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Duel Fighting League

Org name: Duel Fighting League
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 142
Number of events: 201
Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
Ranking (Global): 4
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 92% from 16 ratings.
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Merch partner: Sin City Allstars
About us: Duel Fighting League is the #1 Fighting org in NY , we are always looking for more fighters. PM me now for a contract
Latest News: Weekend Recap
  The biggest news I got for you is Ravi Shankoli is still the middleweight champion after defeating Dick Army in the second round by TKO. Which saddens me because I really love Dick...... Army. In fact both title fights this week had the champion hold onto the title. Stephen Bushiri remains the champ for the Bantamweight division after his rematch with predator Burns. The last time they met the fight ended in a draw, so it was a much awaited bout. But in the rematch Stephen Bushiri dominated, losing none of the rounds against Burns.

DFN #44
Fight of the Night
Edward Kenway vs. Marco Ajax

For Edward Kenways debut he sure put on a show winning fight of the night against Marco Ajax. The first round went in favor of Marco Ajax but either his heart wasn't in it, or his conditioning is degrading because he lost the next two rounds. Kenway dominated in the clinch and was slightly better striking from the outside but overall he did an amazing job and won the fight.

Winner By decision: Edward Kenway

Larson Picker vs Don Fagaro

Larson Picker out classed Don Fagaro in a fairly short fight. Picker TKO'd Fagaro nine seconds in the second round. After seeing his performance Fagaro needs to work on his accuracy.

Winner By TKO: Larson Picker

Bill Newton vs. Guillermo Pato

I don't think Pato should of shown at this event, he surely didn't act like he wanted to be there. In his defense he did attempt to throw a few hands but none of them hit and once he was tooken down that was all there was Bill Newton made quick work of that fight. This will also be Bill Newton's second sub of the night in a row, so congratulations to him for that!

Winner By Submission: Bill Newton

DFL # 151

Peter Parker vs. Eric Staal

Peter Parker is back on his feet after two knock outs in a row, I think he'll be getting that title shot to get what was previously his. Although this knockout against Eric Staal came awfully close to the end of the second round, Parker is not a fighter to rest on laurels right before the end of a round. This comes as a set back for Eric Staal who was on a three fight win streak with his last loss being against Peter Parker. He definetly held on a bit longer this time but still couldn't beat him. This means that Peter Parker will be going against Ravi Shankoli, hopefully he's ready for that, I know I wouldn't want to fight Shankoli!

Winner By KO: Peter Parker

Gracie Allen vs. Karter Kinshaw

It's always crazy to see a fighter who dominated two rounds in a row and was on his way to winning the fight hands down by decision to get TKO'd midway through the last round. All he had to do was hold on a bit longer!! But Kinshaw couldn't do it. He landed so many more strikes to. Hell when Allen was leaving the fight he looked like a bus ran over him. It goes to show that Gracie Allen has a strong heart and the eye of a tiger, he didn't back down one bit. Knocking Kinshaw out at 2:50 of Round 3.

Winner By TKO: Gracie Allen

Lukas Hanak vs. Synyx Stall

Hanak has been calling out the lightweight division since his arrival to the DFL. He's been ignored until now, I think. This is his fourth fight in a row He's won, and to put it in perspective he's only had four fights in the DFL. Biro, give this man a title shot!! Hanak is hungry for the belt. Hanak was the much more aggressive fighter. It didn't matter if it was on the ground or on his toes he dominated the match, hopefully he can continue his good performance when fights the top of his division.

Winner By Decision: Lukas Hanak
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 11 28 282479 97 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
145 16 30 266549 126 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
155 15 30 273777 131 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
170 23 29 283064 173 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
185 20 31 245961 163 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
205 20 30 285642 171 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
265 18 30 261493 100 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
265+ 14 29 287756 119 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
Upcoming Events
DUEL#166 Andersson vs Bang 2018-06-30 New York
DFLLA#1 2018-06-30 Los Angeles
DUEL167 2018-07-07 New York
DUEL168 2018-07-07 New York
DUEL169 2018-07-14 New York
DUEL170 2018-07-14 New York
Today's Events / Recent Events
DUEL#165 Lafayette vs Denke 2018-06-23 New York
DUEL#164 Kenway vs Kinshaw 2018-06-23 New York
DUEL#163 Vee vs Napolean 2018-06-16 New York
DUEL#162 Hoffman vs Munson 2018-06-16 New York
DFN#45 Barrera vs Bang 2018-06-09 New York

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Vicente Lafayette 33
2 Edward Kenway 37
3 Albert Hoffman 45
4 Benny Andersson 54
5 Buster Napoleon 59
6 The Sigit 66
7 Shepherd Bushiri 68
8 Tyler Wrexham 83
9 Miro Bang 98
10 Brandon Vee 115
11 Bill Newton 128
12 Rama Arjuna 149
13 Dante Cross Furia 154
14 Moe Lester 164
15 Quentin DeBramalo 173
16 Eric Ashton 178
17 Venum Tree Knee Dad 191
18 Arthur Halo 223
19 Peter Parker 266
20 Jason Sturd Jr 272
Weight Name Last Win
135 Eksem Von Ketler Natural Born Killer
145 Shepherd Bushiri Eksem Von Ketler
155 Edward Kenway Karter Kinshaw
170 Vicente Lafayette Karl Denke
185 Albert Hoffman Robert Munson
205 Benny Andersson Kevin Garbutt
265 Brandon Vee Michael Proctor
265+ Dante Cross Furia Nicolas Muller

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Alexander Biro
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