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SyFi - Weekend Recap

Org name: Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Fighters signed: 0
Number of events: 182
Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
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Weight Name Last Win
135 Yodsawan Sitsongrit Dohn Jodson
145 Petdee Sitsongrit Diego Escobar
155 Petdee Sitsongrit Fiyero Lermontov
170 Gideon Navarro Ricardinho Vieira
185 Iso Paa Arthur Menezes
205 Blake Phoenix Jamison Cassidy
265 Hip Hop Ross Barkley
265+ Ross Barkley Maxim Popov

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The biggest weekend in SFC history so far concluded Sunday in a 170 rating bang pushing SFC in the 20th ranking spot globally at least for 3 days till Wednesdays card. 5520 viewers attended the first card at Bondi Outdoor Arena, but step by step:

2000 people in Hiyashis Lounge saw Justin Sane collect an upset win on SFC established Xavier Merlin in the Main Event, Sane won his SFC debut, and pushed himself to a high spot in the rankings(to be revealed tommorow) at 155. In the Co-Main Event Aulis Homelius scored a Decision win over Kalmin Maltsuri, while Santana, Bardakci and Childress all manifested their Top 10 spots in the respective Weight Classes.

Fight of the night: Dax Baxter vs Nick Holey
KO of the night: Fiyero Lermontov
Sub of the night: Keon Fazeli

Once again 2000 viewers packed Hiyashis Lounge for the first title fight of the weekend. 265+ Icon Arn Anderson made his 2nd succesful title defense, by submitting Voshon Daniels in the Main Event. In other Action Pinched Nerve cemented his No.2 spot and challenger status with a win over Marcelo Barbosa. While at 265+ Jim Bob McDonald punched himself a ticket to the next title fight against Anderson by beating Gandolf Schmidt.

Fight of the night: Pinched Nerve vs Marcelo Barbosa
KO of the night: Connor Joieson
Sub of the night: Lotus Flower

The big one at Bondi Outdoor Arena saw 12 ranked fighters, 2 title fights and some heavy KOs.
In the Main Event it was Rick Piano defending his belt for the 2nd time, and Gyoku Fushimoto made it beyond the 3rd minute(!!), the first time that was achieved by a fighter at SFC, but Rick Piano banged the KO at 3:25, remaining a top the 265 division. At 185 again it was Big Asznee defending his belt submitting Sergei Bumanov, who spotted more talent in the TOT, but in the end was on the loosing side, as everyone at SFC before. At 170 Kevin Daughtrey qualified for the next title fight with a win over Akira Harada. At 205 "King of Trash Talk" Lars Hard proved his words by beating Tristan Farsight.

Fight of the night: Lars Hard vs Tristan Farsight
KO of the night: Chakrii Weecharangsan
Sub of the night: Big Asznee

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