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Elite Pride Glory and Honor (320k)

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor (320k)
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 217
Number of events: 28
Base: Hilo
Owner: Jay Veers
Ranking (Global): 41
Ranking (City): 4
Satisfaction rating: 95% from 31 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Helsinki Xtreme Fightwear
About us: Welcome to EPGH We Include Weight Classes from 135-265 + Openweight KT All Ages allowed 320k + restriction Willing to accomodate both projects and guys who want to fight constantly.
Latest News: EPGH Weekly Aloha 11/19
  EPGH Weekly Aloha
● News
• Glory Crown Grand Prix KT Tournament
All 16 spots have been filled and the bracket has been released. Please copy and paste to link to view the bracket and please let me know who you think will win the whole thing as I plane to put a 10k bounty on the tournament favorite.
• KT Test Fights
I currently have 4 open slots for anyone wanting to test fight someone in a KT environment on the 3rd of December. First come first serve only 1 fighter per manager (this month), contracts will be 1/500/500, and I'll try to keep weight close but is dictated by who signs up.
• New Years Luau/Resolution Meaning
I would like to announce the addition of 2 yearly events to the EPGH calendar both centered around the spirit of the New Year. But these will not be your normal everyday events as each one has a specific theme.
Resolution’s theme will be win or be fired. Yes that's right win or go home, fight for your EPGH life. The 8 fights prior to the co-main event will have contracts on the line. Were doing this to add excitement to some otherwise non descript match ups, to cycle out losers and make way for new blood to compete. Fighters who will be eligible for this event will typically be fighters with losing records and low p4p ranking. The idea is to force guys to make a winning resolution going into the new year hopefully turning there career around.
The Luau will be exactly what you expect from a luau, a celebration of what we've accomplished thus far and to build off that success into the following year. Intending to invite a champion or two from a certain rival organization ;) as well as stack the card with some prime fights that will have us end the year strong.
• Title Fight Announcements
Ricky Stephenson will face off against former DSOF Featherweight champion and #2 ranked p4p fighter in EPGH Damen Mayer for the Featherweight title is set for 12/08/17 at UFF: Russia. and will share the Main Event billing with our first title defense of Makonouchi Ippo vs Blayze Sommer for the Lightweight Strap. UFF: Russia is looking to be a very good show.
Girkul Noseflame vs Delta Knox is set for 12/09/17 the night after UFF: Russia at SNPF 7 in another battle of EPGH vs former DSOF champion.
And to round off official title matches that are booked Snake Duanesboy vs Pablo Ramon Sanchez (another former DSOF champion) at SNPF: UK on 12/16/17
And last but certainly not least this weekends marquee matchup of Muffin Wonder vs Caul Rogba has one more juicy bit of information on top of everything else going for that fight. The winner will face #1 p4p 320k+ (non-island) fighter John Braddock in their first title defence at either EPGH 4 or at the New Years Luau.
• New Awards System Added (No Monthly Awards)
Monthly awards are more work than fun for everyone involved. So were going to try a different system brought up by a manager within the org. I will be offering reward money for certain accomplishments and beating specific fighters (possibly in specific ways) and I would like to invite other managers to offer up money for possible bounties and other things you'd personally like to see done within the org or offer up challenges that individual fighters can accomplish. To start this off I will be offering up 2 such bounties.
10k 1st person to defeat John Braddock
5k 1st person to KO Jill Bill (not tko)
Open for more bounties from other managers please pm me to post a bounty in next weeks Aloha.
• Island Fighters
We will be looking to bring in some top Island talent to add to our already strong and deep roster and have already been in talks to bring in some big name Island fighters to join us here in EPGH and would look to extend an invitation to any other fighters on the island 320k+ to join us once the island is complete. The invitation also extends into KT.
• TWGC and Tournaments outside of EPGH
Due to having a large roster we are able to allow our managers a bit more freedom (in moderation not everyone can go ham at one time but you get the idea). Meaning we will allow fighters to participate in TWGC and possibly allow fighters to fight in MMA or KT tournaments outside of EPGH (Must return after tournament and owner of other org must agree to not try and poach your fighter.)
• New Sponsor
Would like to announce a new sponsor into the fold with Revenge clothing. Who will help us with financing tournaments and bounties. For sponsorships contact Wayne Bruce for details.
• Fighter Sponsorships
I would like to announce that thanks to our sponsors over 75% of the roster has at least 1 sponsorship deal with well over half of those having 2. If you have a fighter with a need for a sponsorship feel free to contact the owners of our 4 sponsors about possible sponsorship offers.
• Next Tournament?
Now that the first tournament is booked and ready to go we are looking for suggestions on what should be our next tournament. Looking towards something more gimmicky and not a creation tournament. Ive considered a bunch of different ideas but certainly nothing concrete.
● Quick Weekly Review
• UFF 2
I would like to congratulate Snake Duanesboy on winning the inaugural EPGH Bantamweight title against Jill Bill who must have a bucket of concrete for a head after the visceral head trauma he suffered at the hands of Snake Duanesboy. But he's not out of the woods yet as he's set to face former DSOF champion Pablo Ramon Sanchez in his first title defence.
Richard Tuffenuff made a big splash winning his EPGH debut by way of arm triangle rising up the rankings and turning a few heads in the process.
King Murhaa came out victorious in a showdown of 2 blue chip prospects with a big KO and continuing his rise up the ranks and impressive showing has experts talking up the possibility of big things from him in the future.
Other winners include: John Wiltrop, Alan Hansen, David Hamill, Titus Branch, TJ Goodard, Alberto Morya
• SNPF: Helsinki
Alistair Velasquez dominated the main event matchup from bell to bell and really just ground Ginekes like He was a meat grinder until Ginekes was ground beef. Big victory for Velasquez and really strengthens his title shot portfolio.
Honestly I could rave on and on about each winner and what a great event this was in the overall context and despite none of these fighters not directly gaining a title shot from winning their fight but all of these fighters have at least climbed into the top 10 of their divisional title picture. Many are right in the hunt for a title shot.
Big Winners Include: Blaze Max, Roman Boesku, Lars Van De Riet, Baron Von Deusche, Fuddy Duddy, John Penn, Varun Kumar, Jamaican Jam, Marco Rusti. Congratulations to all of these fighters.
• Overall Weekend Review
This was a great week of action prior to EPGH 3 with a lot leading up to the week with the Glory Crown Grand Prix bracket released and DSOF changing their business plan. Overall it's been a success and were on the cusp of really turning the corner as an organization. Great job to everyone involved with this weeks contests.
● Quick EPGH 3 Wonder vs Rogba Preview
This event is truly special and is only the beginning of the Heavyweight titles soon to be ultra prestigious history with the opponent for the winner already set and waiting for his challenger to be decided. This isn't to discount the Welterweight title matchup that has been reduced to an after thought (mainly due to my lack if promotion of said fight in favor of Wonder vs Rogba) as Nick Lancaster puts his undefeated record up against Martin Bohac who many argue have no business fighting for the EPGH Welterweight strap. But I conquer as Bohac has shown the ability to do it all in his 6 pro fights despite losing 2 of those contests, with 2 decision loses and wins via both submission or tko (ko).
Outside of the 2 marquee match ups we have plenty of fights involving highly touted blue chip prospects and we are excited to see who will stand out on the bigger stage of an EPGH named event. Goodluck to all fighters including the fighters on the prelims as the entirety of the weekends events counts as 1 in my eyes this week. Goodluck to all fighters!
● Sponsors
• Revenge Clothing: New Fresh Designs will be released in the next few days, contact Wayne Bruce for sponsorship details.
• Mockstar Energy Drinks: Best 160Q supplements for the best training!
• Fanatic Inc. : Great Clothing Designs to keep your fighter winning!
• Helsinki Extreme Fightware: Cheap designs for your hurting wallet.

