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EPGH Weekly Aloha Nov 8th 2017

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 65
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Jay Veers
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Caul Rogba

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EPGH Weekly Aloha
● EPGH Glory King Grand Prix Kickboxing Tournament Information and How to Enter
With a month left prior to the start of our first KT tournament I would like to encourage people to sign up.
What Fighters can enter?
Any Fighters 320k and above are welcome to enter whether your fighter is specifically created for Kickboxing or not. He can also already be signed to an EPGH contract and actively compete in a weight class and will not harm or improve your standings within that division. Fighter must have also had a minimum of 1 fight prior to entering the tournament.
How Many Fighters Will this tournament hold?
Despite the initial dream of holding a tournament with over 32 contestants I feel like there just isn't enough demand. So were going to plan for a 8 man tournament with the hopes of having a full 16 man field.
What are the prizes?
Rewards for the winner include:
150k Grand Prize Award of which may grow by the time the tournament begins.
10k Sponsorship deals from Mockstar Energy and Fanatic Inc.
10k Bonus for the winner if he weighs over 265 or weighs less than 170.
Winner of the First EPGH Glory Crown (I have a crown style trophy made)
First EPGH Openweight Kickboxing Champion.
Other Rewards Include:
25k for 2nd place
5k for 3rd place
1k bonus for OTN Awards
1k Bonus For Fight of The Tournament
1k Bonus for fastest KO
1K Bonus for a win by a fighter weighing over 265 or under 170.
How many Rounds per a fight and for how long?
Fights will consist of 35 minute rounds with Semi-Final and Finals fights consisting of 55 rounds.
What will the contracts for the tournament look like?
First Round Contracts will be 2 fight deals consisting of 1k/1k/1k
From there payouts will increase by 1k (for both base and win bonus) per round.
How Long Between Fights?
A month between all fights
When will the first round take place?
Friday December 3rd
Can I train before and during the tournament?
Yes you can also test him in qfc fights if you want prior to round 1 until a week from the start of the tournament.
Bracket will be randomized and announced a week prior to the first round and the names and id numbers of fighters will not be released until then.
Also along with this tournament EPGH would like to announce that in an effort to further promote KT throughout the game were offering monthly KT Creation test fights where at the very least you can test hiddens without worrying about going to the ground. If he does well I might just offer him another KT fight or 2. Fighters signed to MMA deals are also encouraged to fight at these events.
EPGH 3 Wonder vs Rogba
I would like to announce our first EPGH Event with names on the billing. Congratulations to both fighters for being apart of this honor and good luck in the fight.
Curtis vs Westfield to the wayside
The original fight that was supposed to headline EPGH 3 has been possibly postponed and put on hold until Westfields manager returns. Until then Frank Curtis will fight for tge Light Heavyweight title on the SNPF: Brazil card on the 2nd of December. The next 2 weeks will be crucial in deciding a new opponent for Frank Curtis.
Ippo Possible KT Fight?
Current EPGH Lightweight Champion Makonouchi Ippo has been in talks about a possible KT fight, but that isn't the most interesting part of this whole story as another Lightweight champion (who I will decline to use a name) from outside of EPGH has also expressed interest in a possible KT fight. Who wouldn't love to see a champ vs champ KT fight?
EPGH KT Test Fights
Also in order to fill out the EPGH Glory Crown Grand Prix Cards we will be offering KT Test fights to non Grand Prix Competitors. We will try our best to have you fight someone close in weight compared to you, but no guarantees as spots will be limited and will be given on first come first serve basis. KT Test contracts will be for one fight 0/500$/500$ afterwards based on performance you might be invited to participate in further Openweight KT Fights.
Status of KT Within EPGH
Personally of all the events thought our first KT event was by far the most fun event to read from top to bottom (despite the mma events that sandwiched it being pretty darn good too) great KO's and solid back and forth contests really sold me on why we need to continue on with this project. Maybe one day we can split into 2 and have 2 EPGH's one for MMA and another for KT, but for now with the lack of dedicated KT fighters within each division (let alone any 320k fighters with a good amount of KT hype) were starting to build a pretty good KT building block for the newer generation of KT fighters.
Bet Kamahamaha Demise
