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Weekend Recap:
Sydney Fights welcomed a few thousand fans for 3 exciting fight nights again, and the tougher the days got, the bigger the fights. Two Title Fights and tons of challengers saw the SyFi Cages this weekend, but let's go day-by-day.

Bondi Outdoor Arena saw a clash of two uneven Heavyweight superstars, entering the ring searching a fight with the Champ and a No. 1 spot Santu Kona looked prepped by a great camp, while Travis Dillon was the one we knew, a big talent, ready for stardom, but perhaps this day came again to early. Just as in the fight with Barkley Dillon always looked a step behind. Kona was dominating the standup, put the fight into the clinch almost at will, needing a bit more than 4 minutes to finish Dillon by a clean KO. Fight fans want a Kona vs. Piano rematch, but as we heard from Konas camp, this may still be a few weeks away.
In the Co-Main Event at 135 Glass Joe made his swan song from SyFi at least for now, Glass Joe, the warrior we know faced the younger and perhaps more talented Wayne Williams, but as he did with Por Pramuk or Barbosa, he went the distance and didn't bother with tactics boxing his way to a unanimous decision, the first 135 SyFi Champ, and only beaten by Daishi Kishimoto will now look for new adventures outside SyFi.
In other action Wagner Resende made a welcomed SyFi debut, and the veteran fighter earned sub of the night honour against Niko Pukhuri. At 265+ Voshon Daniels and WladimirYaroslev, both under the same management broke loosing streaks and returned to winning form in the cage.

Fight of the night: Voshon Daniels vs Ivar The Boneless
KO of the night: Phillip Baroni
Sub of the night: Wagner Resende

The big boys shone on Saturday, when at 265+ Arn Anderson defended his belt against Galactor Gigantus. Gigantus coming in unbeaten was the face of EFA, where he defended his belt 5 times, entering SyFi a lot of talk was about Gigantus KO Power, but in the cage, Gigantus looked not as fresh as usually. Anderson took the Anderson ERA to another level, took Gigantus down and hardly wasted any time gettin the sub win. Anderson looked his old, and all over the loss vs. Muslim, which he revenged immediate. Tonight he celebrated a big win, but the hunt for the belt will continue for the challengers.
In the Co-Main Event Corey Smith jr. And Kazuma Kuwabara went the distance, both fighters not used to going that long presented their tactics, but Kuwabara couldn't get the sub on the ground, and Smith got the decision of the judges. It may not be the last time we saw this succesful youngesters cross their paths.
At 155 Gennady Golovkin and Killian Armstrong scored wins against ranked fighters, while Golovkin took Che Huu Mo the distance, Armstrong got a 2nd round KO win over former title challenger Murphy.

Fight of the night: Gennady Golovkin vs Che Huu Mo
KO of the night: Killian Armstrong
Sub of the night: Arn Anderson


The Rick Piano show was on again, with all the anticipation building Rick Piano was at it's best, almost as usual. Ross Barkley, who took him into Round 2 in their first fight was ready, and many speculated, what he'd do. Well he did about the same, try to get into the clinch and fight, but it was Piano, that set the tone, denying the clinch, and when it was on Piano outpunched Barkley, all those hits mounted to a TKO finish with 4:27 gone in Round 1. The anticipation is for a rematch with Kona, who looked that strong in his camp for Fridays fight, but for now the question remains, who can beat Rick Piano?
In the Co Main Event Blake Phoenix beat Costa Ioannou, by a TKO in Round 3, as in the first match Blake Phoenix set the tone and made clear, that he is one to be reckoned with at 205, 6 weeks of preperation after his win over Pablo Spezziale did wonders, and he looked much stronger, perhaps this time he can make a move for the 205 title.
The other Main Card fight brought 3 decision wins, Sergej Korotkiy a strong talent at 265 rebounded nicely from a loss, and remains a Top 5 contender at Heavyweight. Gootii Kuusta showed he is a worthy veteran, and always brings top performance, when entering the SFC cage.
In the Main Card Opener, Philip Zieske showed he currently is a 145 force to be reconed with, as he beat the talented Remi Dacourt, who got his first defeat handed.

Fight of the night: Sergey Korotkiy vs Stefan Harpik
KO of the night: Lyoto Parks
Sub of the night: no submission win

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