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SNPF 4 Betting Preview

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 65
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Jay Veers
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Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Caul Rogba

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Cancel All Auto Flights

If your on the card for SNPF 4 cancel any auto flights the MMA Tycoon team may put your fighter on. It drains energy and kills morale. Hurting your chances of fighting.

Stop Training

Also stop training a day or two prior to your fighters fights. 5% of energy is gained back per missed training session. 2 days is 20%

Low morale Change Clothes

Magic whites look bad and make your fighter unhappy buy clothing and switch em out often to regain fighter morale, making training and fighting more effective.

All sanctioned EPGH Events are available to bet on through Bet Kamahamaha.

Bet Kamahamaha is a fund raiser for future EPGH events and is not intended for personal use by the Owner Jay Veers or any bookmaker underneath the Bet Kamahamaha Banner.

Bookmaker stake is 15% remember the main purpose for this is a fundraiser but you can make a good amount of cash. For this week the max amount you can bet per fight is 1k. Max amount will change pending on how many bets are placed per a week.

Throwing fights is strongly discouraged any suspicious activities will be investigated and possibly reported.

Go to the following link to place all bets.

Odds are subject to change prior to the card due to energy and morale changes in fighters.

Odds are based on win/loss, manager, primary skill level, match up, morale/energy

How the Odds Work

For novices to gambling Bet Kamahamaha uses the American style of odds.

+110 and above represents how much money you stand to earn on top of what you gambled per dollar . So if I bet 100 and the odds are +110 I could win 210. It added 10 dollars to an even pay out.

-110 and above represents how much money you stand to lose on top of what you gambled per dollar. So if I bet 100 amd the odds are -110 I could win 190. You still win money just not as much as a positive odd.


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Main Event

Scott Ward (-173) vs Julio Ramirez (-106)

I was really close to making Julio a positive odd just due to the fact that I don't know if he'll be able to get ward to the ground and finish him off like his first two fights. But considering his BJJ skills compared to Ward it would be pretty tough for Ward to escape without taping. Edge to Ward in stand up, Key of the fight is Wards takedown Defense if he's able to keep this fight standing he should win easy. Ramirez could be worth a flyer.

Co-Main Event

Brantley Carter (-149) vs Tyron Troublesome (-122)

This fight is really even and I wouldn't be surprised if this fight went the distance and went to a split decision. Both are set up with negative odds as I feel both have a legitimate chance to win but due to track record I'll pick the winner being Brantley. Brantley has been having morale issues lately though that is countered by Troublesomes poor fitness level approaching the fight thus far. Stay tuned the line on this one may flip flop in the next day so pay attention to that energy level on troublesome.

Fight 8

Steven Bonner (-115) vs Bryan Harold (-159)

Harold should be seen as the overwhelming favorite here but coming off a lose in his last fight he'll be tested by an unknown fighter with a lot to prove. The unknown quality is what is keeping Bonner from being a positive odd. I'll pick Harold with caution.

Fight 7

Daren Altmen (-153) vs Adam Hastings (-119)

Altmen has a huge ground advantage in this fight and going with the recent history Muay Thai fighters have had thus far in EPGH's history with fighters like Altman. Hastings will need to keep this one standing in order to win but I question his ability to do so. Hastings could knock him out as he does have 2 tko victories and there is more to learn from young Altman. Hastings a decent bet but Altman could make this quick work.

Fight 6

Don Aguilar (-112) vs Gunnar Madsen (-163)

Don Aguilar can easily take this fight to the mat and win this fight there, but I'll give the edge to Madsen. I think he'll stifle Aguilars takedown offense keep his distance and deliver a swift KO. Aguilar has other concerns aside from his stand up game being that he hasn't had the greatest relationship with his manager which could rear it's ugly head and keep him from gaining the necessary focus in order to win this fight. Pick is Madsen Aguilar does have a chance.

Fight 5

Rickie Lutz (even) vs Knuckles McKill (-185)

I'm going to give even odds on this fight as I'm not sure how long Lutz will last with his percieved glass jaw. It certainly doesn't help that Knuckles has proven capable of finishing a fight with his hands. Lutz will need to get this to the ground in order to win. I sense a lot of stand up clinch work from Knuckles controlling the fight until Lutz is through.

Fight 4

Eric Lunsford (-108) vs Alex Joshua (-170)

Alex Joshua is a bit more polished after having a better training camp prior to this fight, but again the vicious unknown qualities of Lunsford gives him a chance to win this fight. That keeps me from giving him from getting the even odds treatment. Joshua has won a fight so that helps balance the scale in his favor.

Fight 3

Wayne Rosenburg (-135) vs Luca Ghiotto (-135)

Fighters are even at -135 a piece that kind of sums up how I feel about the match up. I'll give the slight edge to Luca on the ground but overall I feel like these fighters are generally even and could put on a hell of a show.

Fight 2

Mai Pai (100) vs Roman Boesku (-185)

Roman is better trained for this fight and based on how well Mai Pai has been getting along with his manager I think his 3-0 undefeated record is in serious jeapordy. The only thing getting in the way of Roman is that he needs to cut 2.1 pounds prior to the event in order to make weight.

Opening Fight

Bryan Becket (-127)vs (-143) Valerio Fattori

Valerio will get the slight edge in this one but again I think this one is pretty down the middle. If Becket has good hiddens (I think he might ya never know). Then this could easily tip in his favor. Pick is Fattori but with caution.


Place all bets at Bet Kamahamaha in Hilo the link is:

Any questions or concerns contact Jay Veers.

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