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Voodoo Nutrition news history

24 Jul 16 - New Contracts Manager
Voodoo are pleased to announced that we have a new Contact manager that was employed this week. If you have any fighters in need of sponsorship please contact James Isaac Abraham (100579), who will be more than happy to welcome your fighters into team Voodoo.
This weeks winner for 10 free supps is Pratik Verma (112170), who has bagged himself 10 free units of Walter White, for being the last buyer at our random check time. Thanks for everyones support to keep us at No 1.... Keep spending :)
05 Jul 16 - Voodoo Product Giveaway
I will now be randomly going on to my weekly sales once per week and whoever is at the top of the list will get 10 free products sent direct to them!
The first winner is Ivan Ivanov! Congratulations mate.... Enjoy the gains!
27 Apr 16 - Voodoo Is Moving
Here at Voodoo Nutrition we are packing up shop and relocating to the biggest fighter base in the game to take us nearer to our customers.
Please check in on us at LAS VEGAS from now on for all your supplement needs.
06 Apr 16 - New Org Partnership Announced!
Voodoo Nutrition, the No 1 Nutrition Company right now, are delighted to announce that we are the new official sponsor of the world famous GAMMA!

Contracts will be offered out to all GAMMA fighters with an open sponsorship slot over the next couple of weeks. Anyone fighting on a GAMMA card that is sponsored by and thanks Voodoo post fight will get a 5k resign bonus and 5 of our q160 products. All you have to do is send me a link to the event commentary.

Anyone outside the GAMMA will get 5 free items sent to them for the same deal, so if you have any fighters that require sponsorship, get in contact with Andy McKenzie or Big Phil today!
05 Feb 16 - Win Merch for your fighter
To celebrate being #1 Nutrition Company Voodoo Nutrition are offering free products for any sponsored fighter that thanks Voodoo post fight.

Just message me a link to the fight that this happens in along with which products you want.

The prize will be anything between 5 and 15 products depending on the ranking of your fighter!

For new fighter sponsorships just ask.

Good luck and fight well! - #TeamVoodoo
27 Dec 15 - Partnership with GAMMA Contenders
Voodoo Nutrition is proud to announce that we are now the official Merch Partner of GAMMA Contenders and will be offering sponsorship to all fighters from this great feeder org in the coming weeks.
Remember any fighter that sends us a link to a fight where they have publicly mentioned Voodoo will get some high quality sups sent to them free of charge to ensure they are fuelled for their next fight!
19 Dec 15 - Under New Management!
Voodoo Nutrition is under new management, The Company looks great so there will be little change here. Investment into a Q160 weight loss supp will start in the next month. If anyone wants a sponsorship for any of their fighters please get in touch - 20% discount available with all sponsorships!

For any sponsored fighter that thanks Voodoo post fight, send me a link to the fight and I will send your fighter some free sups!
07 May 15 - About the Products
REDUCE ENERGY : So good it must be Witchcraft
STAMINA : Be THE ONE THAT KNOCKS with Walter Whites own, BLUE CRYSTAL SEAL OF APPROVAL labeled stamina product.
MUSCLE BULK: The DEMON 160. Name says it all, I think.
WEIGHT GAIN: CERBERUS 160. Eat like a 3 headed dog and put that weight on.

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