Despite marginal success booking I've decided it's a waste of my personal time and resources of which could be better used to improve the org rather than hoping people choose the wrong person to win. The risk to reward wasn't very good, which really didn't help neither.
Island Competitors
EPGH will be opening it's doors to the top 320k ID Island talent. If you think you were the shit on the island, then try your luck on a real Island! And become a true Hawaiian Warrior!
Humble Talks
A great member of the community has gone out of his way to conduct interviews of some fighters and managers from around the Tycooniverse. There's even one with yours truly, so check it out . There all good reads and the Interviewer did a fantastic job! A link to the thread in the Tycoon forum will be posted underneath.
Thank You Humble Greco for the Interview!
● Night of Glory 1 Quick Preview
Our first Kickboxing event was awesome, head kick ko, back and forth fist fights taking people to the limit. We had our first look at many fighters competing in next months Glory Crown Grand Prix, though sadly I can confirm that it does not look like perennial favorite Joe Marino who won the main event this weekend via a stunning spinning back fist against a very game and capable Reese Worthington. Will not be returning for the tournament due to his manager going awol. Nevertheless there's still a lot of great fighters who fought at this event. Among the most impressive outside of Joe Marino other fighters who looked mighty impressive and looked to be serious contenders to win the Glory Crown if they were to enter.
Jonah Snow had the first Head Kick Victory in EPGH resulting In KO of the night honors.
In a fight that featured a pair of Flyweights competing against one another Levi Swagger came out victorious against a very good opponent in a fight that could have easily gone the other way at any moment.
Other winners on the night include Prakash Singh, Eddie Sevilla, Rick Piano, Frank Winston, Frank Dux Jr, and The Pickle King I would like to congratulate all of the Night of Glory 1 winners!
● SNPF: Japan Quick Preview
Best part was that was just an appetizer for the weekends festivities! SNPF: Had not only the Inaugural EPGH Lightweight Championship fight but to get you totally pumped you got Rogba vs Brad Page in a fight to death (amazingly no one did), and even before that was a fight between Ares Zylo and Bobby Baccalieri that actually stole the show and took the Fight of the Night honors away from Rogba and Page before they even set foot in the ring (and they tried to steal it back).
Other big winners include
James Lancaster who positions himself ahead of the pack in the Lightweight title race with a submission victory this weekend. But that doesn't matter says Jay Veers as he has been put on the record stating that Lancaster has yet to earn his rematch with champion Ippo but says he will be challenged to prove his worthiness for a rematch with title implications.
Francisco Junior has won his 3rd straight fight in EPGH by submission, though non were all that impressive Junior has shown the ability to put away opponents placed in front of him. With the current depth of the middleweight division it will be interesting to see whether or not he'll get a title shot against the winner of this weeks Middleweight title fight between Sanchez and Noseflame.
Both John Smith and Hungarian Hotdog entered title contention with tko victories, and look to continue their dominance to prove worthy of a title shot.
Other Winners include Billy Lakota, Igor Kuznetmedov, and Amish Mehra (all three blue chip prospects could easily say these were big wins as well.)
● What to Watch 4
From now on instead of going through the entire weekends events with a preview I'll just list some fights to look out for with possible title implications or something that strikes my attention.
UFF: Sydney
A whole bunch of good fights on this event starting with the first ever EPGH Middleweight title fight including Girkul Noseflame vs Miguel Sanchez in what looks to be an interesting fight between fighters who are undefeated in 10 fights between the both of them.
Bobby Chief is looking to win his sixth fight in a row in a fight that could earn him a title shot
Former DSOF Lightweight Champion Matthew Theil looks to snap his 2 fight losing streak underneath the EPGH umbrella.
Saturday Night Pride Fights 6
Darren Altmen vs Gunnar Bjorkson may be the fight that determines who faces the winner of next weeks Bantamweight title fight.
With no one standing out in the Flyweight division to this point Ricky Stephenson could find himself in the drivers seat and cement his name in a title fight with an impressive victory this weekend.
Blayze Sommer requested a title shot after his last fight. It will be interesting to see how he approaches this fight, and could possibly earn himself a #1 contenders fight against Lancaster to face Ippo with a win.
● Sponsors
Mockstar Energy Drinks
Fanatic Inc.
Helsinki Extreme Fightware

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