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Org name: Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
Fighters signed: 189
Number of events: 61
Base: Sydney
Owner: Jay Stanley
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RapidFC 28 2019-05-25 Sydney
RFC Showdown in Tokyo 8 2019-05-25 Tokyo
RapidFC 29 2019-06-01 Sydney
RFC Showdown in Tokyo 9 2019-06-01 Tokyo
RapidFC 30 2019-06-08 Sydney
Weight Name Last Win
135 Anthony Shiina Branimir Simeon
145 Chief Navajo Tamid Nasib
155 Billy Brown Harvey Stallion
170 Serhey Rishkinov Guido Turturro
185 Josu Aingeru Tony Winkle
205 Jackson Trigger Mwenye Kwadwo
265 Sven Svensson James Fusi
265+ Luis Maestre Carlton Banks

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Greetings fellow RFC managers .
We ve got quite a few new managers bringing their fighters in RFC and some of you are brand new to the MMA Tycoon world. Here are some tips that ,in my opinion, would help you out and improve your chances of a succesful career.


Flights in MMA Tycoon are off at the moment, which means that this feature is useless .Unless you want to completely move your base to another city, the flight feature is not needed...
No matter where your fighter is located ,he will be teleported to the correct location for the fight .
In the case your fighter is not at at the fight location 2 or 3 days before the fight, you will receive a message with a warning . Ignore this warning.
On the next day, the game will automatically book him a flight to the fight location.You should go to the Map page (Top right ,next to Highstreet),click on Schedule Flights and cancel it. Canceling will return 80% of the Flight costs back to your fighter.
Thats it ! All you have to do now is wait for the fight to happen.


a) Cozad Gyms are garbage ,you should move to a private gym with enough space and affordable cost.
We will make sure that all RFC fighters are paid well enough to afford training in a good gym.

b) Dont train with less than 90% energy or low morale. Rest your fighter for at least 2 sessions midweek. Buy him new clothes and keep changing them quite often in order to boost his morale.

c) Dont do 2 sparring sessions in a row and also avoid participating in sparring sessions with less than 5 people.
Dont join crowded training sessions ! Sessions with a maximum of 2 people are the best .(for secondary and physical stats). Try to join sessions with less than 4 people.

d) Using supplements will make your life easier . Stamina Supplements for conditioning training .Muscle Bulk for strenght training (aka weights) .Energy loss reduction for less energy loss after every training session .

e)Don't train with coaches which aint superior for at least 2 levels than your fighter. Try to have Exceptional coaches or better.

Extra income

a) Try to find sponsors for your fighters. Message the owner of your local Clothing or Nutrition companies and they will gladly offer a lucrative sponsorship and add cash to your fighters bank account.

b)Vote for MMA Tycoon in the ''help us'' page .


a) Scout your opponent before the fight and exploit his weak points . Check his previous fights and you ll learn a lot about his style.

b)Energy is super important to the match engine. Make sure that your fighter is at 100% energy before the fight.

I hope this helped !
Thanks and see y all in the cage .

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