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EPGH Weekly Aloha 10/23/17

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 65
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Jay Veers
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Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Caul Rogba

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EPGH Weekly Aloha 10/23/17
• Weekly News & Review
Going to start calling the weekly News and Review the Weekly Aloha to reflect EPGH's base location (Hilo, Hawai'I) and the Hawaiian theme that will become a staple to EPGH artwork much like Japanese/samurai culture was to Bushido.
• EPGH Glory Crown Grand Prix News
Still accepting entrants for the Glory Crown Grand Prix cut off date for entry is 11/25/2017 please test whoever you plan to enter prior to asking for a opening round contract.
Opening round deals will be increased to 0/1k/1k deals all other round specific contracts will stay the same.
Grand Prize has been increased to 150k (plus other incentives.) Grand prize is still subject to increase.
Goodluck to our first KT event fighters on the 3rd of November. Maybe our first Glory Crown Grand Prix winner will be competing in this event!
More further information on the Glory Crown Grand Prix Openweight Kickboxing Tournament please refer to the following link.
• Org Recruiter/Assistant
As you can see I do quite a lot for this org, but I could use some help with the day to day running of the org. Nothing all that much mainly just sending out contracts to start see how we can communicate as a unit along with my Senior Advisor Lucky Lefty. The reason why I need this done and that I need help is because I want to have a really large roster of fighters so guys can afford to take a rest and train at a month or month and a half time here and there. Another huge factor is to avoid rematches as much as possible If your interested in the position pay to start will be 10k with future possible increase based on performance and possible increase in job responsibility. Please contact Jay Veers with a PM titled Assistant Resume with anything regarding the following information.
How long you've been playing the game
VIP? (Not trying to pay for someone elses vip atm so if your in it for that gtfo!)
What else could you potentially bring to the table regarding the running of EPGH (This could include a gym, clothing/nutrition company, hard work ethic, connections (outside of lod), ability to make gfx, experience running a fed). I do not want your fighters that doesn't count as something you can offer the org.
Why is it that you want to be apart of this org?
Your goal in this game?
Please answer what you can, guys who are new to the game are just as likely to gain the job as anyone else. Also would prefer if you weren't a LOD member, It doesn't necessarily hurt your chances but it doesn't help them.
Also please let me know what time zone your in. I’m PMT so -7gmt? Or something like that I'm in California there. If you have a similar time zone that would be pretty helpful for communication purposes.
Job Responsibilities will include sending out contracts to unsigned 320k+id talent no restrictions using the templates given.
Future Responsibilities could include further negotiations of opening level contracts, matchmaking undercard fights, recruiting for our Openweight Kickboxing Division.
• Championship Fights
By the end of December we should have a champion in every weight class
I made a mistake regarding the first few championship fights and made them title fight s but instead of making them 5×5 contests there only 3×5. If one if these fights is decided by majority or split decision the loser will be given a rematch as things could have changed in the championship rounds.
Champions will get to decide the location of their title defense if it's slated to main event. Location NOT OPPONENT.
• Monthly Rankings
After EPGH 2 this week I will be releasing the first official top 5 rankings for each weight class. These rankings reflect my personal view on each divisions title picture. This will be released monthly and will be separate from the Weekly Aloha
• Tip of the Week
I’ve been spewing on and on for the last few weeks about cancelling auto flights (keep cancelling) and changing clothes to boost morale (keep changing them) and managing energy (can't win fights or train on low energy) that I think I'm going to start doing a weekly tip of the week for any noobs wanting to possibly get a tip on how to better play the game or possibly get more enjoyment out of your playing experience. This week I want to talk about fighter bios.
• Fighter Bios
On your fighters profile screen you'll notice a section underneath the EPGH logo that says click here to add a fighter bio. Click it to open up your fighters details page. This page is seperated into 3 separate sections personal details, post win, post lose.
Personal details allows you to add/subtract/change your fighters nickname, the format of which it goes with the name, change hometown/country, add/change custom avatar, add a entrance song and a url, and add a bio about your fighter. I look at all these fighters when I do reviews, matchmaking, odds, when I do write it adds a bit when there's a backstory or something to write about.
Post Win you can change what your fighter says in his post win interview. Here you can thank your sponsor (give them a slight hype bonus), hype yourself (slight increase to your hype), thank the fans (slight increase in overall popularity), ask for title shot (of which I will reply asap with something, please only if you truly deserve it otherwise you will be rejected for littering my inbox) or you can say something else entirely with 300 characters. You can really use this post fight interview to truly better your position and make things just a little bit more exciting. You can call out a rival opponent, or say something simple like hi mom.
Post Lose you can customize his losing speech if you want. Please keep it taste full.
