakdown. Camp Camara is coming to snatch back our SYN belt. Slammy got a huge manager upgrade so this is going to be a great fight, lots of respect for Camp Lefty lol he always beats us
  9. lol I'm dying here, just noticed the fighter called Third "Whore" Wife , yup that can only be the master HAHAHA classic ! Oh Grumpy never change
  10. Phuc Dat Bich: Camp Camara rides again on all your arses !
  11. oh my bad I thought he had just created a new org. been so busy w school and the sexxorz I haven't been very active in the forums. good stuff
  12. "Dishonest as Fuck" Ibrahim Camara: hey PBR I happened to buy all the VIP at the exchange at cheapo prices right before the 375k turn. Lacplesis: Yeah Ibby has 8000 days left right meow ! We gonna make a KILLING ! "Dishonest as Fuck" Ibrahim Camara: Lucky for you we at Camp Camara are generous souls. I got a deal for you ! Lacplesis: Yeah A DEAL ! #heritaage "Dishonest as Fuck" Ibrahim Camara: If you WASH my frenz BLACK FEET here we will sell you some lololol Lacplesis: MUAHAHAH yeah you gonna wash my feet PBR ! Make sure you get that crust in between my toes,
  13. NO OUSSIDE MANEY COME INTO ISLAND ! We are finally ready to reveal the last member of Team Camara ! Oh he just landed yesterday and he is very very sexy ! MORE WILL BE REVEALED SHORTLY !
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