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      Talk about fighters, events, clothing brands - anything you like as long as it is interesting or relatively important. If you want to talk about the UFC, do it in the General MMA forum in the section below.

    2. Fight Organizations

      All discussion about fight organizations in MMA Tycoon. If you are building the next UFC, tell us about it in this forum.

    3. Other Companies

      All discussion about MMA gyms, nutrition companies, clothing companies and alliances

    4. Bookmakers & MMA Betting

      Discussion on in game and real life betting. Promote your bookies or discuss appealing odds for upcoming fights.

    5. Noob help!

      If you're new to the game, ask any help questions in here. The more senior members will help you learn the ropes!

    6. Improvements

      If you have any suggestions for game improvements, please let us know. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

    7. Error reporting

      If you get any in game error, please report it here. Error reporting is essential and encouraged, so please do report every error you find.

    8. Yearly Awards

      Discussion and awards

    9. Foreign Language Forums

      Discussion in Languages other than English

  2. The Real World - MMA Forum

    1. General MMA / UFC Forum

      A general Mixed Martial Arts forum for UFC discussion - all MMA and Ultimate Fighting Championship discussion in the same forum.

    2. General Discussion

      Talk about anything non-MMA related in here.

    3. Pictures & Multimedia

      Photoshop to your hearts content, post pictures of ladies with big boobs... You know the sort of thing - just keep it clean - no porn, no nudity, no copyright infringement.

    4. UFC / MMA News Forum

      News as it happens from around the Mixed Martial Arts world. News feeds from our friends at MMAInsider and the UFC.

    5. Off Topic

      If you want to talk rubbish, do it in here.

    6. Fantasy Sports Games

      Fantasy sports leagues for Football/Soccer, American Football, NBA or whatever anyone wants to set up a league for.

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    • FIRST UP WELL DONE ON THOSE WHO BACKED BIG JAN LAST WEEK (NO PROFIT FOR DODGEY BROTHERS LAST WEEK :-))   EDWARDS VS MUHAMMED  odds posted nice and early, good luck!! https://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8527
    • I want to introduce each of our divisions with a 16 man, 1 million dollar Grand Prix.   First round will consist of all fighters being split into even blocks of 4 and fighting round robin. When the round is over the remaining 8 fighters (top 2 fighters from each block) will be seeded and set up to fights in a single elimantion tournament for the prize money and will be crowned champion I will be doing 1 for each of the following weight classes 145 155 170 185 205 265   PM if you're interested in joining, will take the top 16 that sign up (Ranked/Hyped) in each weightclass
    • Hey guys I recently acquired CFC and I have big plans to try and bring it back to its glory days at the top of the org rankings where it belongs, I know its a very tall task and nobody can truly replace or even replicate the legacy it has left but I just hope I can do my best to make the owners of the past proud. I'm looking for a few veteran managers to help me run it (YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN THE JOB). Once I get my staff hired I'll be looking to buy up some tycoon cash (we already have a fairly good base) to push this thing to the moon.   There is no scheduled first event yet but that should come soon enough, I'm also thinking about starting out with a tournament in each weight class we use to crown a new champion. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any advice will be greatly appreciated, it's gonna take some time to get in touch with the game again and get acquainted with the top managers and fighters. Good luck to all of you.
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