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GAMMA: March 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb

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Time to switch things up a little bit! There are so many superfights and championship fights to cover that yours truly - Alika Webb – pleaded and begged the grand duke of GAMMA, the legendary Mentor Guru Corleone for his blessing to split it into two parts so that the workload could be more manageable and Mentor out of the kindness of his heart accepted. So there is still more awesomeness to come as the month of March comes to an end. Stay tuned for more content from the same GAMMA writer, on the same GAMMA forum thread!

EVO 302: Bardanos vs Wolek – March 1

145 Superfight - Boreste Bardanos (EVOLUTION) Vs Lukasz Wolek (GAMMA)

For the first time in over a year Lukasz Wolek fought for an organization not under the GAMMA umbrella. Lukasz "Wally" Wolek is the current GAMMA featherweight champion but his ambition reaches even further as he wanted to show the world that he is the greatest featherweight in the world today. And as the saying goes, to be the best you have to beat the best! "El Diablo" Boreste Bardanos is the current EVO featherweight champion and he’s always down to fight.

"El Diablo" Boreste Bardanos - under the wings of one of the greatest managers the MMATycoon universe has ever seen - watched his opponent like a hawk as he was looking for an opening to shoot his trademark takedown. Lukasz Wolek on the other hand was picking his opponent apart in the stand-up like a woodpecker pecking on wood. Lukasz Wolek ruffled his opponents’ feathers and when Bardanos managed to take the fight to the ground the GAMMA featherweight champion looked like he had his wings clipped as he was in a world of trouble. Minor setbacks aside Lukasz Wolek dominated the fight and was declared victorious.

Winner: Lukasz Wolek by unanimous decision.

CEC 503 – March 3

155 Superfight - Alexsandro De Souza (CEC) Vs Darren Lamb (GAMMA)

In a classic striker Vs grappler fight, current Claymore Elite Combat two division champion Alexsandro De Souza took on GAMMA lightweight champion Darren "Landmine" Lamb. Neither of these two elite fighters are particularly known for their finishing ability as they find it more important to control and ultimately win the fight than to risk losing by going aggressively for the finish. Even so, one can’t argue with the results.

The fight started wonderfully for the elite grappler Darren Lamb as he was able to take the fight to the ground twice in less than two minutes into the first round and he was able to keep it there for most of the round. Unfortunately for him he had a lot of trouble getting the fight to the ground for the rest of the fight. Darren "Landmine" Lamb dropped the bomb on this one as he kept up the pace in the stand-up with the CEC champion but he was unable to reach the same level of accuracy as the more diverse striker Alexsandro De Souza.

Winner: Alexsandro De Souza by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#617 Shin v Williams 2 – March 4

170 title - Lao Shin (c) Vs Stanly Williams

Once again the champion Lao Shin was unable to successfully defend the title right after winning it, that’s a testament to the depth of the division. The welterweight division is rich in talent and is one of the most competitive divisions in GAMMA. While the champion kept mixing things up with his strikes to keep the challenger on his toes, Stanly Williams threw caution to the wind as he did not beat around the bush. The challenger went for a less diverse striking strategy, focusing more on accuracy and controlling the pace, ultimately giving him the decision victory.

Winner: Stanly Williams by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#618 Bryant v Gymer – March 11

265+ Superfight - Gerbert Bryant (GAMMA) Vs Gymer Alexandersson (Synchronicity)

"President" Gerbert Bryant has been the GAMMA poster boy for a while now and he’s also the GAMMA superheavyweight champion. The number two of his weight class in the world before the fight, who else would be a better opponent for the number two than the number one of the superheavyweight weight class to establish a clear pecking order? Thus the Gymer Alexandersson superfight came to be as these two mammoths collided for a chance at superheavyweight supremacy.

Known as a dangerous knockout artist, Synchronicity heavyweight champion Gymer Alexandersson had no problem dominating the fight from a distance but that wasn’t enough for the elite striker as he also dominated the fight in the clinch. Even when Gerbert Bryant was able to take the fight to the ground, Gymer Alexandersson showed his fearlessness and actively went for submission after submission. After a very lopsided five round fight, Gymer Alexandersson was declared the victor.

Winner: Gymer Alexandersson by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#619 Gunnar v Amato – March 11

135 title - Shin Dong Hyuk (c) Vs Underestimated Dillashaw Junior

Last time these two bantamweight warriors faced off the fight ended in a draw. In their last fight neither had the advantage in the stand-up, the clinch was ruled by Underestimated Dillashaw Junior and the champion was in full control went the fight hit the canvas. The rematch shuffled the deck as these two came in with a poker face. Shin Dong Hyuk had a lot of trouble taking the fight to the ground and when the fight went there he was unable to get any offense going whatsoever. In the clinch Shin Dong Hyuk now looked in complete control as the challenger was blocked at every attempt to score points in close quarters. The decision maker proved to be the stand-up. Underestimated Dillashaw Junior took control of the reins while striking from a distance. Snapping jabs and slapping leg kicks allowed Underestimated Dillashaw Junior to set the pace and it got him the victory. No one will be underestimating him any time soon as he is now the new bantamweight champion.

Winner: Underestimated Dillashaw Junior by unanimous decision.

265 Superfight - Gunnar Steigelmann (GAMMA) Vs Michael D Amato (Aggressive Damage)

A two division champion from Montreal’s Aggressive Damage organization, Michael "Machine Gun" D Amato took on the GAMMA heavyweight champion and GAMMA fighter of the year 2016 Gunnar Steigelmann. Gunnar Steigelmann outweighed his opponent by over sixty pounds and had a significant height and reach advantage. Before the fight they had a combined 54 knockouts on their resume. So it didn’t come as a surprise when these two behemoths started slugging it out.

Five years the elder, Gunnar Steigelmann came out strong but so did Michael D Amato. Gunnar Steigelmann just threw everything he had in his tank, mixing up his striking, closing the distance, … Basically everything he could think of to keep Michael D Amato on his toes. It certainly did that as the outsider never had a moment’s rest but the Aggressive Damage champion showed that his elite boxing ain’t nothing to mess with as he kept peppering his opponent with some hard shots that forced Steigelmann to close the distance. After getting hit by a huge uppercut, Michael D Amato came back with a big right hand that landed flush on the temple. Gunnar Steigelmann was on spaghetti legs and had a hard time recovering as the beast that is Michael D Amato hunted him down with some vicious shots both to the head and to the body to keep the dazed Steigelmann guessing. Steigelmann saw the end was near and thus launched an all or nothing assault with a big right hand of his own. Michael D Amato kept his focus and saw the blow coming from a mile away, countering it with another expertly timed right hand that ended the fight.

Winner: Michael D Amato by TKO (Strikes) after 2 minutes and 34 in the third round.

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