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Weekly Aloha + October Rankings

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 65
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Jay Veers
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Caul Rogba

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EPGH Weekly Aloha + Top 5 Rankings
EPGH Glory Crown Grand Prix News
• The end of registration for the Glory Crown Grand Prix is a month away and we are still looking for fighters to join this tournament. Fighters of all ages are welcome to join so long as they are 320k ID restricted. Grand Prize is 150k plus more in incentives with a month in between rounds. More information is posted in the mma tycoon forum at the following url.
• I would like to thank all the managers taking part in our first KT Event especially for testing fighters for the Glory Crown Tournament next Friday! Goodluck in all of your fights this coming up weekend!
EPGH Orgwide News
• Congratulations! Muffin Wonder and his manager for winning the first (and last) EPGH Super Heavyweight Championship. Too bad it will be the last fight at the Super Heavyweight Division, none the less we wish him goodluck regardless of his future path.
• would like to introduce Raichu Kong as our Recruiting Director we would like to congratulate him for gaining the position and wish him goodluck in recruiting new talent into Elite Pride Glory and Honor!
• Bantamweight Title Fight has been announced at Ultimate Fighting Friday 2 in Hilo, Hawai'I between Snake Duanesboy vs Jill Bill on the 17th of November. This is the third title fight announced and is the highest rated (p4p wise) of any EPGH title fight thus far. Goodluck in preparation towards the fight!
• Monthly Awards
• We will now be giving away the following monthly awards starting this month you may nominate canidat (s) by replying to this newsletter with your opinion on who should win each award. Rewards will be 2k per an award. Awards will include.
• Upset of the Month
• Fight of the Month (1k each)
• Sub of the Month
• KO of the Month
• You will not be allowed to vote for yourself
• If No votes are cast then I'll appoint my own winners of each awards
Monthly Award Sponsor
• EPGH is now looking for a Monthly Award Sponsor Sponsor would need to at least match the monthly award cash prize for each monthly award once a month. I would like each award earned would = around 5k. In return you'll join Mockstar, HXF, and Fanatic Inc. As one of EPGH's prized sponsors and will be mentioned in the weekly Aloha, added to the sponsors section, get your logo on EPGH posters.
EPGH Weekly Tips
• Last week I talked about Fighter Bios and noticed a lot of change in that department with our fighters so with that in mind I think I'll continue running this feature this week ill be talking mentors.
• As much as I would love to help each and every person with the intricacies of the game I would like to note that I myself am a noob. Yeah I know, I know so much (Not one bit). I only know so much because of mentors. Without the 2 mentors I've had during my last few months playing this game I'd be a chicken running around with it's head cut off (still do sometimes). What is a mentor? A mentor is a experienced player of this game that has volunteered to personally coach new players the finer points of the game. Everything from sliders to how training works to even how auto flights work. A good mentor you can ask any question and get a helpful answer no question too stupid. The best part is they're rewarded by your success so they have a good reason to help aside from just being a good Samaritan. If your interested in gaining a Mentor feel free to check out the following url.
EPGH 2 Quick Review
• This review will cover both Friday and Saturdays events as one.
• Ginekes Poutanes vs Kimbo Ferguson jr was by far the best fight of EPGH's young history. If the year ended today that fight would gain the organizations fight of the year award for sure. It was a heck of a slugfest with both fighters getting rocked and Ginekes coming out on top by tko. Though Kimbo lost he shouldn't hang his head in that effort. This fight is Ginekes second really good showing in as many EPGH fights and really is making a name for himself in this division. This fight won Saturdays EPGH 2 events Fight of the Night
• As stated before Muffin Wonder defeated Norris Norton to claim his second Super Heavyweight Title. Not only did he win but he beat the odds as he was not the favorite to win this bout for whatever the reason be and boy did he make his haters pay. Now the question remains will he move on to join NJMMA's newly established Super Heavyweight Division? Rumors also have it that EPGH President Jay Veers is interested in trying to talk Wonder into moving down to Heavyweight and challenge for the Heavyweight Title.
• Frank Curtis for the second EPGH numbered event showed why he should be the highest ranked fighter of all the great talent in EPGH. Though his tko victory over Yushin Sakuraba didn't win him any OTN honors it did keep his great momentum rolling towards the inevitable Light Heavyweight Title shot that he has so rightfully earned to this point.
• Nick Lancaster and Blayze Sommer both called out for a title shot, while Sommers claim is suspect for the time being despite winning sub of the night honors (great job!) Lancasters point is pretty concrete and is only a matter of who he'll face for that soon to be prestigious EPGH title.
• Blaze Max won a stunning upset in Fridays Prelims Main Event suddenly rising way up in the rankings to just below 3k. Beating James Maverick was unexpected but that's what EPGH is all about proving the doubters wrong! Good job!
