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Sydney Fights Weekend Preview

Hi folks, we are ready for another big one in Sydney, a weekend packed with 3 fight cards, we'll be on PPV on Saturday and Sunday. The big one being the 265 title fight in Sydney Superdome on Sunday. This will be a biggie featuring Kona vs. Piano, perhaps the biggest KO threats in all SyFi.
Add in 2 more title fights and some big name matchups, and the Weekend is complete.

Start off with the big one:

265 title Santu Avisu Kona v Rick Piano

This is a rematch from the May title fight, that they both entered in different fashion, Kona was the undefeated challenger that time, while Piano was the record streak champ, and Piano made short work of Kona, winning by KO after 4:05. Both fighters took different directions afterwards, Kona took a 6 week break from fighting, while Piano returned to beat Shorton and Barkley for a 2nd time. Than the fight came, that changed everything. Milton Friedman entered SFC from NJMMA, and won the title in a shocking 2nd Round TKO over Piano. But Friedman wouldn't hold on to the title, he faced Kona at SyFi 100, and lost in the 2nd Round. So Kona became the champ, denying Piano his rematch with Friedman for now. As Piano wants the belt back, and after a nice break of 7 weeks now should be well prepared. Both fighters are stand up kings, and it's clear Kona has done a lot of wrestling training, to keep up with Piano. LeT's get it started......

135 title Yodsawan Sitsongrit v Dieselnoi Por Pramuk

The 3rd title defense of Yodsawan looks one, thats between him and the big fight. Daishi Kishimoto, the man Yodsawan beat to gain the title has resigned at 135, and entered a 5 week training camp, to prepare for a rematch, but before that can happen, Por Pramuk will face Yodsawan in a Thai Battle, that will see a clear cut favourite in the Champ. Yodsawan (9-2) has won 9 in a row, and 7 of them at SyFi, one of the victims was Por Pramuk, who lost to him in a 3 round decision in June. The extended distance should be no strange to Yodsawan, who took both his last fight over the 5 round distance. Dieselnoi won 4 in a row since that defeat, and manouved himself into Title Contender position. All his last 6 fights have been decisions over the full distance, the last man to submit him was Daichi Kishimoto, when Dieselnoi went for the belt the first time, and here the circle closes. Expect Yodsawan by Decision, anything else would be a big surprise.
265+ title Arn Anderson v Massive Overflow
It will be title fight No. 11 for Arn Anderson, the 3 time champ lost two of the previous 10, when Mongolian Muslim and Jim Bob McDonald borrowed his title. However Massive Overflow may be the biggest test in his career. Anderson is a submission specialist, that won all his fights by submission, and both his losses where TKOs. And that's where it should suit Massive Overflow, the fighter born in Greece, and training in London has all the Boxing quality to KO Anderson, and all the Wrestling to keep it standing. He won 4 in a row, 3 at Torcida and 1 at Syfi, beating Arn's brother Ole by TKO in Round 2 in his SyFi debut. Look for a big Ko by Overflow or a Submission by Anderson, who needs to take him down quick. I don'T expect this fight to last more than 2 rounds.

Other fights:
Saturday's Main Event sees perhaps a contenders fight at 265+, as Arn Andersons stablemate Vick Venom faces Galactor Gigantus, Venom is the clear cut No. 1 in the division, but as SyFi ordered, that the 2 similar managed fighters will not face each other, Venom needs Arn to loose to get a title shot, or clean house on his own. He now faces former EFA Champ Gigantus in his 2nd SFC fight. Gigantus a man, that lost twice to Arn Anderson, but that should be much better suited in a stand up battle with Venom.

Sundays Co-.Main Event also sees a battle at 265+ , as the man, that Venom beat last Jason Harris tried to return to winning form, against former Champ Jim Bob McDonald, where we expect a stand up battle by two remarkable boxers, that will likely look to bounce back from losses. In a fact McDonald is unbeaten in fights not involving Arn Anderson, and 1-2 against the champ.

Friday offers the return of two previous champs to the cage, at 265 Milton Friedman, the man that shocked Piano will face Bill Shorton, a fighter, that already lost to Piano twice. While Friedman is just in his 2nd SFC fight, Shorton is 7-3 in SyFi fights, with losses against only the best, with 2 losses to Piano and a loss to Dillon, while beating Yormoza Built recently.
In the CO-Main Event former 185 Champ Joey Hatton makes his 2nd appearance under new management, and wants to stay unbeaten in his new camp. He faces Ispa Mfer, a 7-2 fighter, that spent a long time at Torcida, before recently winning his SyFi debut, expect him to give Hatton a stiff test.
Talent watch on Friday says look for Thomas Bolleke, the Belgian (3-0) is a black belt allrounder, that is on many watch lists to go all for the title, if he stays at SyFi to work his way up the cards, his victi...ahem..opponent this time is 10-9 journeyman Man Itizer.

Saturday will see more ranked fighters in action outside the Mains, 8-2 Heimo Vesa will face 6-2 Boogie Rollins, both fighters had some up and downs, and are not ranked this week, but have been previously, the winner here may make a return to the 205 lineup.
At 170 9-4 Akira Harada faces 7-2 Hosep Grigorian, while both had their struggles in SyFi, but both come in on wins. Grigorian is on a 3 fight winning streak, beating some talented foes, while Harada recently beat Facundo Galley, after loosing to Kevin Daugthrey in a No. 1 Contender fight before. Daugthrey now is the 170 champ.
At 155 Nazim Bardkci enters the battle against Julius Wolf with a 3 fight win streak and a ranking position on the line, look for Bardakcis submission skills to work as his Kimura is his best weapon.

Sundays deeper card sees more 265+ action when Ross Barkley battles Wladimir Yaroslev, Barkley won his 265+ debut against Mongolian Muslim, after loosing to Piano and Kona at 265, where he saw no future. Yaroslev should be a good challenge, on a path, thats clearly destined for the title.
At 135 two ranked battles see Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit, who'll likely leave SFC after his battle with Sanka Coffie, as his Camp member Yodsawan holds the 135 title, and Chamuaknoi feels stuck at SyFi for the moment, and former Challenger Marcelo Barbosa tries to extend his 3 fight win streak, when he faces Forious Munchkin, who under new management has won his first SyFi fight, after loosing to Dieselnoi under his old management. In both fights we can see some guaranteed action.

So folks, enjoy the fight weekend, brought to you by Bullet Proof System, MMA fight gear from New York.

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