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Org name: Duel Fighting League
Fighters signed: 155
Number of events: 206
Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
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DUEL#89 Proctor Vs Muller Preview By: Humble Greco - Sponsered by Zenith Nutrition(160q/225$)


Papa Diakite(2-0) V Carter "Blackout" Antoine(4-2) - Heavyweight Bout

Our first fight of the night will be between two Duel Fighting League debutants.
On one side of the cage we will have Papa Diakite who is coming into this fight 2-0
from two impressive QFC victories, both of which he won by submission. I'm sure he's
looking to add another submission victory to his name and keep his undefeated record.
On the other side we have Carter Antoine who has achieved a KO of the night award
from the Los Angeles Wars Organization. It only took him 01:18 into the first round
to knock his opponent out clean with a mean cross and claim this award. Carter must
be anxious to get into the cage, end Papa's undefeated record, and maybe even score
another KO of the night award. I'm not sure how this one's gonna go.

Guilhaume "Godzilla" Prevot(9-13) V Solomon Slater(4-1) - Lightweight Bout

Our second fight of the night is a tricky one between two very different competitors.
Guilhaume seems to excel in BJJ more than anything else while Solomon prefers boxing.
With two Sub of the night awards elsewhere, both by the Kimura Lock, Guilhaume is
more than likely going to try to keep this game on the ground and work for a
submission. Just over 66% of his victories have been by submission and although
Solomon is heavy handed, Guilhaume has got a chin of granite, which of course
will be a huge boost for him in the fight. Solomon, however, is 20 years of age, 4
years younger than his opponent. It is already impressive enough to have a 4-1
record, but it's even more impressive to have it while being as young as he is.
The experience difference could hurt Solomon in this fight and we'll see if he can
overcome that.

Richard Silva(8-2) V Mica "Unicorn" Makaaja(31-17) - Light Heavyweight Bout

Our third fight of the night is a turning point on the card. This fight is where
things begin stir up even more as we have two sensational fighters hungry for
another win. Richard Silva is fairly new to the Duel Fighting League and must be
looking to shoot up the rankings even further. Richard is 21 years younger than his
opponent and will want to show the younger talents how it is done. Richard should
also look to use his insane flexibilty and reach advantage to hopefully punish Mica
and secure the win. But moving over to Richard's opponent, Mica Makaaja. He may be
48, but he is still kicking...or well making people tap as he has won 28 out of 31
fights via submission(90.32%). He's won 4 Sub of the night awards elsewhere and has
been managed by 5 different managers so far. I'm excited for this fight and cannot
wait to see the outcome!

Eddie "Tombstone" Armstrong(24-17-1) V Paul Starker(8-2) - Heavyweight Bout

Moving over to our fourth fight of the night we have Eddie Armstrong Versus Paul
Starker. Both men have only won via (T)KO or Decision so this one could be a slug
fest. Eddie achieving 14 wins by (T)KO and Paul winning all 8 of his fights by (T)KO.
Eddie is known to put on some fantastic matches with his 6 "of the night" awards so
I'd have to predict that this is the fight that earns the night's fight of the night
award. Though, if it gets it or not, I know this bout will be a great one.

Main Card:

"Blood Demon" Paul Buchanan(24-12) V Benny "Handyman" Andersson(13-6) - Light Heavyweight Bout

The first fight on the main card and the fifth fight of the night, we have two very talented
fighters that have both won titles in the past; however, Benny being at the peak of his career,
while Paul is already battling with time. Benny is an elite competitor and I see him coming
away with a win. Benny's just come off of a win, beating Mica Makaaja in convincing fasion by
TKO in the second round. It goes without saying that if you can beat Mica then you can be
considered a top guy. However, Paul Buchanan is not usually one to quit. Especially when he's
only lost by submission twice. Both men excel in all aspects so this one could be fought and
finished from either the ground or the stand up, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Head Coach "Mason Hartley"(24-15-3) V "Major" Gerald Minor(23-20-1) - Lightweight Bout

The sixth fight of the night is possibly one of the most unpredictable fights on the card
tonight. Both men have pretty similar records and this one could go either way. Stats wise it
can be agreed that Head Coach is the more dominant fighter as he is very versatile and is
still considered to be at the peak of his career. Although Coach is strong in every primary
skill, he isn't as good as Minor when it comes to BJJ. With 13 submission victories to his
name, Gerald Minor is without a doubt a submission specialist. Coach should be worried about
going to the ground with a world-class BJJ fighter and should look to keep the fight standing
if he wants to walk off with a W.

Rian MacFarlane(20-16) V Svyatoslav "Okean Elzy" Vakarchuk(15-12) - Heavyweight Bout

Nearing the top of the card we have Rian MacFarlane V Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. This one could be
fairly one-sided as, stats wise, Rian MacFarlane is far superior. Rian is coming off of a 23
second Knockout win over Eddie Armstrong and must be as confident as ever coming into this
fight. Svyatoslav is just equal with Rian in BJJ, however. Could he pull of an upset and make
Rian tap? Or will Rian show just how good he can be...

Idi oCrazy(38-22) V Dexter Scarface(15-7) - Welterweight Bout

Right before our Co-Main Event we have a Welterweight Bout between Idi oCrazy and Dexter
Scarface. These two exceptional competitors go toe to toe for the first time and what a first fight
this should be. Idi oCrazy has used his lethal kicks to earn some impressive knockout
victories in his career and could be looking to try to break Dexter's granite chin. Idi has
also earned a whopping total of 19 "of the night" awards and reached the global rank of 7th
place. Although Dexter may be far behind in the awards, he will have the reach and age
advantage. Having 8 wins before his first loss, Dexter is stirring up another win streak and a
win would make it 3. Let's see if he can make it happen, or if he'll get shut down before it

CO-Main Event

(C)Andre Haaack(22-7-1) V Albert Hoffman(19-17) - Middleweight TITLE FIGHT

For our CO-Main Event we will have defending champion Andre Haaack versus Albert Hoffman.
Andre won the belt at DUEL#69 Silver vs Haaack 2 where he fought and conquered Billy
Silver. Since then Andre has defended his title twice and will try to make this his third
successful title defense. The challenger, Albert Hoffman, gets his shot at the gold and is
gonna have to bring a perfect strategy to the table if he wants to have a chance at
dethroning the champ. The only problem for this fight is that it could be over quick
depending on whether or not the fight stays up or gets to the ground, for Andre has no wins by
submission and Albert has no wins by (T)KO. Even knowing that, I still have high hopes that
this will be a chaotic showdown between the two.


(C)"Worlds Most Dangerous Man" Michael Proctor(25-9) V Nicolas "Cash" Muller(14-9) - Super Heavyweight TITLE FIGHT

Our Main Event is a Super Heavyweight title fight between defending champion Michael Proctor
and hungry challenger Nicolas Muller. This is a MUST SEE fight between two dangerous brawlers
that have both won EVERY one of their fights via (T)KO! This fight could go either way, but the
champ does have 11 more fights in experience than the challenger. Both men are coming off of
dominant victories and you have to believe that both of them believe they have what it takes
to walk away victorious. I have no clue if I'll be hearing the words "and still" or "and new"
for this one, but I'll have my popcorn ready, for these two elite forces should put on a major
show! I wish them both and every other fighter competing at DUEL#89 good luck.

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