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  2. FIRST UP WELL DONE ON THOSE WHO BACKED BIG JAN LAST WEEK (NO PROFIT FOR DODGEY BROTHERS LAST WEEK :-)) EDWARDS VS MUHAMMED odds posted nice and early, good luck!! https://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8527
  3. I want to introduce each of our divisions with a 16 man, 1 million dollar Grand Prix. First round will consist of all fighters being split into even blocks of 4 and fighting round robin. When the round is over the remaining 8 fighters (top 2 fighters from each block) will be seeded and set up to fights in a single elimantion tournament for the prize money and will be crowned champion I will be doing 1 for each of the following weight classes 145 155 170 185 205 265 PM if you're interested in joining, will take the top 16 that sign up (
  4. Hey guys I recently acquired CFC and I have big plans to try and bring it back to its glory days at the top of the org rankings where it belongs, I know its a very tall task and nobody can truly replace or even replicate the legacy it has left but I just hope I can do my best to make the owners of the past proud. I'm looking for a few veteran managers to help me run it (YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN THE JOB). Once I get my staff hired I'll be looking to buy up some tycoon cash (we already have a fairly good base) to push this thing to the moon. Th
  5. Jason Stillwell: Well I didn't get who I wanted but I do have a new opponent booked. Maybe after this fight.
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  7. Harry Henderson: I had a fight on the books already before signing to Highland. Highland is going to let me fulfill my previous engagement. Then we shall see where the brass says they want me. But I'm game Joe. I'm game. And they know it.
  8. Nathan Dylan - former HFC, Smash, BFC fighter - - Samuel Rodriguez, just text me when you want to fight me, I can retire you with easy right now. I say my opinion back then and I say my opinion right now to, you were OP. What roids have you been taking back then? It seems like you are a little gone.
  9. Nathan Dylan - 170 contender - - Tommorow I will have the hardest fight of mine, hard fight and maybe will be a long night. 5 rounds? Very hard, and I fight Sasha Rua. nr 1 contender at 170. I am not in the rankings but stil don t talk dirty about some fighters from here that let s be serious, are one of the best. Khabib is great, and it seems he comes at 170. I fighted once in a event were Khabib was to, I don t think he remembers me cause I was more a brawler with a big mouth. I am a new man right now thanks to my manager and my new gym. I never have the honour fighting him. but
  10. UFC 259 : Blachowicz vs. Adesanya - RESULTS Jan Blachowicz (CHAMP) vs. Israel Adesanya (Camp Fallen.Angel) Amanda Nunes (CHAMP) vs. Megan Anderson Petr Yan (CHAMP) vs. Aljamain Sterling (Camp 1rstSaint) Islam Makhachev vs. Drew Dober Thiago Santos vs. Aleksandar Rakic Dominick Cruz vs. Casey Kenney (Camp Runt) (Camp MasterLeader) Song Yadong vs. Kyler Phillips Joseph Benavidez vs. Askar Askarov (Camp 1rstSaint) Kai Kara France vs. Rogerio Bontorin Tim Elliott vs. Jordan Espinosa (Camp Fallen.Angel) Carlos Ulberg vs. Kennedy Nzechukwu (Camp Runt) Sean Brady vs. Jak
  11. Looking for a fulltime writer, please PM if interested
  12. Organization: Island Xtreme Fighting Date: 13 Mar 2021 City: The Island (17:00 GMT) Arena: Paddy O'Malleys Bar - The Island (700) Big Steven Petitpas back with another Island Xtreme Fighting preview. We can’t talk about IXF II without first commenting on the colossal success that was IXF I. Have you ever, in your unfortunate lives, seen such a positive response to an opening event than what we saw last week at IXF I? No losers to fine anywhere … except the Powaaah family. A horrible setback to their collective Island careers after going 0-an-
  13. Just for Karter A pic of Troy Nguyen's Tourny record finish of a 19 seconds, a Head Kick KO. My apologies for missing out on the recap of week 2
  14. League of Madness week 4 recap with Host Captain Chaos "Well Madness Fans you got to give Mister Madness some credit he nailed it with this card, by far the most competitive fights. The final 8 Welterweights gave it there all last night in Vegas, but only 4 would advance to the Quarter finals. I was on hand for the show, and even though all the drunk hippies at Paddy O'Malleys where getting on my damn nerves, i thoroughly enjoyed the event. Lets take a look at the action!" Mike Nara def Cheeto Bean KO(Punch) Round 2 3:54 With Team Marky still looking to advance there first
  15. Take A Look At What Could Be Ahead For Bantamweight, Women’s Featherweight and Light Heavyweight after UFC 259 Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  16. The Knock Out Oni Line has just dropped. Be sure to get your hands on some of the hottest garms of the week. At Knock Out, we don't re-stock SOLD OUT items so when they are gone, they're gone! Don't miss your opportunity, BUY NOW. BUY NOW
  17. Canada's Aaron Jeffery Is Excited For The Opportunity To Put On A Show Against Prospect Collin Huckbody AT CFFC 93. Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  18. All I can think of when I read this name is Dillion Harper.
  19. anyone want for 30k?
  20. We're Back In Vegas Saturday With Another Stacked Card. Let's Break It Down. Read the Full Article Here[url={url}]View the full article[/url]
  21. Since we have eight 170lb fighters fighting today i think its a good idea to go ahead and have this be the start of an 8 man tournament with the winner getting the belt and perhaps a trophy. Good luck everybody! I know its out of order a little, I'll set it up right for the rest of the time LOL
  22. Our first weekly recap will be out either tonight or early tomorrow. Keep an eye out.
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