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EPGH Weekly News and Review OCT 17th

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 64
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Sana Ic
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Cesar Colnago

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EPGH Weekly News and Review

• Glory Crown Grand Prix News

The Glory Crown Grand Prix has been moved back to the beginning of December in irder to offer interested managers a better chance at entering a fighter they feel can win. The tournament plans to be a long one as rounds will be separated by a month. We are still looking for fighters for the tournament registration to enter your fighter is over on the 25th of november. For more information on the tournament and how you can join please contact Jay Veers or refrence the following url link.

• Nov 3rd KT Test Fights

Wanna test your fighter in a Kickboxing environment without the possibility of a takedown? Thinking about possibly crossing over to a career in Kickboxing? EPGH is running a Kickboxing test fight event ran specifically for fighters considering to join the Glory Crown Grand Prix. We currently have 2 fights open to be booked for the event with the need of a fighter under 155lbs specifically. The event is only a couple weeks away so get ahold of Jay Veers quickly before a fight is booked.

• Super Fights

We have been in talks regarding possible super fights between orgs in the future. Mostly with our 320k+ counterparts DSOF & NJMMA. Were looking to have a date by the beginning of the year.

• Monthly Rankings

At the beginning of the next month I will begin to post monthly rankings for each weight class, by the end of the year possibly even have a top 5 p4p ranking.

• Trash Talk

At EPGH we strongly encourage trash talk between fighters but please don't restrict it to PM's who cares if we the public don't know how heated it's getting. Get the other managers in the tycooniverse invested in your fighter. Call a fighter out , be a cry baby (not literally within reason and character). The more going on the more I can write about in previews and reviews.

• QFC Fights

I am 100% open to allowing your fighter to take part in qfc fights if there is no Immidiate fight available and if you want to fight asap. I will only allow this to take place if you want to fight within a few weeks time and there's no openings available on any upcoming card. I will not allow fighters with over 4 wins to fight in qfc as I want fighters to at least have a solid chance at winning fights outside of the organization. A win outside of EPGH is a win for not only yourself, but your entire division, and a win for EPGH itself!

• Odds makers

Broke? Familiar with odds? Looking to make quick cash on the side without smacking a ho? Then take a shot at being a Bet Kamehameha Odds maker. You can gain up to 50% of all earnings from odds you've set on other Tycoon orgs. Contact Jay Veers for more information.

• EPGH Avatar Discount

To help encourage individuality from fighters underneath the EPGH banner I will offer a 5k discount for any custom avatars requested for fighters fighting in EPGH. Contact Jay Veers for more info.

• Company/Gym Sponsorship Opportunities

We are always looking for companies and gyms to work together with regarding various types of sponsorships.


Were looking for a monthly award sponsor as well as sponsors for various fighters on our roster who could use sponsorship.


As a 320k+ id restricted org were deeply invested in improving our entire rosters skills. With this being said it's really hard to get into a good public gym. We have over 150 fighters on the roster and I'd bet at 2/3 of the roster is in a public gym. We would like to try and improve the public gym experience and possibly create a EPGH Private Gym welcome to the best fighters underneath the EPGH banner not admitted to a private gym.

Also open to regional partnerships between public gyms based in the location of EPGH shows, could use a regional partner for each city. City's with events scheduled in the future include.

Rio De Janeiro



Las Vegas

The goal is to highlight a gyms strengths with the hopes of improving membership and possibly making the gym more affordable for the owner to improve the gym.

• Auto Flights

Remember to cancel all Auto Flights scheduled for you! Do this by going to the map, then go to scheduled flights then click cancel next to your fighters.

• Buy/Change Clothes

To improve fighter morale you must buy and change your fighters clothes often. Your fighters fight best when their happy so change your fighters UNDERWEAR! For new clothing go to Fanatic Inc. Or Helsinki Extreme Fightware! (Cheap sponsor plug)

• Energy Prior to Fights

Rest your fighter a couple days prior to a fight to be sure he is fully energized for his fight and that he is also able to make weight for his fight in some cases.



This show was really fun, a lot went on. We had some good submission and KO finishes and many fighters made big impressions in their respective divisions. Overall a few fighters truly stood out in this event, as Scott Ward placed himself at the top of the lightweight division. Other big wins include Roman Boesku who nearly was upset by Mai Pai in a fight that was strongly considered for fight of the night but was given the sub of the night instead due to the situation it was in and how he probably needed it in order to secure a victory. Bonner vs Harold was the FOTN winner and a war it was both fighters had a solid back and forth confrontation that was ended early in the third round by tko. Great fight to both fighters and goodluck I n the future! KO of the night went to Knuckles McKill for his effortless beatdown of Rickie Lutz. Other big wins include Daren Altman who made a big rise in the Bantamweight rankings with his win the same could be said for Brantley Carter who won his 5th fight in a row. Hopefully his manager can get active cause he has a title fight waiting for him. Also special congratulations to Bryan Beckett who won his first fight after going winless in his first 2 bouts! Hope that continues.

Sorry for making it so short trying to secure more funds for EPGH to keep our upward momentum flowing and to keep our top talent contracted for the foreseeable future also to bring in the top 320k+ talent. More money=better contracts, bigger venues, bigger prizes, etc…


• Schedule for the rest of the week

This schedule is projected and some of this may be late pending on other things I'm working on.

Wednesday: Odds for UFF: Las Vegas Released

Thursday: Odds for SNPF 5 Released/Weekly Betting Preview

Friday: UFF: Las Vegas

Saturday: Saturday Night Pride Fights


• Sponsors

Helsinki Extreme Fightware Official Merch Partner of EPGH: Go to HEF for the clothing on a budget!

Mockstar Energy Drinks Official OTN Award Sponsor of EPGH: Mockstar has all the best supplements for all your supplement needs!

Fanatic Inc. The official Clothing Brand of EPGH: Get your fighter laid with Fanatic Inc. Clothing!

Bet Kamahamaha Official Bookmakers of EPGH: Now also booking events for other orgs in the tycooniverse!


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