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  1. Ok, Round 2 done and dusted and once again some interesting results. Fight results and the group standings have been updated on the front page and Round 3 fight offers have all been sent out. Still waiting for the first asshat to rage sack his fighter. So far, so good though. Fingers crossed. Round 2 recap will be up in the near future.
  2. I could explain to you why, but at this point of the tournament it would be impossible to do so without an unhealthy amount of sarcastic vitriol and rage.
  3. Well look who woke up. Did Karter set everyone's sliders?
  4. With Round 2 of the Alliance World Championship fast approaching, let's have a quick look at the Individual Fighter Performance Tables. (Hope this works...and sorry I can't figure out a better way of posting them) 135lbs 155lbs 185lbs 265lbs
  5. Bjorn, stop reporting things for bullshit reasons. Especially such hypocritical things such as demanding something be done about the downvotes and trolls on the forum when you are amongst the biggest serial offenders of all. If you can't handle the forum then maybe you should stay off of it for a while?
  6. I've had this a couple of times. Give it one more day so that it's been like 8 and there's no question you are trying to create a little early (game runs on weird time) and if still getting same message you would have to contact Mike to fix I'm afraid.
  7. The alliance pyramid is garbage. Last month there was an "alliance" in the very top division with just one member in it. That's ridiculous. That's not an alliance. That's one guy playing the game. Even right now there is an "alliance" in division one with just two members. Again, not an alliance.
  8. You say a lot of things on Discord. People rarely listen. I thought you knew that?
  9. It's ok. I blame myself (but mainly Karter) I was so eager to get Convicted into the tournament that I chose to ignore all indications of them being deader than disco. I knew the writing was on the wall however when they had to dig up players from last decade to fill the team. A damn shame but then nothing is forever. RIP Convicted Inc
  10. I'm sorry mate. This is a thread about da Island. I don't think anyone would object to you guys taking this to your own thread though. I can award points for zingers and stuff
  11. Fella's. Cut it out lol. I do love a nice internet drama every now and again but this is boring and isn't really going anywhere. Going to tidy up the thread. Take any personal attacks to PM or discord. Or send them via me and I can let you know if they're any good first. So far it's been hit and miss.
  12. I'd really like to know if Mike did tweak fight orgs earning potential at some point recently or if it's just rumour. Either way, it seems a lot of orgs are struggling and most are being pumped full of outside money and not making any profit.
  13. ROUND TWO - PREVIEW With only eighteen days in between fights, the action is going to be coming thick and fast. With such minimal training time for each of the fighters, finishing quick is also doubly as important. Finish fast equals more points and back into the gym all the sooner. Let's take a look at what's coming up during Round 2 of this Alliance World Championship group stage. Kicking off the action in Group A will be The Guardians taking on Naughtly Crew 3. Last time out, The Guardians suffered a shock upset defeat against ACME 1 and will be chomping at the
  14. If you can point me to the "n" bomb in the thread I would be most grateful. I seem to have missed it.
  15. The problem with this logic is that you're essentially saying that it is you that gets to decide what is offensive and what isn't. There are quite possibly some handicapable people playing this game that would find your choice of language extremely offensive to them. Instead of acknowledging how easy it is to fall foul of this little PC culture war, you double down and insult people and call them childish instead. Forgive me but that's hardly mature.
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