• Weekly Fighter Spotlight
Since I brought up Fighter Bios, and the fact that this is a real young roster with no names anyone is really familiar with in the world of MMA Tycoon. I would like to put the spotlight on a different fighter every week. Looking for crazy characters, interesting back stories really anything that sets your fighter apart from the rest of the bunch. If you have a fighter that you think is special or will just kick some ass and take all names let me know and he'll be featured on the Weekly Spotlight
• Odds Release Schedule
Opening Lines will be released for all events booked by Bet Kamahamaha for the week will be released in Tuesday from now on. Please visit Bet Kamahamaha’s Main Page to place all bets.
For more information on Bet Kamahamaha please refer to the company website at the following url.
• How’s My Performance?
I realize that I do not have a perfect satisfaction rating, I also realize that it is impossible to run a business without pissing someone off along the way. But If there is any way I can possibly improve please let me know and I will at try and work on it. But my success in the future revolves around making this a fun fed constantly trying to improve with solid ownership and the best 320k+ fighters the managers of the Tycooniverse can produce for both KT and MMA. Also always looking for new and innovative ideas to try and make this org stand out from the rest.
• Friday & Saturday Overview
Overall both shows were really good and ran without a hitch, we were even the #1 ranked 320k+ org after Friday nights awesome show. But considering were still building our overall roster star power up were doing really well as far as growing hype is concerned, we will keep this up to as our massive roster size will allow new stars to be made without the need to recycle the top contenders through fights on a bi weekly basis just to keep us growing. Getting away from that we had some great finishes, one of which could have made you a ton of money had you taken the underdog (nobody did) through Bet Kamahamaha. But all in all title pictures were further shaped a major upset happened in a literal blink of an eye, and a whole bunch more happened so here's a quick recap of both events starting first with our first ever event in Las Vegas
• UFF: Vegas Quick Review
I look back at this event and think about the amazing stunner we had in the Main Event as Travis Westfield Jr destroyed Sylvester Stallion in 11 seconds to claim his second EPGH victory and definetly vault himself ahead of not only the top of the Heavyweight Division but became the #1 ranked p4p fighter in the org. Sadly no one put any cash on him while he was at one point +144 underdog in that fight going into the fight. Luckily for Westfield however he earned FOTN & KOTN award honors on the night Congratulations!
Also happening at this event Bobby Chief who submitted his opponent with a kimura in under a minute to earn sub of the night honors and then proceeded to demand a title shot. Too bad for him he's in the mega competitive Heavyweight division and may be asked to fight one more time in order to guarantee a chance at the title. EPGH Chairman Jay Veers had this to say on the matter “I think Bobby Chief is a tremendous young talent and can go really far in EPGH, But right now I question not his wins but who his wins have came against. The Heavyweight division is stacked with a great crop of young talent. One more win will make him a slam dunk option for our inaugural heavyweight title fight.” I would stay tuned to this situation as drama may be unfolding in the Heavyweight title picture as many of the top contenders within the division fight in the coming weeks.
Other big wins included Ricky Stephenson winning a thrilling 3 round fight by tko that for sure would have won fight of the night hadn't it been for Westfield. Jeremiah Kreeg Veres won his fight with 3 seconds to spare in a fight he probably would have lost had it gone to the judges scorecard . Hungarian Hotdog and Jamaican Jam both won with clean ko punches in the first round showing off their powerful hands. Tank Ispa, French Frye, and Muhammed Khairullah all won in their EPGH debuts and Roderick Strong won to bring his win percentage up to 500 after failing to win in his last 2 bouts. Great fights to everyone involved with this event!
• SNPF 5 Quick Review
This event only had 3 fights go past the first round which is great if you like finishes ( who doesn't am I right?) But that made it incredibly hard to choose a rightful FOTN winner but since it was a night full of finishes I had to give it to the fight that was halted in the 3rd by tko Jim Norwood over Ryan Rozen. But our Main Event was solid as well resulting in Jill Bill's fifth consecutive victory by decision (holy crap).
KOTN went to Sergey Beznisko but looking over the event again probably should have gone to Mikael Joshua for his ko of Luis Fonsi but regardless both wins were huge for both fighters and SOTN went to Muhhamed Zaffran for his triangle choke on Eden Hazard. Other winners include Ed Goon, Dirty Thrower, Angus Mcdonald Nathan Boudreaux, and possibly the fighter who raised his profile the best during the event Allistair Velasquez
Overall compared to Friday's card was disappointed as aside from Joshua winning by ko there wasn't any real upsets or noteworthy finishes, but we definitely were treated to the best 3 round decision in the orgs early history!
• Sponsors
Fanatic Inc. Bringing you the highest quality designs to get you alohamaholalelaid (Hawai'I for blown)
Mockstar Energy Drinks, bringing the highest quality energy and other types of supplemental products since literally just a few weeks ago!
Helsinki Extreme Fightware bringing you cheap affordable clothes for your cheap unaffordable ass!
Want your company advertised by EPGH or Bet Kamahamaha? For 4k a week you can have your company featured with other EPGH Official Sponsors. The only such thing as bad publicity is no publicity!

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