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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 28 22 322635 44 Always Need Talent
145 29 23 322575 40 Always Need Talent
155 26 22 322799 44 Always Need Talent
170 30 22 322649 40 Always Need Talent
185 30 22 322729 42 Always Need Talent
205 25 23 322270 46 Always Need Talent
265 28 23 322483 48 Always Need Talent
265+ 20 20 323043 38 Openweight KT Always Recruiting 320k+ ID
Upcoming Events
EPGH 3 Prelims 2017-11-24 Hilo
EPGH 3: Rogba vs Wonder 2017-11-25 Hilo
SNPF: Brazil 2017-12-02 Rio de Janeiro
Glory Crown Grand Prix Round 1 Kickboxing Event 2017-12-03 Hilo
UFF: Russia 2017-12-08 St Petersburg
Saturday Night Pride Fights 7 2017-12-09 Hilo
Ultimate Fighting Friday 3 2017-12-15 Hilo
SNPF: UK 2017-12-16 London
EPGH 4 Prelims 2017-12-22 Hilo
EPGH 4: Braddock vs EPGH HWC 2017-12-23 Hilo
EPGH New Years Resolution 2017 2017-12-30 Hilo
EPGH New Years Luau 2017 2017-12-31 Hilo
Today's Events / Recent Events
SNPF: Helsinki 2017-11-18 Helsinki
Ultimate Fighting Friday 2 2017-11-17 Hilo
Saturday Night Pride Fights 6 2017-11-11 Hilo
UFF:Sydney 2017-11-10 Sydney
SNPF: Japan 2017-11-04 Tokyo

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 John Braddock 718
2 Damen Mayer 1316
3 Deklek Sitsongrit 1688
4 Makonouchi Ippo 1722
5 Snake Duanesboy 1758
6 Delta Knox 2103
7 Caul Rogba 2104
8 Nick Lancaster 2127
9 Frank Curtis 2192
10 Blaze Max 2229
11 Grirkul Noseflame 2283
12 Pablo Ramon Sanchez 2321
13 Alistair Velasquez 2348
14 Fuddy Duddy 2472
15 Dmitry Bezymyanny 2482
16 Marduk Amar Utu 2555
17 Varun Khumar 2645
18 Muffin Wonder 2658
19 Avery Nijholt 2678
20 French Frye 2695
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Jill Bill
155 Makonouchi Ippo Isaac Sparks
185 Grirkul Noseflame Miguel Sanchez
265+ Muffin Wonder Norris Norton

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Jay Veers
Recruiting Director: Raichu Kong
Senior Advisor: Lucky Lefty
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