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Weekend Preview

The Big one is in front of us, after being in business for over half a year, SyFi has experimented with PPV, seen some glorious Champs being Koed, struggled with the times of others, and made some big bang cards. Now SyFi 100 is here, get ready for a monstrous event featuring the 265 and the 205 title on the Line featured on a TV near you....available on PPV......
To get ready for it on Friday SyFi 99 will already feature interesting challengers, while SyFi 101 on Sunday will flip it out.

But let's focus on the big One:

SyFi 100 Saturday, 8th September

265 Title:
Milton Friedman v Santu Avisu Kona

2 fighters that couldn't be much more different, Milton Friedman (12-3) is the undisputed SyFi Heavyweight Champion, and a ground and Pound fighter by design, his strength clearly is the takedown and hit move. He shocked everyone in the Sydney Fight world, when he beat Rick Piano by KO 3 weeks ago. Piano, who everyone thought was centered in this event, was taken down multiple times, and never got the fight going. Friedman took him by storm. Let's see how Kona will react to this, Santu Avisu Kona (9-1) is a stand up Lion by Design, he has no weakness as long as he keeps it upright, but all his preparation was centered to face Piano for a 2nd time, the man that beat him. Now he has to think , how he can keep the fight upright with Friedman, something he didn't have to worry, when beating SyFi top dogs, Dillon, Fujimoto and recently Barkley. Now all he has to worry about is Friedman, folks, wait till the lights go on Saturday, and this one will bang away......

205 title:
Melvin Comeau v Mister McNasty

Other to that the meeting of Comeau and McNasty will be the test of well known enemies. This 205 title fight will make it a trilogy, and it was already 10 spectacular rounds between the two. Comeau (14-4) is a well rounded veteran warrior, and other than the first fight with McNasty he just slashed through SyFi competiton. He defended the belt succesful for the first time recently against Marky Mark, a fight where he dominated in the standup and showed no lack of Power with a 2nd Round KO. McNasty recently beat Jamison Cassidy by a first Round TKO, to prep for this fight, where he wants his belt back. Looking back at the two fighters previous fights, it was clear, that McNasty was destined to get the damage done in the clinch, and had a strategy for it in the first fight, where Comeau won the first 3 rounds, before McNasty made him pay, and opened a deep cut.
In the rematch things developed different, Comeau kept McNasty at distance for most of the time, and the damage by McNasty was far less, so let's see how this trilogy will go, and who learnt more from the first two.

Set with this, all other fights just look like cheap warmups, oh wait we have some biggies coming in, at 265+ Massive Overflow makes his SyFi debut, former CCF Heavyweight Champ and unbeaten in 3 fights at Torcida, Overflow goes up to the biggies and want to challenge for the title, in his way Ole Anderson , brother of long time SFC champ is a veteran that always is dangerous on the ground.
At 265 Dean Malenko comes in on a 3 fight win streak from Torcida, another SyFi debutant, he'll dace SyFi veteran Angel Childress, who at 6-3 just stopped a 2 fight loss streak, and wants to work his way back.
At 185 Johnny Truth comes in from the Island and faces SyFi veteran Wagner Resende, while at 145 another Torcida refugee opens his SyFi career, when Mickey Munday faces John Mills, having won his first two at SyFi.
To add to that 4 more undercard bouts are featured.
As the weekend nears also SyFi 99 and SyFi 101 are good netted, look for Fridays Main Event sees Vick Venom (10-1) make his SyFi debut, he was the Torcida 265 and 265+ champ, and returns to the Super Heavys, where he'll face unbeaten SyFi veteran 8-0 Jason Harris, who seems to be such a dominant feature in the stand up, that his way to the top is like a cinderella story, as he didn't become a proffesional before the age of 25.
The Co Main Event on Friday sees 2 former Island fighters at 145, Ruben Nevez faces Chief Cheyenne, this makes it a trilogy between the 2, while Nevez lost both fights for the IXF title, Cheyenne was a Island standout, and was unbeaten until Round 3 of the final Tournament, now let's see, if he can make it to the top here.
Also watch for 185 unbeaten star Michel Collucci trying to keep his streak going.
On Sunday, the Light Heavys will be featured, former Challenger Marky Mark will face Jamison Cassidy, who recently lost for the first time, and while Comeau and McNasty face each other for the title, the fighters that got their L to them will face on Sunday.
In the CO-Main Heimo Vesa, who struggled at SFC opposition trys to get it back going, when facing former Island Fighter KruKru Tiptapa, who brings perhaps one of the funniest names, but need to proove his strength in the cage now.
Also at 185 Bann Harrow will face Ibrahim Camara, in a huge battle of recent winners, that want to keep their streak going. Other interesting fighters include Bull Mfer at 185, a super talent, and former Torcida 155 Champ Kevin Coburn.
So look out for a big fight weekend, that may bring the best to the Top in Sydney.

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