• Winners from the prelims include Stephen Ando, Baron Von Deusche, Ethan Adams, and Varun Kumar, Big RodmanShaq , Titus Branch, Silvio Dante, and Alberto Morya. Goodluck to all of these fighters in there next contests.
• Winners from EPGH 2 Include Coach Eddie Boxing with a great showing of his overall abilities. Ryan Shawcross who won by unanimous decision to bring his record to 3-5. Merlyn Myrkchur followed up a draw in his last fight with a decision victory. While New Beginning, Alfred Deangelis, and Indian Icecapades all won in convinving fashion by tko.
• Highest Event Rating 89.98 EPGH 2
End of the Month Organizational Overview
• We are solid as a rock financially, still just cutting even on show expenses but that is definitely heading in the right direction. Between gfx, bookmaking, and donations were doing good.
• Were going to finish this month second behind DSOF among 320k restricted orgs in hype which is a shame. But were gaining ground fast and we have some good events planned that hopefully might put us over them in the rankings.
• I'm getting a lot of support from a variety of different managers from different experience levels and all the cooperation I receive and everything to make everything work is much appreciated. At the end of the day I just bring you together, organize it all, promote it and repeat.
• My overall thoughts are that were doing great and will only improve with time. We've made a ton of progress with regards to divisional title pictures, but overall I feel good about how this is going and hope it continues to trend in an upwards direction.
October Rankings
I just want to say that before reading these rankings please keep in mind this is based off fighters current p4p ranking, current record, and record within EPGH. This is meant to be a rough idea of the current title picture in each division.
• 135 lbs Bantamweight
1. Jill Bill 6-0
2. Snake Duanesboy 4-1
3. Gunnar Bjorkson 2-0
4. Darren Altmen 2-0
5. Pocong Kranang 2-0
6. Baron Von Deusche 2-0
7. Roderick Strong 2-2
8. G.I. Jane 1-0
9. Angus Mcdonald 1-2
10. Dirty Thrower 3-1
• 145 lbs Featherweight
1. Ricky Stephenson 3-1
2. Jamaican Jam 2-0
3. Ryan Hadley Jr 3-0
4. Roman Boesku 2-0
5. Stephen Ando 3-0
6. Silvio Dante 1-0
7. New Beginning 1-1
8. Steven Bonner 1-0
9. John Penn 4-2
10. Julio Ramirez 2-1
• 155 lbs Lightweight
1. Makonouchi Ippo 4-0
2. Isaac Sparks 2-0
3. James Lancaster 3-1
4. Blayze Sommer 2-1
5. Soitoi Wanalaiiea 2-0
6. Matthew Theil 3-2
7. Nathan Boudreax 1-0
8. Alfredo DeAngelis 2-1
9. Entin Zulu 2-1
10. Amish Mehra 0-0
• 170 lbs Welterweight
1. Nick Lancaster 4-0
2. Brantley Carter 5-0
3. Hungarian Hotdog 2-0
4. Indian Icecapades 2-0
5. Jansen Harumafuji 2-1
6. Pavel Schwartz 2-1
7. Marshall Taylor 2-0
8. Muhammed Zaffrain 3-1
9. Lyfe Wrecker 2-2
10. Beef Cake 1-0
• 185 lbs Middleweight
1. Girkul Noseflame 4-0
2. Miguel Sanchez 6-0
3. Francisco Junior 2-0
4. Coach Eddie Boxing 4-2
5. Richard Tuffenuff 4-0
6. Varun Kumar 2-0
7. Leighton Davis 3-0
8. Kabala Magaluff 2-0
9. Denis Gautier 2-0
10. Bryan Beckett 1-0
• 205 lbs Light Heavyweight
1. Frank Curtis 5-0
2. Travis Westfield Jr 5-0
3. Ginekes Poutanes 3-1
4. Lars Van De Riet 5-0
5. Alistair Velasquez 3-0
6. Tank Ispa 2-0
7. Kimbo Ferguson Jr 3-1
8. Sylvester Stallion 3-1
9. Merlin Mykchur 2-0-1
10. Sergey Beznisko 1-0
• 265 lbs Heavyweight
1. Caul Rogba 5-0
2. Mikael Joshua 3-0
3. Brad Page 3-0
4. Bobby Chief 5-0
5. Blaze Max 2-0
6. Killer Machine 4-0
7. Billy Lakota 1-0
8. James Maverick 4-2
9. Ryan Hadley 2-1
10. Robert Dzerkalis 4-2
• EPGH Pound 4 Pound Rankings (Based on Rank of opponents, finishes over decisions, win streak, record)
1. Frank Curtis 5-0 Light Heavyweight
2. Makonouchi Ippo 4-0 Lightweight
3. Jill Bill 6-0 Bantamweight
4. Nick Lancaster 4-0 Welterweight
5. Muffin Wonder 5-0 Super Heavyweight
6. Girkul Noseflame 4-0 Middleweight
7. Travis Westfield Jr. 5-0 Light Heavyweight
8. Miguel Sanchez 6-0 Middleweight
9. Brantley Carter 5-0 Welterweight
10. Snake Duanesboy 4-1 Bantamweight
Honorable Mentions: Isaac Sparks, Alistair Velasquez, Bobby Chief, James Lancaster, Mikael Joshua, Ricky Stephenson, Gunnar Bjorkson
• Monthly Rankings Overview
Well my first initial thoughts are that the Middleweight, LHW, and Heavyweight Division is stacked and has some really good depth beyond just the top ten which will make for some really interesting fights in the coming months within those divisions as fighters try to separate themselves from the pack and claim a EPGH championship. Outside of those divisions is where things are really interesting as Welterweight and lightweight both a fairly top heavy with little depth in sight as far as exciting prospects go at least how it looks so far with those records. Featherweight is a complete mess being the only division failing to secure a fighter in the top 10 p4p within the org but regardless of that the division looks healthy and seems to have started gaining some traction with Stephenson’s win this weekend.
• Monthly Divisional Rankings
These rankings are to rank the overall competitiveness within each division during the last month
1. Lightweight
2. Middleweight
3. Heavyweight
4. Light Heavyweight
5. Bantamweight
6. Welterweight
7. Featherweight
As a whole we saw the most competition from the Lightweights as Isaac Sparks stole Matthew Theils show and proceeded to impress in his next bout, all while Makonouchi Ippo won 2 fights within a 2 week period by tko and submission . Definitely the most Eventful Division by far.
• Helsinki Extreme Fightware need cheap clothes? Get cheap clothes!
• Mockstar Energy Drinks bringing you the best 160q sups in the game bro!
• Fanatic Inc. For the illest threads go to Fanatic Inc.

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