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GAMMA: May Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham

Org name: Global Association of MMAô
Fighters signed: 85
Number of events: 786
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
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GAMMA#759 Kruger v Sissypants 2019-02-23 Los Angeles
GAMMA#760 LA 2019-03-02 Los Angeles
GAMMA#761 LA 2019-03-09 Los Angeles
GAMMA#762 LA 2019-03-16 Los Angeles
GAMMA#763 LA 2019-03-23 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
145 Gareth Keenan Selfie Lord
155 Edward Kenway Pat Verbeek
170 Lee Sin Dao Sonnen
185 Pablo MaraÁon Big Guns
205 Rudi Dassler Donsone DeNeville
265 Hennan Hoyce Charles DaCoca
265+ Dustin Kruger Jason Steele

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Middleweight Bout
Razmig Grigorian vs Rupert Blasts

Grigorian has been on fire as of late. The former Daredevils MMA Middleweight Champion has never lost a fight since his first and only loss in his MMA debut. Heís now moved up to a bigger competition by joining GAMMA. In turn, he faced GAMMA veteran in Rupert Blasts who keeps running around the top 100-200 P4P, waiting for his shot at the title.

Grigorianís KO power is devastating with 13 out of his 14 wins were finished by KO. Rupertís chin was no joke but Grigorian managed to KO him in just 2 rounds. Grigorianís efficient and deadly strikes got him the KO. Blasts got rocked in the first round and that may have affected the rest of the match.

With this, Grigorian breaks through the top 25 P4P. Great fighter and we must keep an eye on him.

Result: Grigorian by 2nd round TKO

Welterweight Superfight
Musta Laine (GAMMA) vs Euphegen Doubdtfire (CEC)

Another treat for us MMA fans as we get to witness a top level superfight in another GAMMA vs CEC superfight. GAMMA welterweight champ Musta Laine faced the reigning CEC featherweight and bantamweight champ Euphegen Doudbtfire. This is the first time that these future legends have faced each other.

We donít always get a chance to see two well rounded fighters go against each other. In the match, Doubdtfire was more aggressive and accurate in striking all throughout, getting more strikes thrown and landed. Doubdtfire controlled the match with a balance of striking and ground tactics, giving him the judgesí nod. Another key factor right there was the clinch game which Euphegen won this time. Laine was the more aggressive ground fighter, with near sub attempts that just did not pull through. In the end, there is always a winner and Euphegen got the unanimous victory.

Doubdtfire stands tall at #2 P4P falling behind Kimbo while Laine will look to defend his title once again sooner or later.

Result: Doubdtfire by Unanimous Decision


Superheavyweight Title
Bubba Gumption vs Dustin Kruger

After a loss to the top P4P fighter Kimbo Slice, Gumption defended his title against the challenger Kruger. Kruger has been to different top level organizations and he has now landed in GAMMA looks to grab the belt against Gumption. With the surge in rankings, and defeating the former champ Gerbert Bryant, Kruger has earned his right to the title in just his 2nd match in GAMMA.

It was a very slow paced match as both fighters looked to get the best opportunity. The match was closely contested until Kruger got the finish. Round 1 was so close and most likely was won by Gumption despite being knocked down by Kruger. Gumption quickly retaliates and won the round instead. The second round was more of Kruger. The 3rd ended early in favor of Kruger after a wonderful knockdown and finish. Krugerís head strikes played a huge role in this one as it broke through Gumptionís chin.

Kruger handed Gumption his 2nd straight loss, putting him down to #48 P4P. Kruger gets a significant boost to #16 P4P. Iíd expect a rematch sooner or later.

Result: Kruger wins Super Heavyweight Title via 3rd round Submission (Strikes)


Middleweight Title
Saul Goodman vs Hector Verama

The most awaited rematch between these two great fighters have come so quickly. The match that ended via Draw needed to be done as soon as possible for closure.

As expected, it was another one hell of a good match. A close one too. Striking skills were evident for both fighters, and we could see that their chins are also hard as hell going through the full length of the match. Even I wouldnít be sure who won that given that they were almost equal in the match. However, Goodman may have took some more points on his clinch attempts defended and his slightly more aggressive striking. Excellent cage control there by the champ. I bet it was really hard for the judges to decide but in the end, the champ got the nod.

Result: Goodman retains Middleweight Title via Split Decision

CEC 589

Light Heavyweight Superfight
Menace Defoe (GAMMA) vs Sergey Beznisko (CEC)

Another episode of the GAMMA vs CEC rivalry and in CEC 589 we featured GAMMA LHW champ Defoe going against CEC LHW champ Beznisko. Beznisko comes with a great win against Evil Nixon in the star studded event Supernova VIII and shortly after he faces a future legend in Menace Defoe. Both were ranked the top 2 LHW fighters in the world and an exciting match is surely in the books.

The match was going how Beznisko exactly wanted it to be. His great grappling and ground game gave him the edge and all he needed to do was time his clinch and TD attempts. All in all, Beznisko successfully took down Defoe 5 times, clinched Defoe 9 times, and had more strikes landed. Smart play by the CEC champ, defeating the legend Defoe.

Bezniskoís 2 recent wins has boosted him way up, and is now back to #4 P4P. Defoe slides down to #17 P4P, garnering only his 5th loss at age 32. Both champs now head back to their home organizations to defend their respective titles. Iíd want a rematch sooner or later between these two.

Result: Beznisko via Unanimous Decision

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