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Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 64
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Sana Ic
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Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Cesar Colnago

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SNPF: Japan Preview
• Follow #EPGH on Buzz
EPGH would like to invite everyone to enjoy buzz. MMA Tycoons very own twitter like social media platform. You can log in and out between your manager's identity and your fighters (really good way for fighters to talk crap among one another.) You can participate by going to buzz in the main menu and it will take you straight to your managers personal buzz profile. To change between your fighters at the top of the screen there will be a red bar on the red bar it will say (me v) click on that to change who you are acting as through buzz. Spread #EPGH and make EPGH a top trending hashtag. EPGH is wonderful but it's missing more interaction from managers with the org, who knows maybe a new rivalry is born through buzz.
I will be releasing new posters, announcing new events, And Highlight Individual EPGH fighters with the possibility of doing live interviews in the future, possibly troll an org or 2, who knows but EPGH is determined to become the most fun org in MMA Tycoon. All of this will be through the org buzz feed so follow EPGH on buzz for all the latest happenings!
• Possible Loosening of ID Restriction
I would love for as many opinions on this matter as possible.
I think it would be plausible to allow certain fighters older than 320k to fight within EPGH.
Older Creations from 317+ and up who have shown minimal improvement are the main beneficiaries along with possibly some really slow learning projects around 318+ could possibly gain admittance.
Please let me know if you think this could be a good or bad idea, please explain why aswell.
• EPGH Kickboxing
Still looking for more fighters to compete in the Glory Crown Grand Prix. Contact Jay Veers for more information!
Not interested in the Glory Crown but wanna try out Kickboxing? Feel free to contact Jay Veers for more information on how you can test out KT!
• EPGH & The Island
If you have a fighter who is currently on the Island that you would like to continue his career with off the Island then feel free to contact me about possible contract options once the season is over.
• Org Improvements
If there's anything you can think of in order to improve the overall EPGH experience please PM me! We are constantly striving to improve!
Saturday Night Pride Fights: Japan Preview
• EPGH & Bushido
As chairman of EPGH I want to not only move into the future but I would like to honor the past within the Tycooniverse itself. With that said Bushido recently closed it's doors and despite the fact I was never apart of the org itself, I think of EPGH running in a very similar fashion and I see Bushido as a blueprint of success for EPGH . Granted Bushido had much better artwork (Rei is better than I at posters) but I feel the spirit is the same. With all this said I would like to declare SNPF: Japan a tribute to Bushido. Goodluck to all the fighters participating in this wonderful event!
• Main Event (Lightweight Title Fight)
Makonouchi Ippo who's bio reads Rising from a fish boat captain life, Ippo started boxing at a local gym after being saved from a beating by another boxer. Since then he always wanted to become stronger, just to know himself. Seven years later he keeps walking that road, wearing some serious heavy punches along the way.
Hopefully he learned how to avoid quick submissions along that way otherwise it could become a rather rude homecoming for Ippo (Who's fighting in front of his home crowd.) But thus far it would hardly surprise me if Ippo completely turned the table on Isaac Sparks (who's manager got deleted Smash I know your out there you suck for accepting a fight then deleting your account) Goodluck to Ippo (would wish Sparks luck, but he's manager less and need him to lose can't have a title on someone manager less)
• Co-Main Event
Our Co-Main Event of the evening may very well be the best fight to date underneath the EPGH banner and features 2 deadly heavy hitters in Caul Rogba and Brad Page in a fight that is almost guaranteed to finish by way of KO/TKO. I would like to announce that the Muffin Man himself Muffin Wonder is personally watching this fight and that EPGH Chairman Jay Veers has been reported saying “Muffin Wonder will move to the Heavyweight Division and is seeking possibly unifying the Super Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles. The winner of Rogba vs Page may very well determine who faces him to become the first EPGH Heavyweight Champion.”. Rogba who's nickname is Octopus may have some hands but his nickname might give a good idea on what else he could possibly bring to the table. Has won 4 straight contests by tko/ko and finds himself in the top 3k in p4p rankings as he gets ready to fight “One Punch” Brad Page who has definetly lived up to his nickname by going 3-0 all by tko/ko within the first minute of the first round. Regardless of who wins The Muffin Man could have his hands full in his next fight!
• 0-0 vs 0-0
At this event we have 2 fights between fighters without any professional combat sport contests. One is scheduled prior to the nights co-main event while the other is scheduled earlier in the night. Due to the great many of unknowns surrounding all 4 of these competitors and not much to really wrote about I'll just wish all 4 competitors goodluck in your first pro fight Ares Zylo, Bobby Baccalari, Allanah Perkins, and Amish Mehra!
• Mcinnes vs Smith
In this fight were looking at Gavin “The Destroyer” Mcinnes trying to regain a winning record against a journeyman thus far in his young career and has gone from independent qfc fights to the highly ranked CEFC org where he managed to forge a 1-1 record. But after his first CEFC win he's gone cold and is looking to regain his footing. But with Mcinnes being a submission specialist (a weakness for smith) he's got a good chance to gain his second win of which a ko/tko from smith could easily derail those ambitions.
• Greek God vs Orilhina Junior
Looking to make a huge impact in his first EPGH fight against one of the bigger stars in the org thus far in our young history. With 2 submission victories in his first 2 fights Orelhina as I like to call him looks to continue to push his momentum upwards while Greek God looks to prove why his parents game him such a seemingly dumb name on paper. Word out from his camp is that he's 100% legit and is seeking to prove his worth with a huge splash!
• Beef Cake BEEF CAKE!
The moment Beef Cake signed an EPGH contract all I could hear is legions of EPGH fans screaming BEEF CAKE like Cartmen in that one old South Park Episode where he gets really fat (much fatter than normal). It's actually funny now thinking about it due to his opponents name. So I guess it begs the question….. Will Beef Cake eat the Hotdog? Or will he be alergic to Hungarian spices and gain a swollen face?
Along with all the other storylines heading into Saturdays fights this one is one of the more intriguing despite the age old archetype of Uncle Sam vs Mother Russia in Marshall Taylor vs Igor Kuznetmodov or as they call him in Russia simply “THE MACHINE!”. But Marshall will be determined to lay the “Black Hammer” down on The Machine! By not only winning but giving The Machine The First Loss!
• Great Great Grandson of a Legend Debuts!
Billy “LittleBigHorn” Lakota looks to make his EPGH debut which has seemed highly hyped debut against Christian Shaw who is looking for his first EPGH win and is trying to show the world that family legacy means absolutly nothing!
• Show Opening Banger!
Saturday's show opener is possibly the best opener in EPGH's very short history thus far. As the son of a Hawaiian chief Soitoi Wanalaiiea takes on the brother of EPGH Welterweight Title contender Nick Lancaster his name is James Lancaster. Earlier today some harsh words were shared on Buzz by Soitoi who proclaimed the following “Your brother may have won and recieved a cheap title shot against an even cheaper has been but you'll get your ass whooped like I've done the other 2! #EPGH#LANCASTERSSUCK” despite the lack of respinse thus far by James Lancaster you can certainly tell tension is brewing beneath the surface of this fight practically guaranteeing fireworks to start the show.
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